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Lhasa Travel Guide

Lhasa, a holy city located at the roof of the world, is known as " the city of sunshine" and " the land of Gods". Honored with a long history of 1300 years, Lhasa is quite rich in unique cultural and spiritual resources, especially its Buddhism culture. Today, numerous cultural relics and historic sites covered with thick religious color remain in Lhasa. The attractions of Lhasa do not only lie in its cultural and historic sites, but also in its breathtaking natural scenery.

Located at an altitude of 3658 meters and at the bottom of a small basin surrounded by mountains and rivers, Lhasa has a mild climate, without extremely cold winter and severely hot summer. Therefore, throughout the year for Lhasa are quite suitable for travelling. Travelers can travel to Lhasa by train and by air.

  • Lhasa Tourists Attractions

    Lhasa tourist attractions consist of both historical and natural sights offering tourists insights into the fascinating Tibetan culture, life and history, and the beautiful landscape on the roof of the world, Tibet.

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  • Lhasa Travel Advice

    Lhasa travel advice offers tourists all aspects of travel tips to Lhasa, like the best travel time, dinning, accommodation, transportation, shopping, currency exchange, avoiding high altitude sickness and so on.

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  • Dining in Lhasa

    Dining in Lhasa tells tourists what to eat in Lhasa. There are all kinds of food in Lhasa, including Tibetan, Chinese, Nepalese and western style cuisine supplied by restaurants at all levels in Lhasa.

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  • Shopping in Lhasa

    Shopping in Lhasa gives tourists tips on what to buy and where to buy souvenirs. Barkhor Street, in particular, is the famous shopping center in Lhasa, where all kinds of local products can be found.

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  • Hotels in Lhasa

    Hotels in Lhasa can be divided into luxury 5-star hotels, comfortable 4-star hotels, economic 2-star or 3-star hotels, cheap guesthouses or hostels and featured Tibetan style hotels.

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  • Night Life in Lhasa

    Night life in Lhasa is quite simple and low-key. Watching a Tibetan singing and dancing show, tasting snacks on the night market or drinking with friends in a decent bar are for your option.

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  • Lhasa Day Tour

    Lhasa day tours offer tourists staying in Lhasa for a short time some choices to meet their dream of travelling to Lhasa. A well-organized Lhasa day tour is also full of fun and unforgetable.

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  • Lhasa Pilgrim Circuits

    Lhasa pilgrim circuits offers pilgrims to Lhasa some tips to travel the holy city at the roof of the world. The representative place for pilgrim circuit in Lhasa is Barkhor Street, around the Jokhang Temple.

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  • Lhasa Maps and Prefecture

    Lhasa maps and prefecture gives tourists an overview of Lhasa. In this case, tourists can get a clear idea about where they are and where they want to go in Lhasa.

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  • Photos of Lhasa

    Photos of Lhasa is a collection of pictures reflecting Lhasa people's daily life, Lhasa city scape, Lhasa's landscape and landmarks, as well as carefully selected tourists' pictures.

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