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One Day Private Tricycle Tour in Lhasa

September,22 2016 BY Master Kungga Dundruk 0 COMMENTS

If you have a free day, we recommend you to do tour by tricycle in Lhasa city, especially ancient area of Lhasa city. You can take this golden chance to explore the ancient Lhasa city. It is really very interesting. You only need to pay 30 or 50 yuan to the driver of a tricycle for a two or three hours’ trip in the city. You can ask them to stop when you see something interesting. This tour will bring you unforgettable impression of Tibet and Tibetans. 

You must go clock-wise, especially in the morning. You will see hundreds of Tibetans walking one way, carrying their pray wheel, pray beads and chanting. Some may prostrate on the way. You know, the old part of Lhasa city has a history of 1400 years. Actually most old buildings were destroyed, but there are still some old buildings and old monasteries.

Duration: 1 Day (Starts from9:00 am, finishes around6:00 pm.). 

Tour Type: private tour. 

Attractions: Linkhor road, Traditional Resident area.

Dining: Lunch.

Accommodation: included. 

Service: Hotel pick-up&drop-off service, Tricycle and Tibetan English-speaking tour guide.

Itinerary  Start from the hotel, make kora(pray by walking around sacred things like monastery, stupa) by tricycle along the Linkhor road for 2hrs, then visit the old city and resident areas.

Meet at the hotel, stats the tricycle tour. Firstly make kora along the Linkhor road, the longest famous Kora in holly Lhasa, about 12Kms long and would take about 3-4hrs to finish. after lunch, take a visit to some locals’ Traditional resident area and take a close look of how they live their everyday life.

After the tour, we will drop you off at your hotel.

tour highlights Linkhor road is the longest Kora in Lhasa, it is circle road in which there are Jorkhang monastery, Ramoche, ancient Lhasa city and Potala. Every day especially religion days people will walk around this road for at least 1 time. Usually it takes 3-4hrs by walking. People do this for paying, because it is said that when you do a circle, it means you have prayed for all the monasteries inside it.

tour highlights Traditional Resident area nowadays lots of Tibetan people live outside of traditional Lhasa city, but still, quite a lot live in traditional resident area. If you walk among this area by the alleys, you could take a close look of what the local houses are, how the local people spend their leisure time. It could be a very unusual experience for you.

Tricycle Tour in Lhasa

tour highlights Other 3 places we recommend you to stop at.  

1. Tromse-kang Market: It is a local food market, selling yak butter, big pieces of yak meet, yak cheese, etc. Fresh vegetables are also available. In this market, you will also see a lot of local people dressed in folk costumes. Most of them are from eastern Tibet. They sell Tibetan jewelries, like turqoise, coral, beads, earrings and pendants. 

2. Muslim Temple: You will have quite a lot to see here. Near the temple are lots of small Muslim shops selling all kinds of herbs and different kinds of bread. Muslim restaurants are also available. 

3. Ani Tsang Kung: You can also stop on Jiangsu Road to visit Ani Tsang Kung (nunnery), a very interesting place. The nunnery was built in 7th century. The entrance fee is 30 yuan. The nuns are very friendly. In the courtyard, there is a teahouse where many locals come for tea. You can join them, enjoying a cup of milk tea and chatting with them. It is a great way to learn about Tibetans and local life.

Ani Tsang Kung Nunnery

Lhasa Mosque


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