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Most Asked Questions about Tibet Tour

What Are the Top Attractions You Must Visit for a Tibet Tour?

Radiating from Lhasa, the best-known attractions are mainly scattered from Lhasa to Everest Base Camp. As the spiritual heart of Tibet, Lhasa is peppered with Buddhist architectural wonders. Hike the iconic Potala Palace; join the kora around holy Barkhor Street and visit the life-sized statue of 12-year-old Buddha in Jokhang Temple.
What’s more? The “Great Three Gelugpa Monasteries”, i.e. Drepung Monastery, Sera Monastery ,and Ganden Monastery will offer you perfect chances to explore monastic life and mystery of Tibetan Buddhism.
Besides, to meditate or stroll the serene lakes in Tibet, never miss the chance to visit tranquil Namtso Lake (around 250km from Lhasa). The world’s highest saline lake will make your day.
If you come to Tibet for the Mt.Everest, then Everest Base Camp should be your ultimate destination. Traveling from Lhasa to EBC, you will pass turquoise Yamdrok Lake and massive Karola Glacier. While making a stopover at Gyantse, you will hike the Nepali-style Kumbum stupa in Palcho Monastery.
As the journey continues, you will tour the legendary Tashilunpo Monastery in Shigatse, and later enjoy the panorama of Himalayan Range at renowned Gawu La Pass (5198m) and explore Rongbuk Monastery, the world’s highest Buddhist site at EBC.
For the pilgrimage in Tibet, Mt.Kailash and holy Manasroavar Lake are second to none to both local Tibetans and global travelers. You can also enjoy the magnificent clay forest in Zanda and explore the mysterious Guge Kingdom. Check the Tibet travel advice to learn more Tibetan attractions and travel tips.

How Many Days Are Needed for Touring Tibet?

Well, the answer depends on what your interest is and where you want to visit and what activities you intend to do in Tibet.
For the classic Tibet tour in Lhasa, normally 4 days are needed. If you want to visit heavenly Namtso Lake, an additional 2 days are required for the long drive. To experience the most popular Lhasa to EBC tour, 8 days are the right formula. With 3 days spent in Lhasa for sightseeing and acclimatization, on Day 4 and Day 5 you will finish the visit at EBC and later travel back to Lhasa.
If you plan to visit Tibet and Nepal together, the best way is to spend 7 days for the epic Lhasa to Kathmandu overland tour via EBC before exiting Tibet to Nepal on day 7.
Keen to challenge the Mt.Kailash kora in Ngari? Then budget 15 days for the best pilgrimage tour in Tibet; for other activities like trekking or cycling, etc. in Tibet, around 5-23 days are needed for different challenges. Whatever your interest is, our travel consultant will help you properly plan the Tibet tour.

What is the Minimal Cost for a Tibet Tour?

The cost for Tibet tour varies greatly from tour season, No. of travelers, and personal preference as to hotel, dining and guide services, etc. So, for the minimal cost for 4-day Lhasa small group tour alone with 3-star accommodation is from $460 in the winter season. However, due to your personal expense for dining and souvenir, etc. and cost for flight and Chinese Visa and flight, etc. the total cost can be much more.
Yet, join in our small group tours remains the best choice you because you can team up with a bunch of global tourists to share the tour cost.

How Can I Book Your Tibet Tour?

It’s very easy to book a Tibet tour with us.
Step 1: email your inquiry to us and discuss your Tibet plan with our professional travel consultant.
Step2: reach an agreement on the proposed tour itinerary and sign the tour contract with us.
Step3: Pay the deposit (30%-50% of tour quotation).
Step4: Later get your Chinese Visa and email the photo of it together with your passport information.
The rest will be for us to take care, such as getting Tibet Permit for you, hotel booking, etc.

What is the Best Time to Tour Tibet?

Tibet can be visited all year round except for late Feb to March. Traditionally, April to early June and Sept to Oct are two of the best time frame for touring Tibet. Free from the influence of monsoon season with mild weather and fantastic visibility, it’s the prime time for all outdoor activities in Tibet.
If you are a student and travel on a shoestring, then visiting Tibet from Nov to mid-Feb (off-season of Tibet tour) will save you lots of money. Besides, the less crowded attractions and intense Buddhist atmosphere and lively migratory birds, the cheaper hotel will make you feel like traveling in heaven.
For cultural explorers, touring Tibet during major religious festivals like Saga Festival (May or June) and Shoton Festival (August) and Tsongkhapa Butter Lamp Festival (Dec) and Tibetan New Year ( Feb) would be your most ideal time for Tibet tour.

Should I Travel by Flight or Tibet Train to Lhasa?

Well, so long as you are not pressed for time, traveling to Lhasa by Tibet train is definitely the best option. It’s a lot more cost-effective, punctual and much better for you to get acclimatized to altitude ascent than traveling by flight.
In addition, the incredible window view from Golumd to Lhasa from Tibet train will give you a real sense of traveling on the road than flight. Highly recommended.

How to Prevent Acute Altitude Sickness When Touring Tibet?

Firstly, all travelers may respond physically to the altitude change 2-3hrs later after they land in Lhasa. Symptoms like higher pulse rate, shortness of breath and dizziness, slight headache, etc. are pretty common. Please stay calm.
Never rush to visit attractions; having a good sleep at your hotel really helps you avoid acute altitude sickness. Meanwhile, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.
As you plan your Tibet tour, try to avoid abrupt (up to 1500m or 2500m) ascent in a single day, which is the key to prevent acute altitude sickness.
You may travel high in the day time but sleep at lower places at night. Bring down jacket even in summer as you pass high passes to minimize the chance to get a cold.
Since all of our Tibet tours are crafted by our Tibet travel experts and we have ample oxygen supply and first-aid kit like hyperbaric oxygen chamber at extreme places like EBC and Mt.Kailash, you can enjoy a pleasant and safe journey in Tibet.

During My Tour, What Food to Eat in Tibet?

As a crucial business hub connecting inland China, Nepal and India, Lhasa offers foodies a culinary delight you never expect.
Not only can you savor the traditional Tibetan food like home-made Tsampa, Tibetan momo and dried Yak meat and Tibetan noodles and Tibetan yogurt, etc., but also treat your taste buds with finger-licking Nepali and Indian cuisines like yak curry, yak steak, and butter chicken, chicken tikka masala, etc. No to mention the wide choice of Sichuan dishes and typical western food in the restaurants around Barkhor Street.
For veggies, there are also a lot of options available in Lhasa, such as vegetable momos, mushroom masala, etc. If you join in a small group tour, a special welcome banquet is also available to you.
As you leave Lhasa to more remote areas in Tibet, the food tends to be more basic. Egg fried rice, cabbage with rice, and dumplings, noodle soups, etc. are readily available. All of the restaurants you dine in are well-choice with food safety guarantee.

What about the Hotel and Accommodation for a Tibet Tour?

Tibet is never a destination for an extravagant hotel experience. Due to the extreme altitude and inhospitable environment, overall the hotels and accommodation facilities are somewhat inferior to that of hotels you stay in big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and Chengdu and Guangzhou, etc. So are the hotel services compared with that of the western standards.
However, when greeted by lofty peaks and welcoming smile from our Tibetan guides the moment you get out from your rooms, you realize how special Tibet is.
Overall, the best hotels available are found in Lhasa. From budget-friendly 3-star hotel to best-value Tibetan-themed hotels and 5-star St. Regis Lhasa Resort, etc., there is a wide array of choices that can fit every pocket and preference.
As you travel beyond Lhasa and Shigatse, esp. to remote regions like EBC, Mt.Kailash and northern Tibet and border areas close to Nepal, the lodging facilities and options become to dwindle. The local guesthouses and tents are a frequent scene. And the sanitation is also not so good. You may bring your sleeping bag if you intend to visit remote places like EBC or rent one from us.
However, the incredible Himalayan vista and a palpable sense of holiness you feel will make up all the ordeal. Each year, we keep sampling and updating the best hotel choices across Tibet for a better travel experience to our clients. - Check all the hotels and accommodation in Tibet

How to Enjoy Tibet Tour from Nepal?

Likewise, to enjoy the Tibet tour from Nepal, you need to book your Nepal Tibet tour with us. Then email the photo of your passport to us. Later we will help you get Tibet Permit and Visa invitation needed to get China Group Visa for Tibet entry from Nepal.
Finally, you fly to Kathmandu at least 4 days earlier and give your original passport to our staff at our Kathmandu office and pay the China Group Visa fee. 3 days later, our staff will bring you the China Group Visa. Then you are ready to travel from Nepal to Tibet.

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