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Mount Everest Tour for the Elderly

August,23 2018 BY Lobsang Tsering 0 COMMENTS

How old is too old to visit Mount Everest? In fact, the adventure to the top of the world is ageless. Though it is too dangerous for general tourists, no matter how old are they, to climb up to the summit of Mount Everest, it is never too late to visit the Everest Base Camp at a lower altitude to face the real top of the world. For those senior travelers, who still have the passion to go further and to learn more, we offer the useful travel guide on Everest tours. You can check the details, or contact us online. Our professional travel expert will help you arrange a senior-friendly trip to Everest Base Camp according to your needs.

 EBC Tour for the Elderly The Elderly was visiting EBC with Tibet Vista

Where Is Mount Everest

Mount Everest is located on the border between Nepal and Tibet (China) in latitude 27°59’ N and longitude 86°55’ E. On the southern side of Mount Everest in Nepal, there is a base camp at the altitude of 5364 metres, where tourists and mountain climbers can take a rest before they climb up to the top of Mt. Everest in Nepal. On the north face of Mt.Everest, there is a base camp at 5200 metres above the sea level. It is the highest point that ordinary travelers can get in the Mount Everest area in Tibet. In the Everest Base Camp, tourists can see the top of the world just in front of them if the weather permits.

When Is the Best Time to Go

Months from April to October are all good seasons to visit Everest Base Camp, except for the rainy seasons from July to August. During the day, the average temperature could be 17 ℃, and even reach up to 25 ℃ in summer days. But there is a big temperature difference between day and night. Even in July, the hottest month, the temperature of night is only around 5℃. So no matter when you visit EBC, please remember to keep warm.

How to Get to Everest Base Camp

For senior travelers, the most comfortable and convenient way to get to Everest Base Camp is to take a flight to Lhasa from mainland China or from Kathmandu, and then take an overland journey to EBC via the Sino-Nepal friendship highway throughout the central Tibet after a short stay in Lhasa city to get used to the high altitude.

 Get to Everest Base Camp by Overland Getting to Everest Base Camp by car is the most popular means of transportation.

For those train lovers, it is recommended to take the Tibet train to Lhasa from Xining. Though there are trains to Tibet from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and some other major cities in China, it is suggested to take the train from Xining for the shortest journey. The train journey from Beijing to Lhasa takes over 40 hours, and the longest journey from Guangzhou to Lhasa takes about 53 hours, which could be too tired and boring for passengers. But the Tibet train journey from Xining, which is the start point of the Qinghai-Tibet railway, only takes about 22 hours. It covers the most essential part of the marvelous landscape along the world highest railway. If you want a comfortable journey with much more privacy onboard, you can book the soft sleeper cabin.

Frequent Asked Questions about the Everest Base Camp Tour from Senior Travelers

With years of experience, we know what our customers are most concerned about. Here we list several questions, hoping these will help you to learn more about the senior tour to Mount Everest Base Camp.

Q1. Is It Too Dangerous for the Senior Tourists to Visit Everest Base Camp?

No matter how old you are, over 60 or more, you can visit Everest Base Camp if you are in good health without cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Our oldest client is Anne Gentry, who made her trip to Everest Base Camp at the age of 84 with her daughter at the age of 60. Compared with age, the following things are more important.
1. Please take a medical check-up and follow your doctor’s advice before you go to Tibet.
2. Keep doing some regular exercise and avoid catching cold before your Tibet tour.
3. Slow down your pace when you visit the places on the plateau and drink more water during your trip.
4. If you feel uncomfortable, please tell your travel guide immediately, so that our experienced travel guide can help you reduce symptoms of altitude sickness.

Q2. How Long Is a Suitable Length for the Elderly Travelers to Visit Mount Everest?

Generally, the trip from Lhasa to Mount Everest Base Camp takes about 8 days, including some day-tours en route. It is suitable for most travelers from kids to the elderly. If you are sensitive to the altitude sickness, you can spend one or two more days to stay in Lhasa and Shigatse so that you can adapt to the increase of the altitude better.

Q3. How about the Living Condition along the Way to Everest Base Camp?

To some senior travelers, it means a lot having a good sleep after a whole day trip on the plateau. So a good hotel, with nice facilities and comfortable beds are really important. In fact, there are some 5-star luxury hotels in Lhasa city, like the St.Reqis Lhasa Resort, Four Points by Sheraton, etc. But on the way to Everest Base Camp, the living condition becomes more and more ordinary and very basic in the base camp.

In Shigatse, the second largest city in Tibet, there are some 4-star and 3-star hotels with relatively good living conditions, such as hot water and the air conditioner offered in each room. However, when you move on to the Everest Base Camp, there are only guest houses in those small towns. The accommodation in Everest Base Camp is quite basic. There is no toilet, no sink area and even no electricity in Rongbuk Guesthouse, the only guesthouse in this area. If you visit the Everest Base Camp in summer time, there are some tent hotels for you to choose. The tent hotel is just a single-room tent covered with yak hair with about 10 beds inside, which means you need to share the wide bed with others.

If you have further questions about the Mount Everest tour for the elderly, you can contact us for more information. Our experienced and professional travel experts will reply to your questions within 24 hours.

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