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Chinese Visa for Tibet Travel - Mention or Not Mention You Will Visit Tibet

July,23 2018 BY Lobsang Tsering 0 COMMENTS

Tibet Permit Application TipsIt is not the first time we are asked by tourists, " why do you suggest not metioning visiting Tibet in the China Visa applicants? " "I do not want to take risk of being caught out? " "I do not want to tell a lie to Chinese Embassy, I want to do the right thing and do not want to get denied, how can I do? "  The common questions asked by our tourists is that is it necessary to mention about visiting Tibet when applying for Chinese visa. Theoretically, we suggest not mentioning it, and why? What is the best way to successfully get Visa from Chinese Embassy? 

Tibet Vista may help in some ways to explain the situation and advice the best way to solve the problem. However, their concern is not necessary, because Chinese Government offers two ways for visitors to get both Tibet Permit and Chinese Vista. Here are details and advantages and disadvantages respectively.

For convenience and efficiency, Tibet Vista recommend B - Getting Tibet Permit after Chinese Visa.

A) Get Tibet Permit before Chinese Visa

Tourist just need to hand in their travel itinerary and Passport through Tibet Vista to Tibet Tourism Bureau to apply for Permit and a Visa invitation letter. Then go to Chinese embassy to apply for Chinese Visa by themselves with these two documents.

Advantage: Tourists can state the complete travel details before getting into China, get a confirmation from Embassies.

Disadvantage: Tibet Permit and Visa invitation letter are issued only around 20 days before travelers getting into Tibet. That makes big trouble to tourists who want to confirm the trip with early flight tickets booking. They have to face the very embarrassing situation that everything is ready but Visa. They may not have sufficient time to deal with it. In addition, if 1 or 2 travelers apply for Chinese Visa in this way, it might be rejected, because officially, Chinese govorment prefers bigger group to travel in Tibet than 1 or 2 individual backpackers.

B) Get Chinese Visa before Tibet Permit

Tibet Local Tourism Bureau is also very friendly for tourists with Chinese Visa,  and will later issue Tibet Permit fast and smoothly within Just 7 to 10 working days. If tourists choose B, they do not need to state they are going to visit Tibet, otherwise they must be told to get to A) by embassadors

It is not necessary to feel guilty for hiding the fact that you will visit Tibet, which is not a lie. because Chinese government allows travelers to add a new destination to Tibet after you reported travel plan and got Visa. Tourists are entitled to add or change a destination in their travel plan, including Tibet. 

Advantage: Almost all of tourists prefer this way to get Chinese Visa and Tibet Permit. Because it is highly efficient, and their travel planning will carried out in order. They can buy cheap flights earlier and arrange everything in advance as Chinese Visa can be ready far earlier than their departure.

Disadvantage: You have to skip the details of visiting Tibet from tour plan when reporting it to Chinese Embassy.

Both ways are Ok. But You are strongly advised to use B) as most tourists do. It is easier, faster and more practical . In fact, some of Tibet Vista's clients intend do A) but finally they ended up choosing B, bacause of inconvinience of doing A.  

*** Notice ***
But for Tourists who travel to Tibet from Nepal, Only A) is applied, Travelers have to get Chinse Visa Only through the Chinese Embassy in Nepal. In 2), Obviously, tourists need a Nepal travel agency to handle the application, Do not worry, Tibet Vista has local Nepal travel agency partner in Kathmandu can help with very small amount of service charge. See Get Tibet Visa from Nepal

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