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We offer you the one-stop Tibet tour service, seamlessly connecting the mainland of China and Nepal. From handling Tibet Travel Permit applications to organizing your entire tour, we're dedicated to ensuring you have a once-in-a-lifetime experience in Tibet.

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2024 Tibet Travel Updates

  • Lhasa Kathmandu Flight

    Direct Flights Between Tibet and Nepal Have been Reopened

    Since December 2023, direct flights between Lhasa and Kathmandu have resumed operation. It only takes one and a half hours to cross the Himalayas from Nepal to Tibet, making your Tibet Nepal tour in 2024 more convenient.

  • China Visa

    The Latest Chinese Visa-free Policy in 2024

    Until December 31, 2024, China is offering a 15-day visa-free stay for tourists from France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Malaysia, and the Netherlands. Visitors from Singapore and Thailand get a 30-day visa-free period. If you're holding a passport from these countries and planning a trip to Tibet, you can smoothly apply for a Tibet Entry Permit directly using your passport - making the whole process quite simple and hassle-free.

  • updated Tibet tour packages

    Updated Tour Packages for 2024

    In 2024, we've made significant improvements to all our small group tours in Tibet. From itineraries and accommodations to overall services, we've upgraded everything to provide our customers with an unforgettable and authentic Tibet experience. Join us at Tibet Vista for an enhanced and memorable trip.

  • Mount Kailash tour in Saga Dawa Festival

    Touching Mount Kailash with Spiritual Saga Dawa Festival Experience in 2024

    The Saga Dawa Festival, one of the most important festivals in Tibet, falls on May 23, 2024. We have specially designed a 16-day Kailash Mansarovar Yatra tour, providing the opportunity to touch the holy mountain (weather permitting). In addition to the classic Kailash kora, you can also enjoy the grand festival celebration at Mount Kailash.

  • visit tibet in winter

    Tibet Winter Tourism Discount Continues in 2024

    Every year, from November, 1st to March 31st, many attractions in Tibet, including the Potala Palace, offer free admission. While obtaining tickets for the Potala Palace can be challenging during peak seasons, winter offers a more seamless and relaxed travel experience at a better price. Consider visiting Tibet in winter 2024 for a tranquil and cost-effective trip.

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Explore the best of the Himalayas with our Tibet-Nepal tour in 2024. Whether it's an epic overland journey through the Sino-Nepal Friendship Highway or a pilgrim tour to Mount Kailash, we promise you a seamless travel experience across the Himalayas.

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Select the Best Time to visit Tibet in 2024

Tibet is a year-round travel destination. Generally, the best times to visit Tibet are from April to May and from September to October. The peak season for Tibet tourism is the summer months and the Golden Week holiday. You can experience different aspects of Tibet in various months.

Visit Tibet in January

In January, Tibet experiences winter with cold winds, particularly in the western and northern regions. Despite the chill, Lhasa enjoys a relatively mild temperature ranging from 7.5℃ to -8.82℃, making it far from harsh. This off-season comes with discounts on flights, Tibet train tickets, hotels, attractions, and dining. Additionally, locals have reduced farm work during this time. It provides a serene atmosphere for experiencing the rich religious culture of Tibet without the usual tourist crowds.

Recommended Tibet Tours in January

Visit Tibet in February

February in Tibet is a month peppered with a festival atmosphere. Amid a wide array of dazzling celebrations, Tibet New Year(or the Losar Festival)is the most exciting one. Compared with January, the weather during this month is relatively better, with a maximum temperature of 9℃ and a minimum temperature of -6℃. Most areas of Tibet are still covered with snow. It seems like that frozen fairy has cast a spell on this highland. Most attractions from Lhasa to Shigatse are accessible, and there's even the possibility of visiting the Everest Base Camp. It's a unique opportunity to experience Tibet's winter beauty and partake in cultural celebrations.

Recommended Tibet Tours in February

Visit Tibet in March

March in Tibet marks the end of winter and the start of spring, bringing warmer weather with a maximum of around 12℃ and a minimum of -2℃. As the sun shines brightly, trees begin to turn green, and buds bloom on the branches, creating a lovely scene. It's a great time to enjoy the pinky peach blossoms along the Niyang River in the tranquil Nyingchi region, often called the Chinese Swiss Alps, with an average altitude of 3000m. From there, you can explore other stunning places like Lhasa, Mt. Everest, and Mt. Kailash.

In March, the Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival kicks off, lasting from the end of March to early April. This festival is a fantastic chance to see the beautiful peach blossoms in full bloom, marking the arrival of spring. If you want to experience the beginning of spring in Tibet, it's the perfect time to plan your Tibet tour. Take in the natural beauty and explore the rich culture and traditions of this remarkable region.

Visit Tibet in April

As the temperature starts to rise, so does Tibetan inbound tourism. From April, the high season for Tibet tours begins and is expected to last until October. In the daytime, the temperature soars to 19℃, while at night, it drops to 1℃. Though the wind is still a bit chilly, especially at night, the frozen Yamdrok Lake and Namtso Lake begin to melt, and wildflowers also wake up from the winter. Tibet is ready to embrace worldwide tourists with its grand beauty. If you arrive in Tibet in the first two weeks, never miss the chance to enjoy the massive full-blossomed peach flowers in Nyingchi.

Recommended Tibet Tours in April

Visit Tibet in May

The spring of Tibet truly starts in May, making it one of the most pleasant times to visit Tibet. It is also the ideal time to visit Everest Base Camp. With less rainfall and pleasant weather, you can appreciate the breathtaking panorama of Mount Everest and get more chances to enjoy a clear view of its summit. In Lhasa, the maximum daytime temperature is expected to reach 20℃, while the nighttime temperature drops to around 6℃. The famous Saga Dawa festival falls on May 23, 2024. If you find yourself in Tibet during this time, be sure to partake in the massive celebration at Mt. Kailash.

Recommended Tibet Tours in May

Visit Tibet in June

June stands out as one of the best months for traveling in Tibet, boasting warm and pleasant weather. Despite being the warmest month, dramatic temperature shifts between day and night are noticeable, ranging from a minimum of 10℃ to a maximum of 23℃ in Lhasa. The favorable weather in June makes it an ideal time for activities like hiking and cycling in Tibet. While the first half of the month is generally dry, the onset of the heavy monsoon occurs in the middle. However, sunshine remains prevalent during the day, with occasional nighttime rains. 

Recommended Tibet Tours in June

Visit Tibet in July

July is the beginning of the summer monsoon season in Tibet. However, the rainfall typically occurs at night, so outdoor sightseeing is usually not affected by nighttime rain. In Lhasa, the temperature in July is mild, with a maximum of around 23℃ and a minimum of approximately 11℃. Some areas can even be pleasant and warm. Please pay attention to the huge temperature change between day and night, and it’s advisable to carry an umbrella for sporadic rain if you visit Tibet in July.

Recommended Tibet Tours in July

Visit Tibet in August

Consider visiting Tibet in August as it is the perfect season to explore Tibetan culture and Tibetan Buddhism. It’s a special month with several festivals in Tibet, including big names like the Shoton Festival, Nagqu Horse Racing Festival, Ganden Thangka Unveiling Festival, and the Onkor Festival on the farm, all staged one after another. The weather and climate in Tibet in August are very suitable for traveling, with the maximum temperature hitting 22℃ in Lhasa, and the minimum temperature staying at around 10℃. If you take a train to Tibet in August, you will also enjoy the breathtaking view of vast fields of fully-blossomed rapeseed flowers around Qinghai Lake.

Recommended Tibet Tours in August

Visit Tibet in September

September, along with April, May, and October, is considered the best time to enjoy a Lhasa to Everest Base Camp tour. The perfect visibility in the Everest region allows for captivating photos of the world's highest summit. With no rainy days to worry about, the stunning golden leaves on both sides of the country road, snow-clad peaks, and turquoise alpine lakes turn the lengthy road trip into a visual feast. In Lhasa, the maximum temperature in September hovers around 20℃, while the minimum temperature stays at approximately 8℃. 

Recommended Tibet Tours in September

Visit Tibet in October

October is an excellent time to visit Tibet, particularly on the journey from Lhasa to Everest Base Camp. With temperatures ranging from 17℃ during the day to 2℃ at night, the air is pleasantly crisp. It's the last month suitable for a Mount Kailash tour due to the approaching colder weather. Despite the chill, remember to use sunscreen and wear a hat and sunglasses to shield yourself from the strong UV on the Tibet Plateau. Keep in mind that the first week of October is China's 'Golden Week,' making it challenging to secure a Tibet train ticket, and tour costs may rise. If possible, avoid visiting Tibet during this week or book your reservations early.

Recommended Tibet Tours in October

Visit Tibet in November

From the end of October, icy winter regains control over Tibet. Northern and western Tibet, with high altitudes, are expected to experience heavy snowfall, and temperatures can become freezing cold. However, visiting Lhasa and its surroundings, as well as Shigatse, is perfectly fine. The maximum temperature in Lhasa would be around 12℃, and the lowest temperature falls to minus 4℃.

Recommended Tibet Tours in November

Visit Tibet in December

During December, Tibet experiences the full embrace of winter. It can get quite cold, especially in the early morning and at night, and some high-altitude areas, like Mount Kailash and Lake Namtso, might be closed. But don't worry, places like Lhasa, Shigatse, and Nyingchi are still open for exploration. In Lhasa, temperatures range from a maximum of around 8℃ to a minimum of about minus 8℃. One of the highlights this month is the Tsongkhapa Butter Lamp Festival.

Recommended Tibet Tours in December

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Travel Notes for Tibet Tours in 2024

1. How far in advance should I book my Tibet tour in 2024?

For a hassle-free trip to Tibet, it’s advisable to book your Tibet tour at least 15-20 days before your planned departure. Opting to book a month or two in advance, or even earlier, allows us to handle the application for essential travel documents and secure advance reservations for accommodations on your behalf.

Moreover, early bookings often come with an early bird discount. The sooner you make your reservation, the more prepared you’ll be, avoiding last-minute rush and potential inconveniences.

2. Do I need a Chinese Visa to visit Tibet in 2024?

Foreign tourists require a Chinese visa to apply for a Tibet Travel Permit. However, tourists from countries that benefit from China’s visa-free policy can apply for a Tibet permit directly with their passports, without the need for a Chinese visa.

In addition to traditional visa-free countries, passport holders from the following countries can also enjoy visa-free travel to the Tibet Autonomous Region of China in 2024:

15-day Visa Free for passport holders from France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and Malaysia.

30-day Visa Free for passport holders from Singapore and Thailand.

Important Notice: the visa-free policy applies only to entering the Tibet Autonomous Region from the mainland of China. All foreign tourists entering Tibet from Nepal must obtain a Chinese Group Visa through the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu.

3. How to apply for a Tibet Travel Permit for my Tibet tours in 2024?

To apply for the Tibet Travel Permit, you must first obtain a Chinese Visa with at least 6 months of validity on your passport.

Next, finalize your travel details in Tibet, including your travel route, dates, entry city, etc. Once you've booked the tour with us, simply provide scanned copies of your passport and Chinese visa, and we will process the Tibet Travel Permit on your behalf.

The processing time for the Tibet Travel Permit is generally 7-14 working days. Once the permit is successfully issued, we will mail it to your address in the mainland of China 3-5 days before your departure. With the permit, you can board the train or flight to Tibet.

4. What are the top things to do for Tibet tours in 2024?

We have enhanced our Tibet tour packages for 2024 to offer you an even better travel experience in Tibet. Here are some highlights you can enjoy during our updated Tibet tours in 2024.

Top 1: Witness Mount Everest from at least Four Different Viewing Platforms.

We've upgraded our Lhasa to Everest Base Camp tour to include stops at four special viewing spots. This means you get more opportunities to enjoy the stunning beauty of Mount Everest from different places along the way. We want to make sure you have a truly memorable experience, capturing the majesty of the world's highest peak from various angles throughout your journey.

Top 2: Take a 360° Tour of Yamdrok Lake

We delve into the scenic wonders of Yamdrok Lake, providing you with an immersive experience. Our redesigned route encompasses not only the breathtaking views of the lake but also takes you into lakeside villages, offering a firsthand glimpse into the life of local Tibetan farmers.

Top 3: Touch Mount Kailash and Experience the Saga Dawa Festival at the foot of the Sacred Mountain

If you love exploring spiritual places and Tibetan Buddhism, don’t miss our Mount Kailash tour during the Saga Dawa Festival in 2024. We’ve expanded the original 3-day Kailash Kora to 4 days, including a one-day trek for a closer encounter with Mount Kailash (weather permitting). The Saga Dawa Festival, being the most significant festival in the Mount Kailash area, promises to deliver an enriching cultural and religious experience for your Tibet tour.

Top 4: Experience the epic overland journey across the Himalayas from Lhasa to Kathmandu or vice versa

Now that the Gyirong border is fully open to tourists, Tibet-Nepal overland tours are back in action after being quiet for a while.

Embarking on an overland journey between Lhasa and Kathmandu, passing through the Everest Base Camp in Tibet, and crossing the Gyirong Valley at the edge of the Himalayas, promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You'll explore the diverse landscapes on both sides of the Himalayan mountain range. If you've been waiting for this exciting journey, it's time to plan your adventure through the Himalayas.

5. When is the best time to visit Tibet in 2024?

For general sightseeing tours in Tibet, the ideal times are April to May and September to October, offering pleasant weather with minimal rain.

Summer, despite occasional nighttime showers, takes the lead as the peak season for Tibet tours due to the summer holiday. It's also the prime time for experiencing Tibetan festivals and soaking in the vibrant Tibet Plateau, featuring green grasslands, clear blue skies, and fluffy white clouds during the day.

Surprisingly, winter isn't overly chilly in Lhasa and Shigatse. Opting for a winter tour during this season lets you sidestep crowds and take advantage of more budget-friendly prices.

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