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Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet

Though you may have seen Potala Palace many times on TV, nothing truly prepares you for the real big thing, when gazing at it so up-close with an awestruck face. As the most iconic architecture and top UNESCO world heritage Site in Tibet, Potala Palace (3750m) overlooks the holy Lhasa city, with its majestic presence on the tip of Red Hill.

Too many, visiting Potala Palace is the very moment of the life bucket fulfilled. The distinct Tibetan aesthetic of castle-like building, rich Tibetan history and countless religious and cultural treasure inside the Potala Palace will leave you spellbound.To facilitate your travel, we present you with the latest experts’ guide on Potala Palace travel and tours below.

Latest News:: To properly protect the cultural relics of Potala Palace and ease the growing pressure of tourist reception during the high season, a new travel route has been available to international tourists since, July 23, 2018, if the daily tourist flow exceeds 5,000.

Basic Facts:

Chinese name: 布达拉宫 Bùdálā Gōng

Location: 35 Beijing Middle Rd, Chengguan District, Lhasa, China; or 2km west of Jokhang Temple

Altitude: 3,750 m (12,300 ft)

Builder: Songtsen Gampo in 637 AD; 5th Dalai Lama in 17 century

Type: UNESCO world heritage Site; landmark of Tibet; winter palace of Dalai Lama

Opening Hours & Ticket:09:30—15:00; 200CNY/person (May to Oct.),100CNY/Person (Nov to Apr); Children below 1.2m free entrance

Ticket Purchase Procedure: Book ticket one day before your visit; Get the proof of the purchased ticket; take your ID and ticket proof for the visit at the designated time

How to Get There: 1. Bus--No. 1, 6, 12, 17, 24. Get off at the Labai Station; No. 12, 13, 14. Get off at the Minghang Station.

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All Articles about Potala Palace

To make sure you can enjoy the best Potala Palace travel experience available, we kindly prepare the latest and most easy-to-use Potala Palace travel and tour guides below for you. From Potala Palace history to top things to do at Potala Palace, etc, you can follow the insider’s tip and won’t miss a single moment when visiting the magnificent building in Lhasa.

History of Patala Palace: Legendary, Stories...All You Need to Know for History Buffs

The history of Tibet is here. History, architecture and mystery…Potala Palace (3700m), the treasure house of Tibetan culture and history, has enough reasons to be the fantasy for every history buff. Perched on Red Hill, the landmark of Tibet dominates Lhasa with incredible architecture.

For years, it has remained one of the focal points of religious pilgrimage and the top highlight of Tibet tour. Through the whitewashed marble stairs, magnificent walls of the palace, and loads of religious treasure and secret chambers inside, Potala Palace keeps whispering the timeless stories of glorious Tibetan history...

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Tips of Potala Tours:Top Things to Do for Visiting Potala Palace

An architectural marvel, the Potala Palace is perched like a fabulous bird on the rocky “Red Hill” that is the highest point in Lhasa itself. This majestic Buddhist building, which is also Lhasa’s cardinal landmark and home to every Dalai Lama from the 5th to 14th, has attracted millions of tourists every year to catch a glimpse of its magnificence and stateliness.

Here are many splendid attractions in it for you to be explored and fresh activities to be experienced.

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Potala Palace 101: Everything You Need to Know about the Lhasa Palace

The Potala Palace in Lhasa, also called Tse Potala, is a monumental structure that defines the Tibetan capital's skyline. And this UNESCO-listed marvel has many secrets and mysteries linked to it. Here, we’ll try to reveal those and everything else you need to know about the Potala Palace before your first visit.

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Elevation of Potala Palace : How to Avoid Altitude Sickness When Visiting Potala Palace?

Towering on the Red Hill, Potala Palace is honored as the highest palace in the world with an elevation of 3,700 meters which mainly comprises two parts: Red Palace and White Palace. To reach the palace, tourists also need to climb long steep steps. For many first travelers To Tibet, this could be a tough task on such an elevation.

It's common for some tourists to encounter discomfort when first come to Tibet because of its high altitude.However, it’s still important for travelers to make some preparations to prevent from altitude sickness during the trip. Following are some suggestions for you that will ensure you a merry and sound trip in Potala Palace.

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Potala Palace Surroundings: Useful Travel Tips around Potala Palace

Lhasa is dotted with historic attractions. Centering around Potala Palace, many iconic attractions are worth visiting: Zong Lu Kang Park, Jokhang Temple, Ramoche Temple,Chakpori and Norbulingka, etc.

After you’ve visited Potala Palace, so it would be a great idea to see around. Maybe you will find something surprising on the way. Here, we‘d like to offer various options and travel tips for your joyful travel around Potala Palace.

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Potala Palace Location:How to Reach Potala Palace in Lhasa?

As the one of the must-see attractions in Lhasa, the Potala Palace, located on Beijing Middle Road, Chengguan District, is easy to find. To facilitate your travel, here we’d like to offer you the best Potala Palace travel guide and navigate your way from Lhasa Gonggar Air, Lhasa Railway Station and Barkhor Street and Your Hotels to the location of Potala Palace.

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Potala Palace Inside: Unique Architecture of Potala Palace, the True Beauty of Potala;

For many tourists, chapels, Buddhas and gorgeous murals inside Potala Palace may be the highlights of their tour. While the true beauty of the palace lies in its unique architectural structure.

As a building that integrates Tibetan monastery and palace, Potala Palace is renowned as one of the world’s three most famous castles. If you are an architectural, religious or photographic lover, come for a visit of Potala Polace, you will enjoy a feast for your eyes.

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Visit Potala Palace: the Ultimate Potala Palace Travel Guide You Need

Visiting Potala Palace is definitely one of the most mesmerizing experiences for your Tibet tour. Check all the useful information for Potala Palace tour and travel you need to know.

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Take Potala Palace Photos: Best Places to Shoot Potala Palace in Lhasa

As one of the primary destinations for photography in Tibet, Potala Palace is the holy grail for global photographers. Learn the insider's tips for the best place and the perfect timing for engaging Potala Palace photos.

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Recommended Tour Itineraries Including Potala Palace

Normally, Potala Palace’s visit is arranged on the second day of your arrival, given its high altitude (3750m). Check the top 4 highly recommended Tibet tours that start from Potala Palace and beyond, such as Mt. Everest and Mt. Kailash.

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