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Technology In Tibet - The Top 9 Apps You Should Use On Your Tour

To get a perfect travel time in Tibet, you not only need to choose a reliable travel agency, but you also need to equip some useful apps to make your trip smoother,In this article, 9 apps are listed to recommend to you.

1. Altitude Alert

The first app that deserves recommendation is Altitude Alert. This app is the first one to bring advanced altitude management to all users, which has combined a flexible alerting system with VNAV (Vertical Navigation). If you plan to travel in high altitude localities, such as visit Everest Base Camp in Tibet, it can help to monitor your altitude and alert you when over a specified height. It provides an accurate gauge for you in understanding the elevation of Tibet. Altitude Alert not only can monitor your current altitude but also give some very useful suggestions for avoiding and treating altitude sickness in Tibet.

The Altitude Alert AppThe Altitude Alert App can monitor your current altitude.

2. Maps.me

When traveling to Tibet, checking local routes is an important thing because this will give you a rough impression of your itinerary. And an app that can do this for you is Maps.me. The advantage of this app is that you can use detailed offline maps even without an internet connection. When visiting Tibet, though you will pass some areas with limited network conditions, it can still help you to check the routes. Just remember, the maps should be downloaded before your travel. Moreover, you can use this app to search for attractions and restaurants in Tibet. It is very effective.

The Maps me AppThe Maps me App can use detailed offline maps.

3. WeChat

Since you are gonna travel to Tibet, it is better to download the most popular messaging app in China - WeChat, which is the same as Line and What’s App. WeChat is arguably the best way to communicate with your tour guide as everyone in Tibet will use it. It is a reliable app and easy to use. You can always receive your messages fast, even in poor Wi-Fi connections, and translate all chats to your mother tongue if you need. And WeChat is also very handy for reserving tickets in Tibet. For example, you can reserve a Jokhang Temple ticket on this app in advance.

The WeChat AppThe WeChat App is the most popular messaging app in China.

4. Pleco

Pleco is a Chinese-English translation app and it can offer free functions including audio pronunciations, handwriting recognition, and search information. If you don't understand the words you encounter during your Tibet tour, you can always use this app to translate them. You can also learn local words through the dictionary, which will make your trip to Tibet better.

But there is no need to worry as all our Tibetan local guides speak English. Our Tibetan guides will use English to explain the scenic spots along the way and act as a bridge between you and the local Tibetans.

 Pleco is aChinese-English translation AppPleco is a Chinese-English translation App.

5. Flight Radar

If you want to fly to Tibet, it is necessary to pay attention to the flight information and plan the travel time reasonably. It is highly recommended to download Flight Radar. With a cool interface, you can watch flights coming in and out of your location, and pay attention to the flight information of the plane you want in advance. It will offer real-time data and set up alerts about the flights to Tibet, so it is very useful for you to make flight plans for departure from and to Tibet.

Please Notice:
If there is any delay or cancellation of your flight to Tibet, you can always contact your travel consultant, who will re-arrange the pick-up service in Lhasa for you.

The Flight Radar AppThe Flight Radar App can for you flight information.

6. AccuWeather

The weather in Tibet is changeable, to have a pleasant travel experience, you can rely on the forecast and decide what luggage should you bring. AccuWeather is a weather forecast app, which can provide the recent weather forecast about Tibet, including the temperature and the wind speed, etc. Its GPS can locate your real location, provide you with satellite cloud images, or even detailed hourly weather forecasts.

This app is very helpful for you to determine how many clothes you need to take. When packing luggage, you can understand the prediction of the weather for the next 2 weeks in this app. Knowing the weather in Tibet in advance to avoid colds is important because traveling in Tibet needs to maintain a healthy body.

The AccuWeather AppThe AccuWeather App can provide the recent weather forecast about Tibet.

7. Peakfinder AR

PeakFinder AR uses augmented reality to help you identify the peaks and mountains even in offline transitions. During your Tibet travel, once meet unknown mountains then that is a good chance to use this program to satisfy your curiosity and help you identify the mountains you encounter. PeakFinder AR can quickly reshape the landscape in your phone, you can watch the whole view of the mountains on your screen. It can be a fun and educational tool when starting an overland trip to Everest Base Camp or a trip to Kathmandu across the Himalayas. You can always use this app to know the mountains you are interested in.

The PeakFinder AR AppThe PeakFinder AR App can help you identify the peaks and mountains.

8 . Spyglass

When you conduct outdoor activities in Tibet, it is very important to have GPS navigation, which will always provide you with a clear direction and positioning. Spyglass will use your phone's compass and GPS to provide a heads-up display of your surroundings. It saves your custom locations and paths, then navigates them accurately, and displays them on a map. It uses enhanced live effects, and displays detailed GPS information, measuring distance, size, angle, and more. During your Tibet trekking tour, you can use the location of stars to adjust the accuracy of your compass and update your location in real time. This app can give you a precise positioning so that you can understand the completion of the trek route and give guidance for the next day's trek.

The Spyglass AppThe Spyglass App will use your phone's compass and GPS to provide a heads-up display of your surroundings.

9 . Xe Currency App

How much money to take for a Tibet tour is always a question for those who visiting Tibet for the first time. While planning a trip to Tibet, use the Xe Currency app to get a general idea of the Tibet tour cost in your currency. Also, this app can provide real-time exchange rates which will give an accurate basis for your decisions in Tibet. It is an online app with an operation mode that is easy to understand.

Please Notice:
Credit cards can be used in big cities in Tibet, like Lhasa and Shigatse. But foreign currency cannot be directly consumed in Tibet. You can exchange foreign currency from these four banks - CCB, PBOC, ABC, and PSBC

The Xe Currency AppThe Xe Currency App can provide real-time exchange rates in Tibet tour.


Make sure you equip yourself with the best apps to guide your travel plans in Tibet. With the 9 apps mentioned above, you will get a good trip to Tibet and spend a fulfilling travel time. So, clear some space on your phone and get downloading!

The Most Useful Apps for Traveling in Tibet

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