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Top Concerns about Tibet Permit

Apart from Chinese Visa, it is the Tibet Travel Permit (or Tibet Visa) that will allow you to enter holy Tibet. Applying for it often comes first for your Tibet tour. Check the following top concerns about Tibet Permit frequently asked by our clients.

As a well-established local Tibet tour operator since 1984, we promise 100% Tibet Permit application and would help you get Tibet Permit for free after you book our Tibet tours.

Online Tibet Travel Permit Apply

1. What is a Tibet Travel Permit?

Tibet Travel Permit, also known as Tibet Visa or Tibet Permit, is a necessary document issued by the Tibet Tourism Bureau. It contains detailed information about the traveler, including name, nationality, age, gender, occupation, passport number, as well as the planned route and estimated duration of the trip.

The Tibet Travel Permit can be considered a special licence, and only tourists holding this document are allowed to legally enter the Tibet region for tourism.

2. Is Tibet Travel Permit available for all international tourists?

Currently, a Tibet Travel Permit is available to 182 countries that have diplomatic ties with China. Travelers from those countries can apply for the Tibet Travel Permit to visit Tibet through a Tibetan travel agency.

However, if you are a diplomat, journalist, or governmental official, you need to look for the help from Tibet Foreign Affairs Office, since ordinary Tibet travel agencies are in no position to apply for it on your behalf.

3. Who needs to apply for a Tibet Travel Permit?

Foreign Tourists (Non-Chinese Passport Holders): Regardless of your ethnicity, if you do not possess a Chinese identity card or Chinese passport, you are required to apply for a Tibet Travel Permit as per regulations when traveling to Tibet. You must present a valid Tibet Travel Permit before boarding flights or trains to enter Tibet.

Taiwan Chinese Tourists: Taiwanese residents also need to apply for a Tibet Travel Permit when traveling to Tibet.

4. Do HK and Macau citizens need the permit to Tibet?

Hong Kong and Macau tourists holding a Home Return Permit do not need to apply for a Tibet Travel Permit. The Home Return Permit is a travel document for residents of Hong Kong and Macau visiting mainland China, including Tibet.

Therefore, if you have a valid Home Return Permit, you can directly use this document to travel to Tibet. However, if you plan to visit places like Everest Base Camp or Ngari, you may need to obtain additional border permits.

5. If I already have a Chinese residence permit, do I need Tibet Travel Permit?

Though you have a Chinese residence permit, if you are not a Chinese citizen, you still need to apply for the Tibet Travel Permit for your trip to Tibet.

Once you confirm your travel itinerary and book your tour with us, you just need to provide scanned copies of your Chinese Visa, the residence permit, and the certificate (from your school or company) to prove your purpose of living in China. The follow-up will be done by us. You just wait for the permit to be issued.

6. Can I apply for a Tibet Travel Permit on my own, or must it be done through a Tibet travel agency?

According to the relevant regulations, individuals cannot apply for a Tibet Travel Permit directly. The only way to obtain a Tibet Travel Permit is through a qualified local Tibet travel agency that will act on your behalf.

Simultaneously, the travel agency will arrange official tourist vehicles, professional guides, accommodations, and other details for you, and submit your complete Tibet travel itinerary to the relevant authorities for the permit application.

As one of the excellent local Tibet travel agencies, we successfully assist over 8,000 tourists each year in obtaining Tibet Travel Permits, helping them fulfill their dream of traveling to Tibet.

We have an experienced and professional permit processing team that can provide you with high-quality and efficient Tibet Travel Permit application services, ensuring a smooth and worry-free journey to Tibet.

7. What documents are required to apply for a Tibet Travel Permit?

The documents required to apply for a Tibet Travel Permit may vary depending on individual circumstances. Below are the general requirements for obtaining a Tibet Travel Permit:

A copy of a valid passport.
A copy of a valid Chinese visa. If holding a non-tourist visa, relevant proof may be required.
For citizens of visa-exempt countries like Singapore, providing a copy of the passport photo page is typically sufficient.

China Visa

Chinese Visa is required for the application of Tibet Permit.

Please note:
The requirements mentioned above are general guidelines and may be subject to policy and regulatory changes. When applying for a Tibet Travel Permit, you can contact us to inquire about the most up-to-date document requirements.

8. What is the process for obtaining a Tibet Travel Permit?

Obtaining a Tibet Travel Permit is a straightforward process. You only need to choose a reliable Tibet travel agency, join a tour organized by the agency, and submit the necessary documents. Here is a brief overview of the Tibet Travel Permit application process:

Step 1: Prepare the required documents
For overseas tourists: passport + Chinese Visa (usually a tourist visa, i.e., L visa).
For foreigners in China: passport + visa (work/study/family reunion visa, etc.) + relevant proof.
For Taiwanese tourists: Taiwan Compatriot Permit + relevant documents.

Step 2: Confirm itinerary and travel dates
Coordinate with the travel agency to confirm entry and exit cities, transportation methods, itinerary routes, travel dates, number of participants, contact information, and other details.

Step 3: Travel agency submits documents to apply for Tibet Travel Permit
After confirming the relevant travel information with the travel agency, the agency will handle the submission of the necessary documents to apply for the Tibet Travel Permit on your behalf.

9. If I travel with an Indian passport, how can I get Tibet Permit?

The process of applying for a Tibet Permit for Indian citizens is a little different.

If you plan to visit the holy Mount Kailash, you need to get your Tibet Permit through the Foreign Affairs Office of TAR or the Pilgrim Center. Ordinary travel agencies cannot handle the Tibet Permit for you.

If you don’t visit Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar, you can share the same permit process procedure as other international tourists. First, you book a Tibet tour with us and then just provide the scanned copies of your passport and Chinese Visa to us.

10. How long can I stay in Tibet with the Tibet Permit?

The validity of your Tibet Permit is determined by your specific Tibet tour itinerary. Your entry and departure dates will be listed on your permit. You can leave Tibet earlier than the scheduled date, but no later.

11. What is the cost of the Tibet Permit?

For our clients, as long as you book any of our Tibet tours, we would help you get Tibet Permit for free.

12. How long in advance should I apply for Tibet Travel Permit?

Generally, we recommend applying for your Tibet Permit at least 20 days in advance. The permit processing takes 8 to 9 days. It will take another 3 days for the permit to be mailed to your address in mainland China from Lhasa after it is issued.

If you are entering Tibet from mainland China, please make sure you already have a Chinese Visa before you apply for your Tibet Permit. If you travel from Nepal to Tibet, you need to go to the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu at least three working days in advance to apply for a China Group Visa.

13. When will I get the Tibet Permit issued? (around 15 days)

After we get your basic information (scanned photos of your passport, Chinese Visa, and your occupation), we will hand it over to the Tibet Tourism Bureau for the Tibet Permit application.

Then, around 8-9 days, your processed permit is expected to be issued by the Tibet Tourism Bureau. Once we get it, we will manage to deliver it by express from Lhasa to your hotel or residence in mainland China.

We promise to deliver it to you as soon as possible. Normally, it takes around 15 days for you to get a Tibet Travel Permit.

14. How can I receive my Tibet Permit after it is issued?

After we get your Tibet Permit from the Tibet Tourism Bureau in Lhasa, we will manage to deliver it by express to your hotels or your residence in mainland China. And your travel consultant will remind you to get it.

In some extreme cases, our staff will give it to you at the airport or train station before you board the plane or board the train to Tibet.

If you happen to stop by Chengdu, you can visit our Chengdu office and get your Tibet Permit yourself, and have a nice chat with your travel consultant.

15. What if I lost my Tibet Permit?

If you lost your original Tibet Permit before getting to Tibet, you will be denied access to Tibet until we get a new one or a copy of your original permit with an official stamp on it for you.

To ensure you have a hassle-free travel to Tibet, it’s highly advisable to have two copies of your original copies with you and keep an image of your Tibet Permit in your cell phone just in case. If you lose your Tibet Permit, please contact your travel consultant in time.

16. Can you send the Tibet Permit to a foreign country?

To minimize the chance of losing your Tibet Permit, we don’t offer an international postal service. Your permit will be delivered safely to your hotel in mainland China before you head for Tibet.

17. How many copies of the Tibet Permit do I need to prepare?

We suggest you prepare two copies of your Tibet Permit in case you get lost one of them or the staff of the railway station might take one.

You can use the copy service at the front desk of your hotel or ask the hotel staff where the nearest printing and photocopy shop is. Usually, it takes around 1 or 2 CNY for two copies.

Please notice that if you decide to fly to Lhasa, the original Tibet Permit is a must.

Tibet Travel Permit

A sample of Tibet Travel Permit

18. Where and when to check my Tibet Travel Permit?

First, the Tibet Permit is checked when you board the Tibet train or flight to Lhasa.

Once you arrive in Tibet and start your tour, your guide will keep the permit for you and the group members.

And on the way to different attractions outside Lhasa, your permit will be checked whenever there is a checkpoint, such as from Lhasa to Shigatse, Lhasa to Everest Base Camp, Lhasa to Namtso Lake, etc.

19. With the Tibet Travel Permit, can I travel to wherever I choose in Tibet?

Sorry, Tibet Travel Permit alone does not suffice for some remote attractions like Everest Base Camp, Samye Monastery, Mount Kailash, etc. Since the Tibet Travel Permit enables you to enter and exit Tibet legally, extra travel permits, like Alien’s Travel Permit and Military Permit are required for trips to remote areas outside Lhasa.

However, no worries! Our guide will remind you and help you get all the necessary travel documents based on your itinerary.

20. Can the Tibet Travel Permit be used multiple times after obtaining it?

The Tibet Travel Permit is valid only for the specific travel dates you provide in your application. Once your trip is over, the permit expires and cannot be used again.

If you plan to visit Tibet multiple times, you must apply for a new permit each time. So, make sure the permit's validity matches your entire travel period to avoid complications.

21. Is a China Visa sufficient, or do I still need a Tibet Travel Permit?

When traveling to Tibet, having a valid China Visa cannot replace the Tibet Travel Permit. The visa and the Tibet Travel Permit complement each other, and both are necessary.

Even if you possess a valid China Visa, if you plan to visit Tibet, you still need to apply for a Tibet Travel Permit. Holding a China Visa allows you to enter most areas within China, but a Tibet Travel Permit is required to ensure your lawful entry into Tibet.

22. If I hold a Chinese work visa, do I still need a tourist visa to apply for a Tibet Travel Permit?

Tourists holding a Chinese work visa (Z visa) typically need to provide proof of employment when applying for a Tibet Travel Permit to confirm their working status in China.

Proof of employment can be included as part of the Tibet Travel Permit application to supplement your documentation. In such cases, there is generally no need for an additional tourist visa application.

23. Is there a limit on the number of people for Tibet Travel Permit applications?

There is no limit on the number of people when applying for a Tibet Travel Permit. Whether you are traveling alone or with family and friends, you can apply for a Tibet Travel Permit through a Tibet travel agency as long as you meet the requirements for the permit.

24. Can the travel dates and itinerary information on the Tibet Travel Permit be modified temporarily?

The travel dates and itinerary information on the Tibet Travel Permit are typically determined based on the plan you provide when applying for the permit. These details are recorded and submitted to the relevant authorities during the permit application process. Once the Tibet Travel Permit is approved and issued, it is not allowed to be modified temporarily.

Therefore, to avoid unnecessary complications, it's advisable to finalize your travel dates, itinerary, and planned tourist attractions as much as possible before applying for the Tibet Travel Permit.

If your plans change, it's best to communicate with the travel agency handling your Tibet Travel Permit in advance to see if a reapplication or other arrangements are necessary.

25. Can I travel independently in Tibet with a Tibet Travel Permit?

Having a Tibet Travel Permit allows you to enter Tibet for tourism purposes. However, during your travel, you will still need to be accompanied by a qualified guide.

The guide will plan a suitable itinerary and take you to the designated attractions and routes specified on your Tibet Travel Permit to ensure the smoothness and safety of your trip.

This arrangement helps you gain a better understanding of Tibet's culture, history, and scenery while ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience in an unfamiliar environment.

26. What to do with the Tibet Permit when finishing my Tibet tour?

After you leave Tibet as planned, the original permit will be collected by your Tibetan guide and later archived.

Please note that your detailed Tibet tour itineraries, tour destinations, and travel dates are mentioned on your Tibet Permit, please follow your travel plan strictly.

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