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Beijing Tibet Nepal Tour

Beijing Tibet Nepal Tour

Journey from eye-opening Chinese capital to the heart of Himalayas and the birthplace of Buddhism

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Your elaborately-designed tour begins with a 2-day visit to the top-rated UNESCO heritage sites in Beijing. You will fully appreciate the stunning architecture in imperial palaces and ancient military fortress. The subtle balance of ancient Chinese’ wisdom and the modernity of Beijing will leave you in awe.

Then, either by the Tibet train, flight or China’s high speed train, you will connect your Tibet visit with a stopover in Xi’an, the most famous ancient capital of China in its heyday, or a brief tour in Xining, where the enchanting Qinghai Lake is worth a visit.

Later, you will head to Lhasa by Tibet train or flight, you can cover the holy Lhasa city and journey southwest to Kathmandu via the epic Lhasa to Kathmandu overland tour. The highlights would be the visit of EBC. While in Nepal, you will follow the classic route from Kathmandu to Pokarha, and Chitwan and Lumnibi. It would be an adventure filled with Himalayan sightseeing and action-packed activities and the discovery of the most-respected Buddhist sites.

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Most Common Questions about Beijing Tibet Nepal Tour

1. What travel documents are needed for Beijing Tibet Nepal Tour?

For long tour like this, firstly you need to get Chinese Visa yourself in your country. Then our travel consultants will help you get Tibet Permit, only with which you can board the Tibet train or flight to reach Lhasa. In Lhasa, our Tibetan guide will properly handle the Alien’s Travel Permit and Military Permit for the Lhasa to Kathmandu tour via EBC. While you exit Tibet to Nepal via Gyirong Port, you can apply for Nepal Visa at the customs.

Travel tips: Do plan ahead and set aside at least 20 days for applying Tibet Permit after you get your Chinese Visa. Our travel consultants will teach you the details.

2. When is the best time for visiting Beijing Tibet Nepal?

As to weather, the best time for Beijing Tibet Nepal tour starts from April to early June and Sept. to early Nov. It’s the perfect time frame to enjoy the clear view of Himalayan peaks, esp. Mt. Everest in Tibet and Nepal, completely free from the influence of monsoon season. All the outdoor sports like trekking, cycling, etc. are readily available during these particular time.

One thing to remind you is that during traditional Chinese festivals, such as Labor Day in early May, and National Day in early Oct, it would be very crowded and the rise of hotel is expected. For budget travelers and those who prefer fewer crowds, late Oct. to Dec is a nice choice for travel.

Travel Tips: From Late Feb to March. Tibet is not available for international tourists, according to the tour policy.

3. Which city should I visit and which should I skip?

Admittedly, China alone is big enough for you to visit for a year. So, for the long journey from Beijing to Tibet and Nepal, you need to have a focus. For the initial part of the journey before Tibet, Beijing, Xi’an and Xining are highly recommended. You can explore two of the most important ancient capitals in China.

Or after touring China’s largest saline lake in Xining, you can enjoy scenic Tibet train to Lhasa. From Lhasa, you can follow the world-class overland tour to Kathmandu via Shigatse and EBC. Then in Nepal, you can cover the famous ancient temples in and around Kathmandu, and later travel to Pokhara, Chiwan National Park and Lumbini.

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