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Drepung Monastery in Lhasa, Tibet

Sitting on Mount Gambo Utse at the western suburb of Lhasa, Drepung Monastery, built in 1416 by Jamyang Choge Tashi Palden, one of Tsongkhapa’s main disciples, is the largest Tibetan monastery as well as one of the Great Three Monasteries of Lhasa, along with Sera Monastery and Ganden Monastery.

The highlights for visiting Drepung Monastery include unique architectures and magnificent buildings, like Ganden Palace, Coqen Hall, Four Great Dratsangs (Loseling, Gomang, Deyang, Ngagpa), and the Tibet biggest kitchen for over 10,000 monks during the heyday; one-day Drepung Kora to see the stunning vista of Lhasa Valley and Lalu Wetland, even Tibet landmark - Potala Palace; Drepung Buddhist debate to watch monks debating sutras and scriptures with exaggerated gestures and logic arguments; Drepung Shoton Festival to enjoy the grandest Buddha Thangka painting unfolding ceremony in Lhasa summer; 10 minutes’ walk to Nechung Monastery to explore the seat of State Oracle and the most striking murals and spectacular paintings, etc. If time allows, you can combine your Drepung day trip with Sera Monastery to observe sand mandala making and monks debates in just one go.

To be blunt, Drepung Monastery gives you a great chance to trek the enchanting kora with sincere pilgrims and experience the authentic culture and exotic customs in Shoton Festival. Please follow our in-depth guide below and make the most of Drepung Monastery tour.

Basic Facts:

Chinese name: 哲蚌寺Zhébàng Sì

Location: Southern slope of Genpeiwuzi Mountain, Chengguan District, Lhasa; or five kilometers from the western suburb of Lhasa

Altitude: 3,800 m (12,000 ft)

Founder: Jamyang Choge Tashi Palden (1416)

Type: the largest Buddhist monastery in Tibet; one of the Great Three Holy Monasteries of Lhasa

Opening Hours & Ticket: 09:00-17:00; 60CNY/Person (all year round)

How to Get There: Bus - No. 24, 25. Get off at Drepung Monastery Station. or Taxi

Drepung Monastery Photo Gallery

All Articles about Drepung Monastery

To make sure you can enjoy the best Drepung Monastery travel experience available, we kindly prepare the latest and most easy-to-use Drepung Monastery travel and tour guides below for you. From fantastic Drepung kora and vibrant monk debates to hilarious Shoton Buddha exhibition and classic Lhasa monastery tour to Drepung and Sera, etc., you can follow the insider’s tip and won’t miss the single moment when visiting the largest Tibetan monastery in Lhasa.

Drepung Monastery, the largest Tibetan monastery in LhasaDrepung Monastery, the largest Tibetan monastery in Lhasa

As one of the largest Tibetan monasteries, Drepung Monastery lies at the foot of the Gambo Utse Mountain, around five kilometers from downtown Lhasa, and is one of the Great Three Gelug Monasteries in Tibet, along with Sera and Ganden monasteries. From a distance, the monastery resembles a heap of rice, and the name actually means “collecting rice”. Definitely, two thumbs up for exploring the rich heritage of Tibetan Buddhism! The largest and most ......

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Drepung Monastery Buddha Unfolding: Top Buddhist Festival in Lhasa SummerDrepung Monastery Buddha Unfolding: Top Buddhist Festival in Lhasa Summer

Every year, the Buddha Thangka in Drepung Monastery is unfolded during the Shoton Festival. The exhibition ceremony was witnessed by tens of thousands of believers as well as tourists. Why this ceremony can get attention from so many people? Our well-experienced local travel expert will answer you from the following aspects: the origin of Buddha unfolding in Drepung and Shoton Festival, how Tibetan monks unveil gigantic Thangka Buddha, famous Buddhas shown in the Thangka ......

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Drepung Monastery Kora: one-day scenic hiking around Drepung Monastery with Tibetan pilgrimsDrepung Monastery Kora: one-day scenic hiking around Drepung Monastery with Tibetan pilgrims

Lying at the foot of Mount Gambo Utse, Drepung Monastery sits in the foothills of the Nyenchen Tanglha Mountains, part of the Transhimalaya that run across the center of Tibet and into Sichuan Province. A rocky hillside behind, the monastery lies at an altitude of around 3,850 meters above sea level, while the peak of the mountain above it lies at more than 5,200 meters. This stunning terrain is ideal for a trek along the Drepung kora route, which ......

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Tibetan Monks Debate in Drepung MonasteryTibetan Monks Debate in Drepung Monastery

Founded by the great master Je Tsong Khapa, Drepung Monastery is the largest monastery in Tibet and the residence of Dalai Lamas. As one of the three Gelug monasteries (the other two are Ganden Monastery and Sera Monastery) in Lhasa, Drepung Monastery occupies a prominent position in Tibetan Buddhism. For tourists traveling in Drepung, monk debate is a must-see. This special form of learning of Buddhist doctrine can be only seen in Tibetan ......

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One Day Lhasa Monastery Tour to Drepung and Sera - two of the great three Gelugpa university monasteries of TibetOne Day Lhasa Monastery Tour to Drepung and Sera - two of the great three Gelugpa university monasteries of Tibet

Famed for their Buddhist universities, which are two of the finest in the world, Sera and Drepung are two of the main highlights of any trip to Lhasa, and are attractions that should not be missed. Highlights of the day include their unique Buddhist debates, stunning landscapes views, beautiful Tibetan Buddhist architecture, and the relaxing kora trails around them, which make for a delightful stroll in the Tibetan countryside, with the most awesome ......

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Video of Tibet Drepung MonasteryVideo of Tibet Drepung Monastery

Drepung Monastery located at the foot of Mount Gephel, is one of the "great three" Gelukpa university monasteries of Tibet. The other two are Ganden and Sera. Drepung is the largest of all Tibetan monasteries and is located on the Gambo Utse mountain, five kilometers from the western suburb of Lhasa....

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Recommended Tour Itineraries Including Drepung Monastery

After visiting Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple and acclimatizing properly to the high altitude, you can pay a visit to Drepung Monastery to explore Tibetan Gelugpa culture, follow the scenic kora with devout pilgrims, even travel further to Sera Monastery, etc. Check the top 4 highly recommended Tibet tours with a short visit to Drepung Monastery.

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