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Tibet Travel Permit (China Tibet Visa)

Big News: China Tourist Visa and Tibet Travel Permit have now been resumed, it is time to plan your Tibet tour in 2024! We’re ready to arrange unforgettable Tibet tours and obtain Tibet Travel Permits for visitors from around the globe.

We Guarantee your Tibet Permit for 2024

Foreign tourists must apply for a Tibet travel permit before entering Lhasa and traveling around Tibet, according to the law of the People's Republic of China.

To do so, you are expected to book your Tibet tour with a local Tibet travel agency and depend on it to submit the permit application.

Benefiting from the favorable policy, and as the largest local Tibet travel agency, dealing with around 8000+ permit applications annually, we help you secure Tibet Permit, plus expert’s guide to Tibet permit application.

You just give us your Tibet travel plan and passport copies, and relax while we take care of the whole complicated application procedures.

We have successfully helped our customer Ms.Lesley from UK get her Travel Permit to Tibet in early 2012, when was a very difficult period of time and she traveled as a solo traveler.

Tips about Tibet Travel Permit:

  • To apply for Tibet Permit, you need to prepare your passport and Chinese Visa;
  • Leave at least 20 days for getting your Tibet Travel Permit;
  • The processing of Tibet Permit lasts 8-9 business days. Then it will be sent to your hotel in the mainland of China;
  • For Tibet entry from Nepal, you need both China Group Visa and Tibet Permit. We offer all the services you need.
Online Tibet Permit Application

FAQs about Tibet Travel Permit

Can I Apply for Tibet Permit Directly from Tibet Tourism Bureau?

Tibet Tourism Bureau doesn’t accept any individual’s application. You need to book your Tibet tour with a local Tibet travel agency and submit it your application through its help.

How Much Does a Tibet Permit Cost?

To our clients, you may enjoy our free service for getting Tibet Permit. There is nothing to worry about.

Travel Documents Required for Tibet Travel Permit Application

You need to provide us with a photo of a valid passport and Chinese visa.

How Many Days Are Needed to Issue Tibet Permit?

Normally, shortly after we submit your permit application to Tibet Tourism Bureau, it takes 8-9 days for the processing of Tibet Permit in Lhasa. For urgent cases, we can manage to get it in 2 days. Extra service is needed in such a situation.

Where Can I Get My Tibet Permit?

After we get your Tibet Permit in Lhasa, our staff will send it to your hotel in your Tibet-entry cities in the mainland of China. Under extreme circumstances, our staff will manage to deliver it to you in person at the airport or railway station.

How to Get Tibet Permit If I Enter Tibet from Nepal?

Simply email the photocopies of your passport to us. We will help you apply for Tibet Permit and China Group Visa invitation for your Tibet entry from Nepal. The issued Tibet Permit will be kept by your Tibetan guide who will show it to officers at Lhasa Gonngga International Airport or Gyirong Port (current Sino-Nepal border) as you enter Tibet.

Tibet permit is not needed for the flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa. Instead, China Group Visa is needed. Check how to get Tibet Permit and China Group Visa in detail.

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Our Successful Cases 2001-2023

Since 2001, we have successfully obtained Tibet Travel Permit, Alien’s Travel Permit, Military Permit, and China Group Visa from Kathmandu, Nepal for tens of thousands of international tourists to visit Tibet.

Now, we can promise you a successful and free application for Tibet Travel Permit in 2024 once you book our Tibet tours. Since it's impossible to upload all the Tibet Permits online, we show you some of the latest samples of Tibet Permits we've successfully applied for our clients, please kindly contact our professional travel consultants for details.

Below are examples of Tibet Permits from 2001 to 2023.

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