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Mount Everest Tours

Mount Everest Tours

Thin air, long drive, and strenuous walk, etc. despite all the tough challenges, nothing keeps global tourists from visiting the biggest star of Himalaya—Mount Everest. Some choose to travel with their family to gaze at the pyramid-shaped summit of sublime Everest in EBC, while outdoor activists prefer to team up with your friends in the adrenaline-packed EBC trek. Photographers roll their film cameras and line up to capture the epic Everest shot at sunset. A handful of climbers venture further into the glacial highway and follow the footsteps of Sherpas to summit Everest, etc. It’s literally a paradise for thrill seekers.

As the best choice for Tibet, especially Mount Everest tour on Tripadvisor, we await you in Lhasa and Kathmandu with loads of thrilling Mount Everest tours. Our Tibetan and Nepali travel experts will take you to the heart of Everest region and give you an infinite opportunity to give full play to your adventurous heart. Besides, the useful EBC tour guide below, written by our Mount Everest travel gurus, will teach you every facets of Everest tour and make you travel like a pro before you officially hit to road.

So, how does one plan a trip to Mount Everest?

Where do you start? What do you need to arrange? When should you go? All of these things can seem a little overwhelming when planning the trip of a lifetime to Mount Everest.

Mount Everest Small Group Tour Packages

Of all the best-selling tour products, the join-in small group tours to Everest Base Camp is the best of the best. It covers all the must-visited attractions in both Tibet and Nepal before you make it to EBC. Travelling in a group of around 8.5 tourists on average, the Tibetan or Nepali guide will offer even care to each client. Our well-designed itineraries promise to give you authentic Tibetan and Nepali experience and fullest exposure to local culture and customs. Besides, the one-stop service saves your unnecessary energy for getting different kinds of travel permits, flight and Tibet train and hotel booking, etc. Overall, you will travel with a small number of international tourists and enjoy real big benefits.

Customized Mount Everest Base Camp Tour Packages

If your travel date does match our small group tour departures or you either travel with a bunch of your friends or have your own idea and special preference for EBC tour, then why not work with our travel consultants to customize your unique EBC Tour. Our customized EBC tour packages give you more options and ample flexibility for your long-awaited Mount Everest journey.

Popular Mount Everest Trek Tour Packages

Touted as the best treks in the world, Everest Base Camp trek will live up to your expectations. You either begin your trek from old Tingri (Tibet ) or Lukla ( Nepal) and slowly work your way to get closer to Everest Base Camps on the opposite of Himalayas. Each EBC trekking route involves varied Himalayan vista and unique cultural encounters. Our professional EBC trek teams will assist you fulfilling your bucket list to the foot of world’s summit.

As the only local Tibet tour operator with most diverse EBC treks in Tibet, we offer you 3 top treks to EBC on Tibetan side. You can either pick the 12-day classic EBC trek or push your limit to trek from EBC (5200m) to ABC (6500m) in the ultimate 15-day trek. To enjoy the full panorama of highest lofty peaks along the Himalayas, the 16-day trek to the eastern slope of Mount Everest is highly recommended. Check the details below.

More about EBC Trek in Tibet

Given the scenic teahouse lodges and diverse topography and vegetation, the EBC trek, to a large extent, is often synonymous with the trek from Lukla to EBC (5364m) in Nepal. We bring you two of the classic EBC treks in Nepal. You can trace the legends of famous Mount Everest climbers and visit enchanting Sherpa villages, and closely enjoy the Mount Everest and Khumbu Glaciers, etc. Our staff in the office of Kathmandu will help you deal with the permits to EBC and arrange hotels and other details. Check the details below.

More about EBC Trek in Nepal

Travel Mount Everest by More Themes

Apart from the traditional overland trip or trekking to EBC, for different travelers, we offer more featured tours to meet your special needs. Check the following top-rated tours for EBC tour and Mount Everest expedition.

Ultimate Guide to Mount Everest Tour

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