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Kham Tibet Tour

Lying mostly in eastern Tibet and parts of Tibetan-inhabited regions in western Sichuan, Qinghai, and Yunan provinces, Kham is a unique region known for its craggy canyons, deep gorges and pristine forests, verdant grasslands and intriguing Khampa culture. Kham Tibet tours bring you to discover ‘Swiss Alps-like’ landscapes in eastern Tibet and explore a string of star attractions dotted in western Sichuan and rolling Hengduan mountain ranges.

The adventure begins either in Chengdu or Lhasa. You will cuddle the adorable giant pandas and watch Sichuan opera and visit Jinli Street in Chengdu. Then, head northwest to enjoy the scenic trek and horse-back riding in Mt. Siguniang; or marvel at famous Hailuogou Glaciers and sunrise of Mt. Gongga; the visit to Litang horse racing festival and Kangding will allow you know more about Khampa men, whose brave, robust, and fierce character gives them the nickname of the “Gypsies of Tibet”. Besides, there is no short of monastery visit and holy lake sightseeing. Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, and top 6 Gelugpa monasteries, serene Lake Namtso, all covered once and for all.

Our expert local leaders will share their insight into Tibetan culture and history and offer attentive services for your day-day travel. With offices based in Lhasa and Chengdu, we offer you quick and reliable bookings for hotels and handling travel permits and transfer, logistic supplies, ensuring you a once-in-a-lifetime journey.

Most Popular Kham Tibet Tours

Though you can enjoy independent travel in most of Kham regions, largely in western Sichuan Province, it’s the customized tours that bring you the greatest convenience and flexibility for overseas travelers, given the language barrier, travel safety, and easy hotel booking, local guide and transfer. We offer you multiple travel routes to delve into the heart of Kham Tibet regions and enjoy the fascinating Khampa culture and otherworld landscapes. Check the follow sample tours and work with our travel consultants to tailor-make yours.

  • 5 Days Happy Road Horse-riding in Songpan Tour


    This tour is designed for you to explore Kham Tibet Area by horse riding. Shunjiang village in Songpan County along the road to Jiuzhaigou is a small village ignored by many visitors, but it attracts more and more foreigners with its unique horse ridi

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  • 6 Days Drive from Northwestern Sichuan to Southern Qinghai


    This Kham Tibet Overland Tour will take you to explore the Sichuan, Gansu & Qinghai Tibetan Area, specifically taking in Aba in Sichuan, Southern Gansu and Tongren in Qinghai. Highlights of this tour are Flower Lake, Langmusi temples, Xiahe Labrang mo

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  • 6 Days Trekking Mt. Siguniang, the Oriental ALPs Tour

    Chengdu-Mt. Siguniang-Chengdu

    Mt. Siguniang or Mountain Four Maidens is repueted as the Oriental ALPs. Trekking in the valleys of Mt. Siguniang is a wonderful way to get close to the breathtakingly beautiful natural scenery, the alpine lakes, snow capped mountains, primitive fores

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  • 8 Days Western Sichuan Impression – Small Loop Tour

    Chengdu-Hailuogou-Kangding-Danba - Chengdu Tour

    This Sichuan Kham Area loop trip starting from Chengdu to Hailuogou, Kangding, Danda and Rilong will show you the 'king of Shu mountains' Gonggar Glacier, beautiful Tagong grassland, the East Alpine-Mt. Siguniang, and the lovely Giant Pandas at Wolong

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  • 10 Days Litang Horse Racing Festival Tour


    This tour is designed for you to experience the exciting Litang Horse Racing Festival held from Aug. 1 to 7 each year. The Tibetan horse races and athletic competitions attract thousands of tourists to the Litang grassland dotted with colorful Tibetan

    View Details
  • 10 Days Looking for Shangri-La, the last piece of pure land on the blue planet

    Chengdu-Kangding-Xinduqiao-Daocheng Yading-Shangri-La

    This Daocheng, Yading, Shangarila overland tour will take you to explore the Sichuan and Yunnan Kham Area. You will not only witness the colorful minority culture and their admirable lifestyle, but also be amazed by the incredible natural beauties and

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  • 11 Days Amazing Western Sichuan Tour


    This tour will take you to visit the last Shangarila, Daocheng Yading with well preserved natural scenery and unique Tibetan culture, three holy peaks popular among local Tibetan people, ancient watchtowers in Danba and Jiaju Tibetan village, the most

    View Details
  • Jiuzhaigou National Park and Northwest Sichuan

    Chengdu-Mt. Siguniang-Danba-Rangtang-Ruo’ergai-Flower lake-Langmusi-Jiuzhaigou-Chengdu

    This tour is designed for you to explore the Sichuan Tibetan area. You will enjoy amazing natural sights and unique Tibetan and Qiang customs of these areas.

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  • 15 Days Eastern Tibet Culture Discovery Tour

    Lhasa- Ningchi- Rawu lake -Kham Tour

    Your journey will take you to numerous sites such as Basomtso Lake, Bayi, Pomi, and Rawuk lake. During your journey you will explore the most ancient monasteries in eastern Tibet. Then you will proceed to Pangda airport and fly to Chengdu.

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  • 16 Days Chengdu to Ganzi Tibetan Area Tour

    Chengdu-Four Girls Mountain-Danba-Tagong-Daofu-Ganzi-Dege-Baiyu-Litang-Chengdu

    This tour focuses on the Ganzi Tibetan Area with amazingly beautiful landscape and unique culture and customs. The chains of snow capped mountains, the clear highland lakes, the almost non-commercialized Tibetan customs will definitely impress you.

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  • 20 Days Northern and eastern Tibet Kham Culture Loop Tour

    Lhasa- Nyingchi-Chamdo- Markam - Tengchen- Sok D Zong-Nagchu-Namtso-Lhasa

    This Lhasa to Kham Loop Route starts from Lhasa to eastern Tibet, north Sichuan Tibetan via the Sichuan-Tibet Hwy, then to Chamdo, Nagchu and Namtso, at last back to Lhasa. You will enjoy different sceneries and have a great Tibet culture experience.

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Most Asked Questions about Kham Tibet Tour

What is the best season for Kham Tibet tour?

Due to the rich fauna and flora, May to Oct is widely believed to be the best season for enjoying Kham Tibet tour. During the summertime in June, July, and August, you can enjoy the vibrant grasslands dotted with unknown wildflowers and grazing horses and yaks and sheep. You may also enjoy the archery competition and local cuisines and other festivities during the Litang Horse Racing Festival.
From the Spet. to late Oct, it’s the high season for photography in western Sichuan. The colorful leaves before the running waterfalls and snowy peaks are extremely photogenic.

Where should you begin your journey? Chengdu or Lhasa?

We suggest that you begin your journey from Chengdu. Firstly, Chengdu is an important gateway to Tibet and major hub other famous historical and natural attractions like Dujiangyan Irrigation System, Jiuzhaigou Valley and Mt. Siguniang, and Giant Panda Research center, etc. You may spend a couple of days here for sightseeing and there are lots of options.
Secondly, the gradual ascent from Chengdu basin to the Hengduan mountain range and later eastern Tibetan Plateau will give you more time for acclimatization rather than taking a flight to Lhasa directly while the view gets growingly amazing.

Is there any dpecial permit needed for international tourists to visit Kham?

Unlike in Tibet, where you need to have a Tibet Travel Permit to enter it. In Kham, there is no permit you are required to have. You can travel solo. However, since most of the locals can’t speak English and the treacherous terrain you will face, it’s better to hire a local guide and customize your journey via a local Tibet travel agency like us.

What are the famous peaks in Kham and eastern Tibet?

Mt. Gongga (7,556m) and Mt. Siguniang (6,250 m) are popular destinations for trekking and sightseeing from Chengdu. If you happen to travel to parts of the Kham region in Yunnan, you couldn’t afford to miss the incredible sunrise of Meili Snow Mountain(6,000m). Besides, the Mt. Yangmaiyong (5,958m) in Yading Nature Reserve is also one of the biggest stars in Kham. While, in Nyingchi, eastern Tibet, the biggest name is lofty Namcha Barwa (7,782 m).

Will you have mountain sickness for Kham Tibet tour?

Well, all of us will have physical symptoms like dizziness, fatigue, shortness of breath and headache, etc. to altitude ascent over 3,000m. While the journey to Kham and eastern Tibet will pass many lofty mountain passes above 4,000m. However, there is no need to panic. Your tour will be expected designed to fit your physical level and our experienced local leaders and oxygen supply will offer timely help for you to quickly adapt yourself to the altitude change. - Check the local expert’s tips to avoid acute altitude sickness.

What about the accommodation and dining for Kham Tibet tour?

With the rapid development of tourism and tourist infrastructure in Kham and eastern Tibet, nowadays it will be very easy to book hotels in Kham and eastern Tibet regions. From cheap youth hotels to 3/4-star cost-effective boutique hotels and Tibetan-style hotels to 5-star luxury resorts, we can offer you a variety of options.
While the Sichuan cuisines like Ma Po Tofu, Kung Pao Chicken, etc. and local Tibetan dishes like yak soup noodles, dried yak meat, sweet tea, etc. would be easily found along your journey. Our local guide will properly help you arrange the dining to your tastes.

What are the differences between Kham and Tibet?

Since Yuan Dynasty, Tibet consists of U-Tsang (Lhasa, Shannan, Shigatse and Nagri), Kham and Amdo. Kham area in the east of the Tibetan Plateau spreads across 4 provinces of China, largely in Tibet Autonomous Region and Sichuan Province, with small portion in Qinghai and Yunnan provinces.
The tough Khampa men, exciting horse racing, unique ethnic culture and natural beauty of verdant grasslands, craggy mountains and pure rivers attract numerous travelers to make a trip to the Kham Area. There are significant differences in traditions and beliefs - even physical appearance - between the peoples of Kham and other Tibetans. Many carry traditional swords and walk with a swagger, but are ready to invite you into their yak-hair tents for a cup of butter tea.
Kham has a rugged terrain characterized by mountain ridges and gorges running from northwest to southeast. Numerous rivers, including the Mekong, Yangtze, Yalong Jiang, and the Salwee flow through Kham. If you are interested in seeing wild Tibetan animals in their natural habitats, attending horse festivals, circling the holy Mt. Kawa Karpo, staying with nomads, visiting small monasteries, camping, and bird watching in the forests, Kham Tibet tour is just for you.

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