How to Get to Lhasa City from Airport and Railway Station

Lhasa, located in southwestern China, is the capital city of the Tibet Autonomous Region. It's also the transportation hub in Tibet. Traveler can easily reach Lhasa and leave Lhasa in two main means of transportation: by plane and by train. If you are planning a Tibet tour, obviously, to know more details about the distance of Lhasa Railway Station and Lhasa Gonggar International Airport to downtown Lhasa are very important.

Lhasa Gonggar International Airport

Lhasa Gonggar International Airport as one of the highest airports in the world is located in Gonggar County, Shannan City, Tibet, about 60km to downtown Lhasa City. It is the largest and most important airport in Tibet. Moreover, it’s also the most important arrival hub for domestic and international travelers which connecting Lhasa with other major airports in China, such as Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Xi'an, and etc.

Arriving at Lhasa AirportPick up our clients in Lhasa Gonggar International Airport

Lhasa Railway Station

Lhasa Railway Station is the largest station in Tibet and the end of the line for the Qinghai-Tibet Railway. The station is located in Liuwu New District of southwest Lhasa, nearly 10km to the downtown Lhasa, at an altitude of 3,641 meters. It is linked to Lhasa city by the Liuwu Bridge, which crosses the notable Lhasa River.

However, when you are arriving at Lhasa Gonggar International Airport or Lhasa Railway Station, how to get to the downtown Lhasa? Here are some useful tips are given by our professional travel experts.

How to Travel from Lhasa Gonggar Airport to downtown Lhasa

If you take the flights to Lhasa, you will stop at Gonggar Airport which is not far from Lhasa (around 60km). You can by airport shuttle buses, by taxi and also our free shuttle bus service.

By Airport Shuttle

Lhasa Gonggar International Airport is around 60-70km from Lhasa city. There are regular buses running between Lhasa and Gonggar Airport. Usually, it is very convenient to transfer from the airport to downtown Lhasa by airport shuttle. There are shuttle buses every day and costs only about 30 RMB per person. It usually takes about 1 to 2hours to transfer between the airport and Lhasa downtown. Seats are in high demand, so please get on early to guarantee a seat. The disadvantage of taking the airport shuttle bus is that the must wait for all people get into the car, and then after pulling to the city center, travelers have to take the transportation to the hotel where they booked.

Insider Tips:
Since international tourists can't travel solo in Tibet, after you land in Lhasa Gonggar Airport, our local leader and friendly driver will be expecting you at the exit of the airport at the designated time (09:30 am; 1:30 pm; 16:30 pm).

So you can use our free transfer to your hotel in Lhasa. Other than that, a private transfer is also available as a chargeable service.

Picking up area in Lhasa AirportPicking up area in Lhasa Airport

By Taxi

Taxis are another way of traveling. It is easy to hail a taxi in Lhasa city. Normally, it only costs 10 to 15RMB to travel to Lhasa city by taxi. But actually, it is very hard to find an empty taxi that can transport you to downtown Lhasa from the airport. If you want to get to Lhasa city by taxi from the airport, you have to pay 160 to 200RMB. It will take you 1 hour to the downtown. The farther the destination, the more money you spend. However, usually many drivers do not use the meter, so you'd better negotiate with the driver about the price before you get in the taxi.

Use Our Transfer Service

Taking the airport bus or taking a taxi can both help you get to the city of Lhasa. Also, If you book Tibet tour with us, we can provide our free airport shuttle bus service from the Lhasa Gonggar International Airport to your hotel in Lhasa. When you are arriving, our Tibetan guide will meet you at the taxi station right outside the airport and pick you up at a designated time at 09:30 am; 13:30 pm; 16:30 pm. If your picking-up time is beyond our fixed schedule, you are required to pay private transfer from 60USD/car. Or you may take a taxi yourself to downtown Lhasa, which sets you back 300 RMB.

How to Travel from Lhasa Railway Station to Downtown Lhasa?

Apart from by air, traveling Tibet by train is another choice. It’s around 7km from Lhasa Railway Station to Downtown Lhasa. When you arrive at Lhasa Railway Station, how to get to Lhasa city from Lhasa Railway Station? Getting from the station to Lhasa downtown is very easy, as there are both buses and taxis that can take you there.

By Bus

Taking a bus is the cheapest way to get to the Lhasa city from Lhasa Railway Station. The city buses are parked on the east side of the station and the long-distance bus station on the west side. Buses are numbered, like those in western countries, and the Bus No. 1, 6, 13, and 14 runs regularly from the parking area to the downtown area. The ticket price is one yuan for each person, which is relatively cheap. But it can be very crowded when trains arrive with many passengers glutted within. If you arrive with big luggage, perhaps you would not want to take the bus due to no vacancy on it.

By Taxi

If you arrive at Lhasa by train and would like to take a taxi to your downtown hotel in Lhasa, it is very convenient for you to hail a taxi in front of the Lhasa train terminal station. Most of the taxis are waiting on the main road in front of the Lhasa Railway Station for the convenience of passengers. From the train station to Lhasa downtown drive will costs you between 30 to 40RMB to your specific hotel location in Lhasa. It would much higher between midnight and 7:00 am.

Use Our Transfer Service

Although it is convenient to transfer to the downtown from Lhasa Railway Station, international visitors also need to seek the other choice, as they are not familiar with this city as a newcomer. In this case, you can contact us. Once you book your Tibet tour from us, you can enjoy our free shuttle service from the railway station to your downtown hotel. Pick up time will be based on your arrival time. Upon your arrival at Lhasa Railway Station, one of our Tibetan local tour guides will meet you at the exit and escort you to your hotel in Lhasa with a private car. What’s more, we also have a free shuttle service for all our clients for both pickup and drop off.

 Waiting area in front of Lhasa Railway Station Upon your arrival at Lhasa Railway Station, please wait for your tour guide in the marked area

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