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Tibet Visa and China Group Visa: what you need to enter Tibet from Nepal

Latest Group Tourist Visa Application Information updated on Jan,10,2019

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Important Notice about Tibet Entry from Kathmandu: 

According to the latest policy, for the international tourists who plan to enter Tibet from Kathmandu, the China Group Visa will no longer be issued to any individual traveler. Instead, it will only be issued to a tourist group which consists of at least 5 travelers. They have to travel together both in and out of China via a pre-arranged tour with a travel agency.

To solo travelers, there is no need to worry about getting China Group Visa. As an international travel agency with a large number of incoming clients from Kathmandu, we can pool our resources and invite you to join a tourist group to get Group Visa, contact us here. If you already have booked our tour and have tourist group number issue, your travel consultants will work with you and find the best solution to get your Group visa for a seamless travel from Kathmandu to Tibet.

Notice about Nepal Visa Fee:(updated May 27 2019)

According to the new provision that will come into effect soon that Nepal Visa fee is expected to increase accordingly. If you plan to visit Nepal first and then travel to Tibet, please be aware of the latest Nepali Visa fee change below. While China Group Visa fee for Tibet entry from Nepal remains unchanged.

Current Nepal Visa Fee:

Single-entry Visa Valid for 15/30/90 Days costs US$ 25/40/100

New Nepal Visa Fee in the Near Future:

Single-entry Visa Valid for15/30/90 Days will cost US$ 30/50/125

However, travelers from SAARC countries, except India and Afghanistan, enjoy free multiple-entry tourist visa for 30 days, and $3 per day thereafter. SAARC countries in the scheme are Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. While Indian nationals do not require a visa to enter Nepal, Afghanistan is excluded from the scheme.

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Dear Clients,
We would like to inform you that the Chinese Embassy in Nepal has changed the Group Tourist Visa processing rules. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. Now the applicants have to follow the new rules below.

a. Chinese Embassy will require original passport for 3 full days for visa process.

b. Visa application will be accepted only in weekdays (Monday to Friday). Embassy will not accept visa application during weekend Saturday and Sunday.

for example: 
If a guest gives our staff his passport on Monday before 11 am and he will get visa in the afternoon on Wednesday and later he can fly from Kathmandu, Nepal to Tibet.

c. Visa application must be submitted before 11am at the Embassy and visa will be issued in the afternoon of the third day.

d. Chinese Embassy will not accept any urgent group visa and will not accept without passport. You'll need to apply with all complete documents.

Urgent Situation:
Semi urgent is - apply today before 1 pm and get visa on the day after tomorrow at 10 am

How to Get Tibet Visa in Nepal?  Just follow three simple steps

Not only does Nepal border with Tibet, it boasts the tourist hub of South Asia. A great number of tourists enter Tibet through Kodari Border in Kathmandu by air or by road. According to the Chinese immigration regulation, travelers who enter Tibet from Nepal are required to apply for Group Tourist Visa, a kind of single entry visa, at the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu.

Follow the GUIDELINES below about how to get Tibet visa in Nepal
Before going to Tibet, you need to confirm the itinerary and tour services with a local tour company, like Tibet Travel Org CITS (www.tibettravel.org). You can authorize it to apply for Tibet travel permit on your behalf. Tourists are required to mail the scanned copy of their passports to the tour company in Lhasa. Then, they will get the Tibet Travel Permit and visa invitation letter issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau. It takes 5-7 working days to go through step one.
Be in Kathmandu at least two working days in advance. Contact the local office of www.tibettravel.org in Kathmandu, and leave your passport with them. Then, pay for the Chinese visa application and visa service.

Nationality Times of Entry   Ordinary(US$)  Urgent(US$)   Extreme Urgent(US$)
Nepali Citizens Single 45 72 85
US Citizens Single 162 189 202
Canadian Citizens Single 92 119 132
Israeli Citizens Single 40 67 80
Romanian Citizens Single 92 120 132
Serbian Citizens Single 15 33 46
Albanian Citizens & Micronesian Citizens Single 50 55 75
Brazillian Citizens Single 151 178 191
Argentine citizens Single 147 164 187
Other Citizens Single 52 79 92

Special Note: We will offer you the latest update of China Group Visa fee. However, since we are not the official website for publishing the news concerning China Group Visa, for the most accurate and up-to-date price of China Group Visa, it’s advisable to check the official website of Chinese Embassy in Nepal.

**Note:  Ordinary: 4 working days;   Urgent: 3 working days; Extreme Urgent: 1 working day (Currently unavailable, updated March 19, 2018)
The working day refers to Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Besides, the above visa fee includes service charge of USD 20 each for handling China Group Visa Application in Chinese Embassy in Nepal on your behalf and delivering your visa to your hotel.
The agency delivers the issued visa to your hotel in Kathmandu. You must bring the three documents with you as you leave for Tibet: Chinese Visa, photocopies of the Tibet Travel Permit and the application form.
1. Tibet Tourism Bureau does not accept individual applications for Tibet Travel Permit. Visitors must apply through a travel agent.

2. Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu neither accepts individual applications. Visitors need to go through the local Nepal travel agency.

3. The Visa is good for both Tibet and Mainland China. It is valid for the specified period of time which you confirm with the travel agency, usually no more than 30 days. Therefore, you should include your itinerary in both Mainland China and Tibet. 

4. If you do not have a fixed plan in China, you should work with the agency to apply for the longest period of time, up to 30 days.

5. Please be aware that the group visa is a special type of visa to Tibet. A Chinese visa obtained before automatically expires when the new one is given. 

Sonam Tenphel, Tibet Vista's seasoned Tibetan guide,teaches you how to travel from Nepal to Tibet for international tourists.

Important Notice: Currently, Gyirong Port, Sino-Nepal border, is readily available for interntional tourists to enter Tibet from Kathmandu or in reverse. You may enjoy the epic Kathmandu to Lhasa overland tour or in the opposite way. (updated, Dec 28, 2018)

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