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As the best-known local Tibet travel agency since 1984, we have worked tirelessly to offer global tourists the widest tour choices and ultimate convenience for Tibet travel. Through over 30 years’ Tibet tour running experience, now we have grown into the largest local Tibet tour operator, receiving 8,000+ worldwide travelers annually.

Our Team Feels Privileged to Showcase Authentic Tibet to All of You.

At Tibet Vista, we aim to bring the most authentic and seamless Tibetan experiences to global travelers.

With a team of dedicated, responsible, and versatile local experts, we take great pride in preserving and populating the intangible cultural heritage of Tibet through responsible and eco-travel in Tibet.

By constantly improving our services, crafting tour itineraries, updating hotels, etc. we promise you an uplifting Tibet journey like no other!

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Tibet Small Group Tour Packages: Our Pride and Perfection, Year after Year.

Big adventures in small tour groups. We are the first and largest Tibetan local tour operator running join-in small group tours, covering most classic itineraries with tightly packed departures at the best price and attentive tour services. Over 8,000 clients joined in our small group tours every year and enjoyed a lifetime Tibet trip, best for solo travelers or touring on a budget.

  • 8 Days Lhasa to Everest Base Camp Small Group Tour
    Ranked No.1 Tibet Trip
    Classic Everest Trip

    8 Days Lhasa to Everest Base Camp Small Group Tour: Marvel at Mt.Everest Real Close from 4 Different Viewing Platforms

    Tour Route: Lhasa - Gyantse - Shigatse - Everest Base Camp - Shigatse - Lhasa

    “ We planned this trip with four moments to experience the amazing Mt. Everest, all in one journey. ”

    2024 Available Dates & Price:
    2024-07-18$11695 Guests BookedBook
    2024-07-18$11695 Guests BookedBook
    2024-07-21$116921 Guests BookedBook
    2024-07-25$11696 Guests BookedBook
    2024-07-28$116912 Guests BookedBook
    2024-08-01$116913 Guests BookedBook
    2024-08-04$116916 Guests BookedBook
    2024-08-08$116924 Guests BookedBook
    2024-08-11$11695 Guests BookedBook
    2024-08-15$1169open for booking Book
    2024-08-18$11699 Guests BookedBook
    2024-08-22$10899 Guests BookedBook
    2024-08-25$1089open for booking Book
    2024-08-29$10892 Guests BookedBook
    2024-09-01$108911 Guests BookedBook
    2024-09-05$10896 Guests BookedBook
    2024-09-08$10894 Guests BookedBook
    2024-09-12$10894 Guests BookedBook
    2024-09-15$108910 Guests BookedBook
    2024-09-19$10897 Guests BookedBook
    2024-09-22$1169open for booking Book
    2024-09-26$11695 Guests BookedBook
    2024-09-29$11698 Guests BookedBook
    2024-09-30$11694 Guests BookedBook
    2024-10-01$1169open for booking Book
    2024-10-06$11692 Guests BookedBook
    2024-10-10$11694 Guests BookedBook
    2024-10-13$10391 Guests BookedBook
    2024-10-17$10397 Guests BookedBook
    2024-10-20$10397 Guests BookedBook
    2024-10-24$10393 Guests BookedBook
    2024-10-27$103910 Guests BookedBook
    2024-10-29$10393 Guests BookedBook
    2024-10-31$10392 Guests BookedBook
    2024-11-03$9492 Guests BookedBook
    2024-11-10$9494 Guests BookedBook
    2024-11-17$9492 Guests BookedBook
    2024-11-24$949open for booking Book
    2024-12-01$949open for booking Book
    2024-12-03$9496 Guests BookedBook
    2024-12-08$949open for booking Book
    2024-12-12$9494 Guests BookedBook
    2024-12-15$949open for booking Book
    2024-12-22$9494 Guests BookedBook
    2024-12-29$949open for booking Book
    2025-04-20$10393 Guests BookedBook
    2025-05-02$10291 Guests BookedBook
  • 15 Days Kailash and Manasarova Tour
    Ultimate Tibet Pilgrimage Trek
    Trek to Worship the Holiest Mountain in Tibet

    15 Days Kailash and Manasarova Small Group Tour: A pilgrim’s final fantasy and the greatest overland trip in Tibet.

    Tour Route: Lhasa - Gyantse - Shigatse - E.B.C - Saga - Kailash Trek - Darchen - Lake Manasarovar - Saga - Gyirong - Tingri - Lhasa

    “ This is the trip for any of Kailash tourists; the ultimate overland trip of Tibet with 3-day trek & chance to admire Mt.Everest. ”

    2024 Available Dates & Price:
    2024-08-04$23297 Guests BookedBook
    2024-08-04$23297 Guests BookedBook
    2024-08-12$232916 Guests BookedBook
    2024-08-24$22394 Guests BookedBook
    2024-09-01$2239open for booking Book
    2024-09-11$223910 Guests BookedBook
    2024-09-22$2329open for booking Book
    2024-10-06$23298 Guests BookedBook
    2024-10-11$20693 Guests BookedBook
    2024-10-17$20691 Guests BookedBook
    2025-04-28$20693 Guests BookedBook
    2025-05-07$20693 Guests BookedBook
  • 7 Days Lhasa to Kathmandu Overland Small Group Tour
    Tibet-Nepal Overland
    Most Classic Trip

    7 Days Lhasa to Kathmandu Overland Small Group Tour: Traverse from the North Side to the South Side of Mt.Everest for the Best of the Himalayas

    Tour Route: Lhasa - Gyantse - Shigatse - Everest Base Camp - Gyirong - Kathmandu

    “ Travel through the magical Himalayas and experience the beauty of Mt. Everest from four different angles. ”

    2024 Available Dates & Price:
    2024-07-20$11896 Guests BookedBook
    2024-07-20$11896 Guests BookedBook
    2024-07-23$118911 Guests BookedBook
    2024-07-26$11895 Guests BookedBook
    2024-07-28$11894 Guests BookedBook
    2024-08-04$11898 Guests BookedBook
    2024-08-11$11899 Guests BookedBook
    2024-08-13$11896 Guests BookedBook
    2024-08-18$11896 Guests BookedBook
    2024-08-25$11394 Guests BookedBook
    2024-09-01$11394 Guests BookedBook
    2024-09-05$11396 Guests BookedBook
    2024-09-08$113910 Guests BookedBook
    2024-09-12$11395 Guests BookedBook
    2024-09-15$11395 Guests BookedBook
    2024-09-19$113916 Guests BookedBook
    2024-09-22$1189open for booking Book
    2024-09-26$11896 Guests BookedBook
    2024-09-29$11893 Guests BookedBook
    2024-10-01$11893 Guests BookedBook
    2024-10-06$11899 Guests BookedBook
    2024-10-10$1189open for booking Book
    2024-10-13$108910 Guests BookedBook
    2024-10-17$108910 Guests BookedBook
    2024-10-20$10897 Guests BookedBook
    2024-10-24$10894 Guests BookedBook
    2024-10-27$10894 Guests BookedBook
    2024-10-31$1089open for booking Book
    2024-11-03$9891 Guests BookedBook
    2024-11-10$9895 Guests BookedBook
    2024-11-17$989open for booking Book
    2024-11-24$9892 Guests BookedBook
    2024-12-01$9891 Guests BookedBook
    2024-12-08$989open for booking Book
    2024-12-15$989open for booking Book
    2024-12-22$989open for booking Book
    2024-12-29$989open for booking Book
    2025-01-31$9792 Guests BookedBook
    2025-02-25$9891 Guests BookedBook
    2025-04-06$10894 Guests BookedBook
    2025-04-09$10891 Guests BookedBook
    2025-04-16$10892 Guests BookedBook
    2025-04-18$10792 Guests BookedBook
    2025-05-26$10891 Guests BookedBook

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At Tibet Vista, No Mass Tour Packages, Every Trip Can be Tailored to Your Desires

We know that every traveler is different. So, our expertly crafted and fully customizable Tibet private tours cover every corner of Tibet, including all the indoor and outdoor activities imaginable. Please handpick your favorite Tibet tour that suits your travel preferences and interests.

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Beyond China Tibet, We’re Experts in the Wider Himalayan Region - Nepal & Bhutan

Apart from a variety of featured Tibet tours, as a prestigious local Tibet travel agency, with offices in Lhasa, Chengdu, Kathmandu, and Bhutan and an extensive network in the industry, we also offer you one-stop service for a seamless journey across China, Nepal, and Bhutan, saving you tons of hassles and valuable time. Discover your ideal itinerary that traverses across China (Tibet included), Nepal, and Bhutan.

With Tibet Vista, Obtaining China Visa & Tibet Travel Permit is Super Easy

We can help you with the Chinese visa application by providing the visa invitation letter, presenting the hotel or domestic flight reservation copies, etc. needed.

Additionally, we can secure your Tibet Travel Permit for free and deliver it by SF Express to your hotel in China or deliver it to you in person. So, you can board the flight, Tibet train, or travel overland to Lhasa, totally hassle-free.

Other travel documents, such as an Alien’s travel permit, a China Group Visa for Tibet entry from Nepal, and a Military Permit & Foreign Affairs Permit to Mt.Kailash are also parts of our service package, ensuring you a smooth journey across Tibet.

secure tibet travel permit for travelers

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