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Where to Rent a Car in Lhasa?

When traveling in tibet, you will usually need to rent a car for the convenience of your travel, especially when you are a foreigner. Renting a car is obvious much more convenient. And if you plan to rent a car, you’d better rent it in lhasa, for there are many cars for rental in lhasa. Then, where to rent a car in lhasa?

If you need a car to drive you somewhere within lhasa, you only need to call a taxi and you can get one by simply wavering your hands in the street of lhasa city. The charge of the taxi is usually 10RMB within lhasa city.

toyota 4500

You can also rent a car for your long journey tour other than tours within lhasa and you may easily rent a car in lhasa. Generally, 4WDs (such as Toyota 62 or Toyota 4500) are recommended to you. You can find the car-rental information at the Tibet Backpacker Bar on the opposite side of Banak Shol Hotel. There you can get the detailed information of the car condition and usually good 4WDs can be guaranteed at reasonable prices. You can also get car-rental information at Yak Hotel, Banak Shol Hotel and Kirey Hotel. But you should carefully check the car condition and make proper bargain with the driver.

toyota 4500 and tourist bus

One thing you should pay attention to is that when you rent a car, you should make sure that the car possesses the special certificates and permits issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau. And you are suggested to sign a contract with the driver to avoid any trouble which may appear. As for the price of car-rental, it depends. The season, the car condition and the length of your journey and many other facts together decide the price of the car you rent. And it usually varies from 3RMB to 8RMB.

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