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Everest Base Camp Nepal vs Everest Base Camp Tibet

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Everest Base Camp refers to two base camps located separately on the opposite side of Mount Everest. The north base camp is situated at an altitude of 5200m(17,056ft) in Tibet Autonomous Region, China whereas the south one is based in Nepal with an altitude of 5364m(17,597ft).

location of nepal tibet 

and mount everestEverest Base Camps in Nepal and Tibet

The essential purpose of building these two camps is to serve as the headquarters of mountaineering coordination, material supply and starting point to scale the top of Mt. Everest. Of course, it is the most desirable and achievable place for the majority of tourists to get a closer look at the panoramic view of the highest mountain on our planet.

Find out what tourists can expect to experience in these two base camps:

Everest Base Camp in Nepal ( South EBC)

Everest Base Camp in Nepal
Scene of Everst Base Camp in Nepal 

Everest Base Camp in Nepal is situated in Sagarmatha (Everest) National Park, north of Nepal, also known as Everest Trek Region. Not only is it the hottest trekking destination in Nepal, but is the starting point where Edmund Hillary and Sherpa porter Tenzing Norgay started to summit Mt. Everest in May 29, 1953 from south Col Route.

Everest Base Camp in Tibet (North EBC)

Everest Baes Camp in Tibet is located in Qomolangma National Nature Reserve, Shigatse, Tibet, China. (Qomolangma literally means Mt. Everest in Tibetan.) The base camp in Tibet is originally built as a protective zone to shield focal area of Mt. Everest Region from pollution. Now EBC has multiple purposes: scientific observation, Mt. Everest mountaineering headquarters, and Mt. Everest tourist attraction.

Travel Tips: To most of tourists, Everest Base Camps in both Nepal and Tibet are the closest, safest and most achievable place to view Mt. Everest at a short distance. For professional mountaineers or commercial Mt. Everest expedition club, attempting to summit Mt. Everest via Northeast Ridge Route in Tibet is more challenging and difficult than following the South Col Route in Nepal.

Everest Base Camp Altitude in Nepal and Tibet

Everest Base Camp in Nepal has an altitude of 5364m while Everest Base Camp in Tibet has an elevation of 5200m. Though the altitude difference is not that big, there is a slight difference in terms of where the journey starts and ends. In fact as long as tourists enter Sagarmatha National Park, you are expected to ascend from Solukhumbu District (2845m) to EBC(5364m). So you need to have a gradual ascent so as to acclimatize to the dramatic altitude change. 

On the contrary, in Tibet tourists normally embark your journey from Tingri (4300m) and then move southward to EBC (5200m) via Rongbuk Monastery (5154m). Therefore, you literally travel on the roof of the world, with white and dense clouds floating above you head and boundless mountain range below your feet.

Highlight of Everest Base Camp Tour in Nepal and Tibet

EBC Tour in Nepal
Due to the varying geographical features, compared with the rather barren landscape of EBC in Tibet, ascending to the Nepal-side Base Camp (5364m) offers more diversity as to flora and fauna and landscape. Since there is a dramatic altitude change, touring EBC in Nepal involves crossing forested temperate zone, subalpine zone and alpine zone.

trek to Everest Base Camp in NepalTrekkers are moving towards EBC in Nepal

Tourists can have a palpable sense of the biodiversity in Nepal, such as blue pines, firs, birch, musk deer, Himalayan black bear, etc. Meanwhile, you will be enjoying a large number of awe-inspiring mountains, like Mt.Everest(8844.43m),Lhotse(8516m),Makalu(8463m),Cho Oyo(8201m),Nuptse(7879m),Khumbila(5761m) and Ama Dablam(6856m), etc.

EBC Tour in Tibet
Everest Base Camp(5200m) in Tibet is only 19km away from summit of Mount Everest(8844.43m). The base camp consists of a number of rudimentary facilities, such tents, teahouse, post office, etc. On the way from Tingri to EBC, overall you will pass three best places to photograph Mt. Everest, i.e. Gawu La Pass(5198m), Rongbuk Monastery(5154m), and EBC(5200m) itself. Gawu La Pass is widely believed to be the best place to photograph breathtaking panorama of Himalayan Range. Lofty mountains like Makalu(8463m), Lhotse(8516m), Mt. Everest (8844.43m) and Cho Oyu (8201m) and Shishapangma(8012m) stand side by side above the skyline with dense clouds floating above your head.

Visually, another big difference between viewing Mt. Everest in Nepal and Tibet is that standing both at Rongbuk Monastery and EBC in Tibet, the entire summit and mountain of Mt. Everest is free of any obstruction from neighboring mountains, whereas in Nepal, part of Mt. Everest is hidden from view by Nuptse and Lhotse. The stunning sunset of Mt. Everest in Tibet and famous “Flag Clouds”, etc. are specialty of EBC on Tibet’s side.

Generally speaking, there are two ways to access both EBC in Nepal and Tibet, which is by trekking and driving. However, on Nepal’s side, trek to EBC is the only way in; while on Tibet’s side, tourists can get to EBC via trekking and tour vehicle.

Trek to Everest Base Camp Nepal 

map of nepal everest 

trek routeTrekking route to EBC in Npeal

As the steep rocky terrain in Nepal denies the access via vehicles, tourists can only trek to reach Everest Base Camp. The diverse vegetation, together with breathtaking lakes and falls, swing bridges, wild life makes this trekking route to EBC one of the most desirable destinations. As you trek, you can see many porters and yaks carrying supplies to Everest Base Camp.

Normally, tourists firstly fly from Kathmandu to Lukla(2840m) and then trek upwards from Namche Bazaar(3440m), Tengboche(3860m), Dingboche (4350m), and Gorak Shep(5170m) and finally end up in Everest Base Camp(5364m). The trek normally takes about 12-17 days.

Trek to Everest Base Camp Tibet 


of old tingri to everest base camp trekkingTrekking route from old Tingri to EBC in Tibet 

On Tibet’s side, tourists have more options. You may choose either to use tour vehicle or trek to Everest Base Camp or even both ways to get to EBC in Tibet. The entire trek starts from old Tingri (4800m) and passes Lungthang, Lamna La, and Zommug and till Rongbuk Monastery(5154m). And then the remaining trek from Rongbuk Monastery to EBC(5200m) is about 8km.Though trekking at such altitude is physically demanding and challenging, many international tourists insist on trekking on the roof of the world as a special way to have a life-time experience and challenge themselves physically.

Travel Tips: There is no way to travel to EBC in Nepal directly from EBC in Tibet. If you want to do that, you need to travel back to Lhasa and take international flight from Lhasa to Kathmandu and fly to Lukla and continue your journey.

Drive to Everest Base Camp Tibet 

map of lhasa to 

mount everest base campTravel route from Lhasa to EBC in Tibet

Nowadays, the highway from Lhasa to EBC is well built. Tourists will be able to tour two biggest city, Lhasa and Shigatse and visit historic Gyantse county and cover one of the top three sacred lakes, i.e. Yamdrok Lake and finally pass Rongbuk Monastery and end up in EBC. Then entire road trip will be a feast to your eyes, given the stunning alpine scenery, profound Tibetan Buddhism culture and distinct local customs. Meanwhile Lhasa to Everest Base Camp Tour is also the most popular travel route for Tiebt tour. 

Weather at Everest Base Camp Nepal

The best time to visit Everest Base Camp Nepal starts from Sep. to Nov. The pleasant weather plus high visibility make autumn the most suitable season for trekking and mountaineering. Of course, it’s also the high season for Everest Base Camp trek. Therefore, the fee for accommodation might become much higher. From March to mid-May is the second best time to do Everest Base Camp trek when the snow starts to melt in spring.

From mid-May to mid-September, the sporadic torrential rain and dense clouds would be not appropriate for trekking. While from Nov. to Jan. and Jan to early March, the temperature is too cold and heavy snowfall will be very likely to happen. Meanwhile, many lodges will be closed during the off season.

Weather at Everest Base Camp Tibet

From April to May and Sept. to Nov. are the best times to visit Everest Base Camp in Tibet because it is not as cold as in winter and also you will be able to see the peak very clear. Traditionally, the best time to reach the top of Mount Everest is believed to be between early April and late May as the summit of Mt. Everest will have 4-5 days stable weather, not affected by monsoon or jet stream, all the professional mountaineers from the globe would pitch camps here and get ready for the challenging climbing.

scene of everest base camp in tibetPlenty of colorful dotted in EBC in Tibet in mountaineering season

At then, EBC is literally transformed into a “United Nation”, with colorful camps of all sizes scattered around. If you want to enjoy the panoramic view of Mt. Everest, having a tour in Everest Base Camp in Tibet is highly recommended. At the same time, it is also the best time to see famous “ Flag Clouds” over Mt. Everest and incredible “Golden Summit” during the sunset.

Hotel in Everest Base Camp Nepal

Since Everest Base Camp trek in Nepal has been well-organized and developed for years, so have the accommodation and other facilities for travelers. Many even label this classic trekking route as “tea house trekking route”, for every one or two hours, a village or teahouse can be found. Where tourists can have a good rest and chat with other international trekkers.

facilities for trekkers in NepalWell-established teahouses and lodges for trekkers along the route to EBC in Nepal

Therefore, you even don’t need to carry many food and camping facilities. The money saved can be better used to hire a porter or guide. The real challenging part comes when you need to stay I in places at an altitude ranging from above 4000 to 5000m.

Hotel in Everest Base Camp Tibet

many small hostels in ebcCozy home-run tents in EBC in Tibet

Unlike the situation in Nepal, the accommodation facilities in Tibet, esp in remote places like EBC is pretty basic and the hygiene is not that satisfactory to many westerners. The best hotel you may find is in Tingri and next comes the guest house in Rongbuk Monastery (8km away from EBC). If you decide to stay overnight at EBC where only cozy tents run by local Tibetans can be found. It’s highly advisable to prepare a
sleeping bag and enough clothes for the temperature can get bitter cold at night at EBC. Some medicine to ease altitude sickness is also necessary at the advice of the doctor or pharmacist.

Travel Documents to Everest Base Camp in Nepal

Valid Passport
Copy of Passport (2 Copies, First Page Only)
Nepal Visa Form (May be Obtained at Kathmandu Airport)

Travel Documents to Everest Base Camp in Tibet

Tibet Visa (also Known as Tibet Travel Permit)
Alien’s Travel Permit

Tibet Vista’ will help you get all the needy travel documents for Everest Base Camp Tour in Tibet, please feel free to contact our pro travel consultants.

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