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Xian to Lhasa Train

Currently, there are two trains bound to Lhasa from Xian with their initial stations coming from Guangzhou and Shanghai respectively, namely Z265 (Guangzhou-Lhasa) and Z165 (Shanghai-Lhasa). Passengers can get on Train Z265/ Z165 at 9:45/ 11:24 every day, and arrive at Lhasa at 16:45/ 19:35 after 31/ 32:11 hours. And the return trains are Z266 (Lhasa-Guangzhou) and Z166 (Lhasa-Shanghai).

Xian - Lhasa Train Tickets Online Booking

  • Train No.
  • Departure
  • Train Stops
  • Arrival
  • Duration
  • Distance
  • Frequency
  • Z265
  • Xian (9:45)
  • Lanzhou (16:26)
    Xining (19:11)
    Delingha (23:33)
    Golmud (02:20)
    Ando (10:54)
    Nagchu (12:17)

  • Lhasa (16:45)
  • 31hrs
  • 2,864km
  • Daily
  • Z165
  • Xian (11:24)
  • Lanzhou (18:17)
    Xining (21:07)
    Delingha (01:29)
    Golmud (04:15)
    Ando (12:38)
    Nagchu (14:24)

  • Lhasa (19:35)
  • 32:11hrs
  • 2,864km
  • Daily

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About Ticket Price:

The ticket prices above are the net prices. In reality, since the demand for Tibet train ticket far exceeds the supply, to successfully book the train ticket for you, an additional service fee is involved. However, we will manage to secure the ticket and ensure you a seamless Tibet train journey.

About Tibet Travel Permit:

Tibet travel permit is needed for collecting your Tibet train ticket and also boarding the train. Once you book the train ticket with us, we will guarantee to get the Tibet permit for you. We will deliver the permit to your hotel or any other place you prefer in Xian. For some emergency circumstances, we can hand it to you personally at Xian Railway Station before your train trip.

Most Classic Xian Tibet Tour Packages by Train

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Xian is one of the oldest cities in China. It is one of the birthplaces of the Ancient Chinese Civilization in the Yellow River Basin area. As the starting point of the Silk Road and home to the famous Terracotta Warriors of the Qin Dynasty, the city has won a reputation all over the world.

Despite its vital place as one of the major gateways from inland China to Tibet, Xian is not a city that all trains have to pass. Currently, there are only two trains (Guangzhou-Lhasa Train Z264 and Shanghai-Lhasa Train Z164) that will make a stopover in Xian en route for Tibet.  As obvious as one could see, Xian-Lhasa train is more an integral part of the Guangzhou-Lhasa railway and Shanghai-Lhasa railway than an independent railway route.

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