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Grashi Monastery

The monastery for God Fortune in Tibet

About Grashi Monastery

Grashi Monastery is the only monastery in Tibet worshiping God Fortune. It is small yet very famous and popular locally. There was no documents recording this magic monastery, but Tibetan people said that the God Fortune here always answered the needs of people.

However, this monastery at first was built for people who came here to work, praying for their safety and happiness. This monastery transformed into a place mainly for God Fortune, because almost everyone working here, who lived in mainland before was evolved with business and commerce. It is said that the goddess in Grashi Monastery was actually from mainland in China. Unlike other monasteries and temples, this one is always full of Han people. Also, unlike normal gods, God Fortune in Grashi Monastery is kind of alcoholic. If you want, you can also bring some alcohol and barley wine.

Zaki monastery in Lhasa is a very small temple, but it is very important in local people’s eyes. According to local Tibetans, Zaki Temple enshrines the God of wealth and it’s very efficacious. The Zaki Temple admission is free. Therefore, many worshipers come to this temple to pray for wealth, peace, health and good luck. 


As the Tibetans say, Wednesday is the time to worship in Zaki Temple. Every Wednesday, the temple would always be crowded, congested with worshipers who flourish the temple with wormwood incense outside and suffused with strong aroma of liquor inside.


However, at the very beginning, the temple was not popular because it worshiped the God of wealth. It is said that this temple was set up for people who come here to seek peace and most of them were businessmen and their wishes of doing success business became true. Thus, Zaki gradually became the temple of God of wealth.


It is said that the God of wealth is a female God and she is very fond of drinking wine, therefore visitors to this temple would buy a bottle of liquor and a Khata to consecrate her. The liquor is sold just right at the entrance before stepping into the temple, which is only 5CNY to 7CNY. 


To worship the God, you should stay in line with the other worshipers, take turns to enter a small transparent chamber where the God is seated. A person in charge will take your offered liquors and pour them into a big barrel in front of the chamber. Then you offer your Khata on the altar after making a wish. A pile of Khata is free to grab in front of the door as well.


If you are interested in a Tibet Monastery Tour, the Zaki Monastery is also worth your visit. 

Tips of Grashi Monastery

1. Do not call properly temple's monks, Taoist should be known as the "architect" or "Master", presided monk called "elders," abbot "," Jackson ". Lamasery monks called "Lama" guru "means, bogey is straight-called" monk "," monk ", even other degrading call. 


2. Do not courtesy misconduct common salute to his hands clasped together to meet with the monks, bow slightly, or one-handed vertical palm on his chest, head slightly lower hanged handshake, hug, touch monks head and inappropriate etiquette. 


3. Do not conversation improper monks Taoist talk should not refer to the killing of resignation, the matter of marriage, and to institute edible fishy dirty words, in order to avoid the monks objectionable. 


4. Do not behavior misconduct traveled temple cannot be loudly pointing argumentative and improper ridicule or go lightly tamper with things of the temple, especially forbidden fumble chaos engraved statues, as Yufo things activities vigil implied or quietly leave. The same time, we must take care of their own children, made an impolite thing to avoid the child of ignorance.

5.According to the tradition, people praying for fortune should come on Monday, safety Wednesday, health Friday. Also, don’t forget to bring some change.

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