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How to Plan a Tibet Honeymoon Tour

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While there are many places one can hold a honeymoon, there is little doubt that the roof of the world is a wholly unique place to travel for that first romantic break of your married life. Honeymoons are all about the happy couple spending a few weeks alone together, getting to know each other more, and exploring the things you love to do together, as a couple. In Tibet, this can happen more easily, since there is little in the way of the normal world to get in your way.

Traveling to Tibet is like marriage itself - it is a long journey, with plenty to discover along the way, and more to discover when you get there. Tibet is a land of high mountains, glistening lakes, and expansive prairies, which give a couple the chance to explore new things, while learning more about each other. With the outside world feeling as if it is a million miles away, this high-altitude plateau is the perfect place for some peaceful relaxation, a little adventure, and the most spectacular honeymoon you could wish to have.

Lying on the high-altitude plateau in the middle of the Himalayan Mountains, Tibet is one of the last true wildernesses left in the world. Barely developed outside the major cities, the region has wide expanses of prairie lands, verdant valleys, high, snow-covered mountains, and shimmering lakes that form part of the soul of the land. From the delights of Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet and its sacred heart, to the wilderness that surrounds Mount Kailash and the heady heights of the world’s highest mountain - Mount Everest. S honeymoon in Tibet is truly a spectacular break that is one of the best ways any couple could start their lives together.

Planning the Tour

Planning a honeymoon in Tibet does require some specialist help, as independent travel to the region is not allowed. All travel to Tibet must be booked through a registered Tibet tour operator such as Tibet Vista. The oldest running tour operator in Tibet, they have specialists who can help you with every aspect of your trip, from the planning stages to the tour itself, and the experience to make sure that your Tibet honeymoon is the best it could possibly be.

 Honeymoon Tour in Tibet Honeymoon Tour in Tibet is a wholly unique journey

Once you have made contact with the tour operator, they will help you to decide where you want to go and what you want to do while you are in the region. Their extensive knowledge of the Tibet Autonomous Region means they can best advise you on when to go and what are the best things to see while there. They will help you with the planning of the tour, deciding on your itinerary, and once you have it complete, you can book Tibet tour and let them do almost everything else.

The tour operator will also arrange the tour guide, driver, and private vehicle that you will need for your tour. Since independent travel is not permitted in the region, all tourists must be accompanied on their private tours by registered tour guides and have their own private vehicle for travel across the region. You do have the option of booking your own hotels for your trip to Tibet, once you have a confirmed itinerary, but it is often best to let the tour operator handle that as well, since they know the best hotels to stay in across Tibet, and often have arrangements with the hotel owners and managers to get better deals.

There are two routes that you can take to Tibet, from mainland China or from Nepal, and the requirements for visas are different in each place. From China you will need to obtain a Chinese Entry Visa from the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in your home country, and it is important that you do not mention your trip to Tibet, or it can cause problems getting the visa issued. If you are entering through Nepal, then the rules are different, and the tour operator will be the one to arrange the visa. The visa from Neal is known as the Group Tourist Visa, and is applied for by the tour operator once you get to Kathmandu.

You will also need the permit to travel into Tibet, which is known as the Tibet Travel Permit and is applied for from the Tibet Tourism Bureau in Lhasa by the tour operator. They will need a photocopy of your current passport, which must have at least six-month’s validity at the time of travel and a copy of your Chinese Entry Visa if your route takes you through mainland China. Once the Tibet Travel Permit is received by them, they will forward it to your hotel in China, or have their representative bring it to you in Nepal.

For Chinese entry, all other permits will be obtained by your tour guide once you reach Lhasa. For entry through Nepal, the tour operator will have their representative meet you in Kathmandu at least five days before your date of departure to Tibet in order to get your passport to apply for the Group Tourist Visa. The additional permits, such as the Alien’s Travel Permit, Frontier Pass, and Military Permit, will be obtained prior to your exit from Nepal, as all permits are needed for entry to Tibet from Kathmandu, even if traveling to Lhasa by flight.

Travel to Tibet

With all of your Tibet tour mapped out and organized, you will need to make the arrangements to get to Tibet by yourself. This includes the flights from your home country to either Nepal or mainland China, as well as the flight or train to Tibet. For those traveling through Nepal, there are very few direct flights to Kathmandu from outside Asia, and it is best to use a travel agent or the online flight-search websites to get the best deals. For China, there are a number of direct flights from around the world, and organizing a flight to one of the major gateway cities in China can be done easily through a travel agent or online.

map of tibet road(Simple click to enlarge the map)
Tibet Travel Map with Distance

Getting to Tibet can be done from Nepal or China, and the routes are very different. From Nepal, you can get a flight direct to Lhasa, which is the only international flight that runs to the Tibetan capital. Flights to Lhasa from Kathmandu cost around USD 275 per person, and take around 90 minutes to reach the Lhasa Gonggar International Airport. The other option is to travel overland from Kathmandu to Lhasa, making the tour backwards from the normal route, and ending the honeymoon with a few days in Lhasa touring the delightful sights of the city. Buses run from Kathmandu to the Sino-Nepal border, and the route takes around 6 hours, costing about thirty dollars.

Travel from China can be done by flight from a huge number of cities across the country, or by train from the seven gateway cities that operate the Tibet trains. Flight costs vary depending on where you depart from, and can take between 2 and 8 hours, depending on routes, departure locations, and transfers or connections.

The train to Tibet leave almost daily from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Lanzhou, and Xining, and can take from 22 hours to 53 hours to get to Lhasa. Guangzhou is the longest route, at 53 hours, and the most expensive, while the shortest route runs from Xining, the capital of Qinghai Province and the start of the famous Qinghai Tibet Railway. All trains to Tibet have three classes of tickets, the hard seats, the hard sleeper berths, and the soft sleeper berths. The hard seats are not recommended for traveling such long distances, and a sleeper cabin berth is the best option. Soft sleeper cabins are the first class option, and have four berths per cabin and a lockable door. The hard sleeper berths are not actually hard, but they are open to the train’s corridor, and have only a curtain for privacy with six berths per cabin on three levels.

The Cost and Duration of the Trains to Lhasa from Mainland China

Train Route Duration  Hard Sleeper  Soft Sleeper  Most Classic China Tibet Tour 
Guangzhou to Lhasa 53 hours 865 CNY 1468 CNY Guangzhou Tibet Tour
Shanghai to Lhasa 47 hours 794 CNY 1262 CNY Shanghai Tibet Tour
Beijing to Lhasa 40 hours 720 CNY 1144 CNY Beijing Tibet Tour
Chengdu to Lhasa 37 hours 628 CNY 998 CNY Chengdu Tibet Tour
Chongqing to Lhasa 35 hours 628 CNY 998 CNY Chongqing Tibet Tour
Lanzhou to Lhasa 24 hours 522 CNY 823 CNY Contact us to tailor-make your Lanzhou Tibet tour
Xining to Lhasa 22 hours 495 CNY 781 CNY Xining Tibet Tour

Best Times to Go

The best time to go to Tibet depends on what you want to see and do, and there is really no time, except during February and march when tourism is closed in Tibet, when you cannot visit. Many people believe that winter is impossible to travel in Tibet, but the snows are not bad in many eastern areas of the region, and travel west can be done as long as the weather is fine. Even Everest can be reached in January if the weather is on your side.

 Potala Palace Visiting Tibet in Spring will offer you wonderful landscape

Spring and fall are great times to visit, as they have clear skies, almost no rain, and are perfect for trekking, if that is what you are looking for. For a pleasant relaxing honeymoon, what could be better than the brightness of a spring morning on the plateau, or the spectacular colors of the autumn leaves as the fall from the trees to cover the ground in a carpet of red and gold. Summer is the rainy season, thanks to the southeast monsoon, although it does not have that much effect on travel across the plateau. Rains usually come in the afternoons and early evenings, and there are some parts of the plateau where it barely rains at all, even in the summer. However, summer is also the peak season for tourism in Tibet, and if you are looking for peace and quiet, this is not the time for you, as the tourist attractions, temples, and monasteries can become crowded with tourists from all over the world.

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