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Lanzhou to Lhasa Train Travel Guide

July,08 2019 BY Kham Sang 0 COMMENTS

Lanzhou is the capital city of Gansu Province in northwest China and used to be a very important point on the ancient Silk Road. As it is nearest Xining,there is a train departs from Lanzhou to Lhasa every other days, and the trains to Tibet which come from inland China all make a stop in Lanzhou.

Lanzhou - Lhasa Train Schedule & Tickets Online Booking (2019 & 2020)

Lanzhou to Lhasa Train Map
Train NumberDepartureArrivalDurationDistanceFrequencyTicket Price
Z917(Lanzhou-Lhasa) 11:16 11:20 24:04 Hours 2,188km daily ¥522
Hard sleeper
Soft sleeper
Z918(Lhasa-Lanzhou) 09:00 09:24 24:24Hours daily ¥522
Hard sleeper
Soft sleeper

*Note:Due to the development of railway system and an increase of train speed, the duration was shortened by the end of 2017.The actual arrival and departure time of train, please refer to the information on your ticket, or consult your travel consultant.

About ticket price:
The ticket prices above are the net price. In reality, since the demand for Tibet train ticket far exceeds the supply, to successfully book the train ticket for you, an additional service fee is involved. However, we will manage to secure the ticket and ensure you a seamless Tibet train journey.

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Lanzhou to Lhasa rail map
Lanzhou to Lhasa Train Map

Lanzhou to Lhasa Train Schedule and Price

One Train Originally departs from Lanzhou while others just pass by.

Train Number Arrive in Lanzhou Leave Lanzhou to Lhasa Train comes from Duration Frenquacy Price
Z223/Z323 09:27 09:55 Chongqing/Chengdu 24h 28m Every day


Hard Sleeper Berth 

Soft Sleeper Bereth 

Z917 11:16 11:20 Lanzhou (original) 24h 04m Every two days
Z21 12:32 12:40 Beijing 24h 08m Every day
Z265 16:41 16:19 Guangzhou 23h 38m Every day
Z165 18:34 19:30 Shanghai 24h 56m Every day

The ticket prices above are the net price. In reality, as traveling in Tibet is so popular that the actual ticket demand far exceeds the supply, in-bound and out-bound tourists have to pay more than the net price to buy tickets. The actual price is subject to the market fluctuation. In some cases, the actual price could be double than the net price. Despite the uncertainty and difficulty in purchasing train tickets, Tibet Vista would manage to book tickets at a reasonable price ( usually 20 percent lower than the market price) and promise to offer free service for it. If tourists only want to buy train tickets via Tibet Vista without intending to travel to Tibet, Tibet Vista will have to charge a small amount of service fee.  

Important Notice:

*** Lanzhou is only 240km away from Xining, the beginning train station of Qinghai Tibet Railway (by bus 2.5 hours, by train 2 hours and 20 minutes.). However, Lanzhou to Lhasa train departs every other day, if there is no train on the day, tourists may take a fast train from Lanzhou to Xining and then transfer the train to Lhasa in Xining.

*** Foreign tourists are required to show Tibet Travel Permit when checking in.

*** Big cities in China like Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou.. have regular flights to Lanzhou every day, tourists may go to Lanzhou by plane then go to Lhasa by train. 

Find your way to Lanzhou Railway Sation

Location: Chengguan District, Lanzhou, Gansu Province along Huochezhan Dong Road (火车站东路)

lanzhou railway station

Lanzhou Railway Sation
Address : No. 393, Railway East Road, Lanzhou
Phone: (86-931) 4922222
Ticket Booking Hotline: 12306
Distance from Airport: appro. 71.4km, 55 minutes
Bus to There: No. 31, No. 302, No.1

How to travel from Lanzhou Airport to the Railway Station

lanzhou zhongchuan international airport to lanzhou railway station map

It takes about 1hour and 6 min to travel from Lanzhou Zhongchuan International Airport to Lan Zhou Railway Station by taxi. 

Lanzhou to Lhasa Train Tour Booking Help

If you are planning your trip to Lhasa from Xian by train or have any questions about the travelling to Tibet by train, please feel free to contact us for consultation. We are ready to help you out. 

Kham Sang

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Kham Sang is responsible and honest with more than six years of guide experience in Tibet.She has strong interpersonal skills and can communicate effectively with tourists.

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