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Shigatse Travel Guide

Shigatse (or Xigatse) means "the fertile land" in Tibetan for it sits in the plain at the confluence of the Yarlung Tsangpo and Nyainchu River. Located at an average elevation in range of 3840 meters to 4464 meters, Shigatse is one of the world's highest cities and has the most comprehensive natural landscapes in Tibet, from vast plateau pasture and beautiful cultivated fields to subtropic forest and grand snow-covered mountains, most famed one of which is the world's highest mount, Mt. Everest.

Shigatse has a history going back more than 600 years and it is this ancient holy city that is the traditional seat of the Panchen Lama. So Shigatse is also rich in historical sites, such as the 600 year-old majestic Tashilhunpo Monastery.

  • Shigatse Tourists Attractions

    Shigatse tourist attractions consist of both historical and natural sights offering tourists insights into the fascinating culture, life and history of Tibet, and the comprehensive landscape on the roof of the world.

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  • Shigatse Travel Advice

    Shigatse travel advice offers tourists all aspects of travel tips to Shigatse, like the best travel time, dinning, accommodation, transportation, shopping, currency exchange and so on.

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  • Dining in Shigatse

    Dining in Shigatse tells tourists what to eat in Shigatse. Lots of delicious food in Shigatse, including Tibetan, Chinese, Nepalese and western style cuisine is supplied by numerous restaurants in Shigatse.

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  • Hotels in Shigatse

    Although hotels in Shigatse are a kind of limit, they still provide a wide choice for travellers, from starred hotels to simple tent guest houses. Currently, there is no 5-star hotels in the whole Shigatse area.

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  • Shopping in Shigatse

    Shopping in Shigatse gives tourists tips on what to buy as souvenirs. There are many special products in Shigatse, such as Tibetan carpet, silver bowl, Tibetan knife, etc.

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  • Festivals in Shigatse

    Festivals in Shigatse are various and very fascinating, for instance, Gtsang New Year, Gyangtse Horse Race Festival, Buddha Unfolding Festival in Tashilhunpo and so forth.

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  • Shigatse Day Tour

    Shigatse day tours offer tourists staying in Shigatse for a short time some choices to meet their demand. A well-organized Shigatse day tour is also full of fun and unforgetable.

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  • Shigatse Maps and Prefecture

    Shigatse maps and prefecture gives tourists an overview of Shigatse. In this case, tourists can get a clear idea about where they are and where they want to go in Shigatse.

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  • Photos of Shigatse

    A collection of Pictures of Shigatse unfold the daily life and customs of Shigatse people, the cityscape of Shigatse.

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