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Tidrum Nunnery

Tidrum Nunnery

  • Location: Mozugongka County, Lhasa Prefecture
  • Opening Hours: All Day Long
  • Admission Fee: Free
  • How to Get There: Tidrum Nunnery is over 120km from Lhasa. You can travel with a group tour.
  • Best Time to Visit: You can visit Tidrum Nunnery all year round.

About Tidrum Nunnery

Tidrum Nunnery is located 130 kilometers northeast of Lhasa. It is an 1150-year-old nunnery, there have been many great achievers of the Drigung sect who practiced and preached Buddhism. The nunnery has countless precious cultural relics and many scriptures and other holy goods, and the fame of the sacred spring also comes from this. The elderly and the sick are helped by their relatives to take the hot-spring for a few days or even a few weeks. It is believed that chanting Buddhist sutras and bathing in the hot spring will bring good luck and health.

Tidrum hot-spring dating back more than 1400 years, the natural hot spring without water treatment, you can feel the mark of history. There is a hot spring pool for foot bathing, which is said to treat arthritis. Legend has it that a deer was injured on the mountain and often came to this place with a lame leg in a small pond, and soon it recovered from the leg injury. This small water pond is now called "Deer Spring" by local people. The water temperature is about 48 ℃. It is said that many people really cured their leg problems and even abandoned their crutches when they came here to take the medicinal hot-spring.

There are separate men's and women's bathrooms, but only a low wall to divide. The conditions and facilities are poor, there is no shower room. Here, it is very easy to distinguish between Tibetans and tourists. Tibetans are all naked to enjoy the hot-spring, but tourists will shyly wear bathing suits into the pool. Some enthusiastic locals will tell you: it has no effect if you wear clothes to take the hot-spring.

There is a saying on the brand of Tidrum medicinal hot-springs: People come with sorrow and return with joy. Whether it is heart disease or physical pain, there are Buddha Blessing and Medicinal Bath God Spring, and leave with happiness and good fortune.

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