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Everest Base Camp Tour Guide

Everest Base Camp Tour Guide

Travel Documents for Mount Everset Base Camp Tour

If you visit EBC in Tibet, you need to have Chinese tourist visa to enter mainland China first and then have Tibet Permit and Alien’s Travel Permit to visit EBC. If you prefer to explore EBC in Nepal, all you need is Nepal visa to enter Nepal and register TIMS card and entrance tickets for entering Sagarmatha National Park, where south EBC lies in Nepal. Check the details below.

Everst Base Camp Weather and Climate

Travelling to the EBC at the right time makes a big difference. It’s even so for activities like trekking, cycling, and Everest climbing and photography, etc. Our latest travel guide teaches you when is the best time to visit EBC and benefits of different Everest travel seasons.

Getting to Everest Base Camp

Due to the different topography, travelling to Everest Base Camps on both sides of Himalayas involves different means. In south EBC in Nepal, trekking is the only way to reach EBC, while in north EBC in Tibet, you can enjoy tour vehicle, cycling, and motorcycling, and trekking to make it to EBC. Different means yield different tour experiences. Find out more in the articles below.

Hotels for Mount Everst Base Camp Tour

Overall, the higher and closer you get to EBC, the accommodation would be the basic hostel guesthouses and tent hotels. For the first part of your journey, you have plenty of options: awful lots of cozy teahouse lodges in Nepal, and normally 3-4 star hotels from Lhasa to EBC in Tibet. Check more for details.

Mount Everst Base Camp Tour Maps

To give you a clear view of your itinerary and valuable facts of EBC tours, we handmade the most comprehensive maps of EBC tour you could possibly find online. Feel free to navigate your EBC journey with them.

Recommended Everest Base Camp Tour Packages

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