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One Day Private Lhasa Photography Tour

September,22 2016 BY Lobsang Tsering 0 COMMENTS

No matter you are a professional or amateur photographer, this tour is for you to record the highlights of Lhasa by camera.  

Potala Palace is a site that photographers should not miss. Sitting on the top of Lhasa City, this ancient palace gives visitors a fantastic view at any corner or any angle. There are two wonderful places to take pictures of the palace, Chakpori Hill and Palubuk Temple. The entrance fee is 2 yuan to Chakpori Hill and 30 yuan to Palubuk Temple. It is best to arrive at the hill before the sunrise, around 7:00am. After shooting the palace in the sunrise, you can walk around it clock-wise to take some pictures from different angles. We also recommend you to go to the other side of Lhasa River to shoot the palace. Especially from Mountain Bumburi you can have an amazing view of the palace. Of course, Lhasa River itself is also a very famous and beautiful spot for photography.  

Duration: 1 Day (Starts from7:00 am, finishes around 20:00 pm. Sunrise and sunset time differs in different season). 

Tour Type: private tour. 

Attractions: Chakpori Hill, Longwang park, Barkhor street.

Dining: Lunch.

Accommodation: Excluded. 

Service: Hotel pick-up&drop-off service, private vehicle and Tibetan English-speaking tour guide.

Itinerary   Pick up from hotel, drive to the Chakpori Hill, then walk to the Longwang Park and Barkhor Street.

Pick up from your hotel, and then drive to Chakpori hill, which takes about 0.5h to get there.Chakpori Hill is the best view point for sunrise and sunset of Poatla Palace. Then walk to LongWang Park behind Potala Palace, there is a lake called Longwang(Dragon King) Lake, where you can take a pic of reflection of Poatala Palace. After Lunch nere Jorkhang Monastery, you can take pics on the Barkhor street of pilgrims praying.

After the tour, we will drop you off at your hotel.

tour highlights Chakpori Hill Rising up beside the Potala Palace, the Chakpori Hill, or literally speaking, the Hill of Medicine King is 3,725 meters above sea level. Ascending the winding path to the top, one can get a panoramic view of the ancient city and its surrounding landscapes. The Chakpori Hill is also the ideal location for taking photographs of the Potala Palace. In the early morning, dense crowds of photographers and photography aficionados come here to shoot a rare view of the Potala Palace irradiated by the first rays of the sun.

tour highlights Longwang Park  is located right behind Potala Palace, in which there is a famous Longwang Lake. When 5th Dalai Lama building Potala Palace in 7th century, workers dig out the soil for constructing, and with time goes by, the Potala Palace rises and the lake comes. Now, this lake is the best place to take a photo of the reflection of Potala Palace.

tour highlights Barkhor Street  is located in the old area of Lhasa City, Tibet, Barkhor Street is a very ancient round street surrounding the Jokhang Temple and the locals are always proud of it. As a symbol of Lhasa, it is also a must-see place for visitors. Besides, Barkhor Street is a lively combination of marketplace, pilgrim circuit and ethnic melting pot. it is a very good place to take photos of different kind of people like local citizens, tourists, pilgrims, monks which forms a beautiful picture. 

Shooting the Potala in the morning.

Shooting the Potala in the morning from Chakpori Hill

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Lhasa River

Shooting the Lhasa river in the sunset

Pilgrims on the Road to Lhasa

Witness the Pilgrims on the Road from Gulmod to Lhasa

Tromse-kang Market in Lhasa

Shooting  the photo at the Tromsyi-khang Market

If you visit Lhasa in winter, do not miss Lhalu Wetland. The wetland is located at west of Lhasa city, near to Drepung Monastery. There are different kinds of birds and domestic animals like yak, cow and sheep. An extremely good place to take some pictures of nature, relax your mind and have a breath of fresh air.

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