Can Tourists Go to Tibet? Is It Possible to Vist Tibet in 2022?

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Is it possible to visit Tibet? Is it safe to tour Tibet now? How can I book a Tibet tour in 2022? Many international tourists are consulting us with these questions in recent days. Here we update the latest Tibet tour news and offer you expert advice for planning your journey to Tibet in 2022. Check the following tips to be fully prepared.

What is the Current Situation? Tibet is Safe under the Covid-19 in 2022

Due to its sparse population and far-flung location on lofty Tibetan Plateau in western China, Tibet has remained the least-hit region in China since the COVID-19 outbreak in early 2020.

Barkhor Street in Lhasa TibetTibet is the least-hit region in China by Covid-19.

Probably, blessed by the Buddhist deities, so far, Tibet has remained the only unspoiled land of charm, with only one confirmed case and no sign of the spread of the Coronavirus. The man recovered and was discharged from the hospitable, only about two weeks after being tested Coronavirus positive.

In the meanwhile, a protracted battle against the COVID-19 is still underway in China right now. With the awareness of the whole population and the efforts of the community, China's epidemic prevention and control situation is greatly improving.

To international travelers, we suggest you that don't trust the false or biased news online. Look for official news coverage and media objectively reporting the situation in China like WHO, CGTN America, and CGTN, etc. or consult our local Tibet travel consultants for the latest Tibet news.

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Can I Visit Tibet? Tibet Tour Reopens to Expats in China Since Last May

The unexpected outbreak of novel Coronavirus seemed to cast a stone into the pool of the tourism industry in the whole world during last year. However, with the domestic epidemic effectively under control, domestic tourism in China is recovering.

Expats in China now can travel to TibetExpats in China now can travel to Tibet.

And the good news is that, Tibet tours for expats in China has been reopened since last May. That is to say, for foreign tourists working or studying in mainland China, you can now go to visit Tibet. And we are already well prepared for your dream trip to the plateau, just book with us now to enjoy a lifetime Tibet tour in 2022.

To international tourists, you may consider postponing your Tibet tour till the Tibet tour is completely resumed. Though Tibet looks temporarily unavailable to global travelers, so long as these gloomy days are gone, we will be joining you for a thrilling adventure in Tibet.

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What to Prepare to Visit Tibet in 2022? More Documents are Needed

First of all, yon need to obtain the Tibet Travel Permit, which is a must for all international travelers to enter Tibet, including the expats in China. The permit cannot be applied in the name of an individual, and we can help you to get it.

Negative Covid TestTourists may need to undertake negative Covid test before travel.

Your Chinese Visa, passport (valid for a least 6 months), as well as working certificate if you work in mainland China or admission certificate if you study in mainland China are required, to apply for the Tibet Permit. Just remember to leave at least 20 days to apply for the Tibet Permit from us, before your Tibet entry.

Besides, for Covid-19 precaution, you need to prepare the Green Health Code, which is used as proving that you are in a healthy state. It is required if you want to travel to Tibet, as well as other parts of China. And a 14-day Dynamic Trip Record is also needed. You can register to apply for these QR codes on Alipay or Wechat's applet.

Of course, the requirements may be subject to change with the evolution of the situation. You may also need to prepare a negative nucleic acid test report in certain cases. We will keep updating the Tibet travel news and policies.

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How to Book a Tibet Tour in 2022?

To those who keep following the latest development of China's war against the Coronavirus and who are keen to visit Tibet in 2022, firstly we sincerely appreciate your concerns for the health of Chinese people.

Meanwhile, we suggest that you keep following our update of Tibet news and later discuss with our travel consultant to book your tour.

In this way, not only can you enjoy your adventure in Tibet, but also contribute to the revival of Tibetan inbound tourism and creating more jobs for local Tibetans. What a win-win solution.

Book Your Tibet Tour with Us with Confidence

Booking your Tibet tours with a well-established local Travel agency like us is essential to a safe journey with thrilling Tibetan discoveries on the Tibetan Plateau.

As a prestigious local Tibet travel agency, with offices in Lhasa, Kathmandu and Chengdu, we have successfully handled different groups of Tibet tours for decades, and care about what our clients concern most.

Travel with Tibet VistaBook your Tibet tour with us for a worry-free trip

Our tour group can include two or more people, and offer guaranteed departures. Under the current situation, for health concern, we only receive tourists from Covid-19 low risk areas. And body temperature will be measured every day during your whole trip in Tibet.

If your tour is canceled due to COVID-19, we offer Covid-19 refund commitment. We also offer guaranteed refund for any cancellation made by us.

If you want to change your tour date after it is booked and confirmed with payment, there is a 21-day no-free flexibility of your trip. Your trip can be transfer free of charge up to 21 days before departure.

Just contact us to start your booking now. We are always at your service with a fast reply via Wechat, phone call, and online consultant.

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What to Do If I Have Already Booked the Tibet Tour yet Cannot Take it?

For global tourists, if you did book our Tibet tour, you may discuss with your travel consultant and consider deferring your Tibet journey till Tibet tourism is completely resumed. We will properly keep your deposit and offer the best travel solution for your needs.

If you can't find a better time to visit Tibet, you may cancel your booking. Just reach your travel consultant and get your deposit refunded, except for the amount already paid for the third-party (like train/flight booking, etc.) or the cost occurred that is irretrievable.

Can I Visit Other Parts of China in 2022?

For expats, we see no problem for you to do so since China’s domestic tourism has already be reopened. Currently, you can visit most destinations in mainland China with the required documents, such as the green health code and the proof of negative nucleic acid test, etc.

During this time, you may discuss with our travel consultants about which places or tour activities you find more interesting in China, then we can match our interest with the best tour options and friendly services like hotel recommendations and flight or train booking, guide service, etc. for you. Simple email your inquiry to us, then the rest is for us to take great care with.

For international visitors, you are now allowed to travel to China, only if you hold a work visa, bushiness visa or family visa. And you are required to receive Covid-19 vaccination and negative test before your entry. Upon arrival, you will also need to go through a quarantine of 14 days or 21 days, based on specific requirements of your entry city.

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Through a year of unremitting efforts, the situation of the COVID-19 in mainland China has been greatly improving. Various scenic spots are gradually reopening. We are looking forward to the good news of complete reopening of Tibet tour.

For tourists who still have question about visiting Tibet this year, please feel free to contact our travel consultants. We will keep updating the latest news of Tibet tours, and offer professional advice on your lifetime trip to the plateau.

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