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How to Travel in Tibet

Traveling to Tibet is like no other! Even to the most experienced travelers, without the basic knowledge of Tibetan culture, Tibetan landscape, and its notoriously erratic weather, etc., your Tibet tour experience would certainly be compromised. However, don’t panic! It’s time for our Tibet travel gurus to take charge.

Gathering a wealth of practical knowledge from our local leaders, we teach you how to prepare your Tibet tour from scratch, and offer you expert advice for choosing an ideal attraction, with the latest information that matters a great deal to your journey. Read on to learn more.

What are the most important things for planning a Tibet tour?

Well, firstly to international tourists, you can only visit Tibet via a guided tour with a local Tibet agency like us.

Secondly, it’s better to book your Tibet tour with us at least 30 days in advance before your leave for Tibet since you need time to apply for Tibet Travel Permit, an essential travel document for entering Tibet.

Besides, due to the high altitude of Tibet (averaging 4,000 above sea level), you need to have the basic knowledge of how to avoid altitude sickness. The warm clothes, sun-protection gears, and personal medical kits, etc. should be well-prepared.

As to the day-to-day itinerary and other details like hotel, transfer, dining, local guide service, etc., our travel consultants will discuss with you in detail and properly arrange the tour for you. So, just stay fit and keep a great mood, then you are ready for Tibet.

What are the best experiences worth enjoying in Tibet?

Of all the tours in Tibet, nothing compares to the popularity of the 8-day Lhasa to Everest Base Camp tour. It offers you great opportunities to visit landmark Tibetan attractions in Lhasa, with the epic panorama of Himalayas, esp, the Mt. Everest.

If you love enjoying mountains and lakes, then focus on your visit in Lhasa, and extend your footprints to turquoise Lake Yamdrok and tranquil Lake Namtso. The otherworldly landscapes will take your breath away.

For devoted Buddhist's longing for the divine experience in Tibet, the 15-day Lhasa to Mt.Kailash tour promises the best spiritual adventure ever. The best highlight would be joining the local pilgrims for the legendary 3-day kora around holy Mt. Kailash

To those who want to combine your visit to both Tibet and Nepal, the epic overland tour from Lhasa to Kathmandu should live up to your expectation. The thrilling trans-Himalayan ride is nothing short of excitement.

What about the transporation in Tibet?

Over the years, Tibet has seen a tremendous upgrade in its infrastructures and the ability to accommodate worldwide tourists.

Nowadays, all the major attractions, dotted across cities and counties, are connected by well-paved asphalt roads.

You can enjoy our comfortable and spacious tour vehicles such as multiple-seat Ford Van from Lhasa all the way to Rongbuk Monastery, which is only mins’ walk to EBC.

While the overland routes from Chengdu or Kathmandu to Lhasa are also improved, except for parts of roads at the Sino-Nepal border.

To ensure travelers’ safety, speed limits are strictly imposed on all roads in Tibet. Though with exceedingly good road conditions, tour vehicles can run at a speed of 40-70 miles on the road.

Is it a good idea to visit Tibet in its rainy season, like in summer?

Well, it depends on what you expect to have in Tibet. In fact, the summer (June to Aug), or the so-called rainy season of Tibet, is the high season of Tibet tour, with an upsurge of global tourists coming.

The reason is simple. It’s the most pleasant time for Tibet tour. With verdant grasslands and gree trees, the oxygen level in Tibet reaches its maximum.

While the rain, which mostly falls at night due to the special geography, makes the previous arid air become more comfortable. So is the beauty of the holy lake further enhanced.

If your main goal is to enjoy epic Himalayan Range, esp. Mt. Everest, the summer may not be an ideal time, because the dense clouds may obstruct the visual. However, the eventful Tibetan festivals will make it up for you.

So, do visit Tibet in summer. It’s definitely beyond your expectation.

Is it safe to travel solo in Tibet?

Yes, absolutely. As all the international tourists can only visit Tibet by a guided tour, you will either travel in a Tibet small group tour or tour Tibet accompanied by a local guide as a private tour.

Your travel safety is guaranteed in both ways mentioned above. Meanwhile, locals are extremely friendly to overseas tourists. There is nothing to worry about.

What to eat during your Tibet tour?

Though known as a holy land of lofty peaks and mysterious monasteries, Tibet never disappoints your taste buds as well.

As a crucial trade hub connecting Nepal, India, and inland China, Tibet, esp. the Lhasa city, offers you great chances to enjoy the exhilarating culinary discovery.

You will follow our local leaders to taste the Tibetan staples like Tsampa, yak noodle soups, and Tibetan momos, yak stew, etc. in some of the finest Tibetan restaurants around Barkhor Street.

If you miss the western cuisine or want to try some authentic Nepali or Indian food, it’s also available. The succulent yak curry with garlic naan, Tandoori chicken or chicken tikka masala, etc, are worth fighting for every gulp.

Veggie-friendly food like veg momos, green beans, and yogurt with raisin, noodle soups, chili potatoes, etc. are also can be found.

While you travel beyond Lhasa or Shigatse to remote regions like EBC or Mt.Kailash, the option of food becomes very limited. Usually, the Sichuan dishes like egg-fried rice, chicken cubes with peanuts, and tomato egg soup, etc. are the frequent scene.

Our local leaders promise to take you to well-chosen restaurants with the food safety guarantee. You may prepare some biscuits or bread for the trek in remote regions.

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