Top Five Himalayan Valleys Hiding in Shigatse

The Himalayas are the youngest mountains in the world. These are the longest and most beautiful mountain range. Though it has many fascinating things to see including the flora and fauna and taste the adventures, it also has the many valleys rich in beauty and natural splendours, some of them may be still are untouched by man. Listing top five beautiful valleys of Himalayas hiding in its laps and are worthy of visiting at least once. Gyirong valley, Zhangmu valley, Gama valley, Yadong valley and Chentang valley, these valleys are towards the Tibet’s side enhancing its beauty and also contributes to the cultivation.

Himalayan Range

Himalayan Range

Zhangmu Valley

This is a very beautiful valley from the list, resting in the lap of the Great Himalayas. This valley is popular among the tourists because of its exotic beauty. Journey through the valley is extremely mesmerising with a lot of attractions on the way, as there is a widely opened slope at the top of the Zhangmu valley which is popularly known as Tonga La pass. The road which passes through the Zhangmu valley is dangerous with a lot of twists and turns and zigzag pathway. Through this valley National highway 318 passes along.

Zhangmu Valley is popular among the tourists.

Zhangmu Valley is popular among the tourists.

Before the destructive earthquake occurred in the year 2015, this valley was the Sino Nepal border, which used to offer the short and direct pathway from Tibet to Nepal and also vice versa. Now the path needs to be rejuvenated for the same usual purposes of trade and tourism, it may take some time to be back in shape. While visiting this valley, you come across many attractions like Cho oyu Mountain and one other mountain in the sequence named as Shishsa Pangma. At the entrance of Zhangmu valley, one more mountain is resting which is known as Mount Chajiong. Visiting here will prove to be the treat to your eyes as you will pass through the bustling towns of the valley, numerous of beautiful waterfalls and also the vast fields full of colourful flowers to behold and of course you will come across the barley highlands.

Zhangmu valley is dangerous with a lot of twists and turns and zigzag pathway.

Zhangmu valley is dangerous with a lot of twists and turns and zigzag pathway.

The climate of this valley is quite soothing except winters as the winters are harsh here, so visit this valley summer season is recommended, during summers you can observe this valley at its best with the more of greener surroundings and field are totally full of colourful flowers that too in its full blossom. Now, it is been prohibited to visit the valley after the massive earthquake, however in previous times you are required to have the Tibet travel permit along with the aliens permit. Hope are there for Zhangmu valley to reopen soon for tourists.

Insider tips: Currenlty, Zhangmu valley is not available for international tourists due to Nepali earthquake in 2015. The replacement of Zhangmu border is Gyirong Port.

Gyirong Valley

Gyirong may prove to be the best place for you to visit, if you are a true admirer of the nature. This valley is situated near to the Nepal, if you want to scale the Mount Everest from Nepal’s side then you have to pass through this valley to reach there. This valley used to be the huge port for trade and exchanging goods between Tibet and Nepal. Gyirong is the deepest valley among the all five mid Himalaya valleys, one needs to travel 500 kilometres from the city of Xigaze.

On the Way to Gyirong Valley

On the Way to Gyirong Valley

This valley is higher than one’s imagination; its 1700 meters in height from its south side and as you move towards the north, the height gradually increases at every 100 kilometres course and ending up at height of 7000 meters. It is suggested to take necessary precautions because with such high altitude one may fall prey to the altitude sickness. The journey though the valley is attractive as you can witness the ground covered with the green carpets, naturally carved mountains, relics of ancient times lying along the roadsides. To reach Gyirong one must hire a good knowledgeable guide or must join a tourist group to obtain hassle free navigation. Good quality warm clothes and a rain coat are must and also one must keep all the permits like Tibet travel permit and alien’s permit with him positively.

Gyirong Valley

Gyirong Valley

Mostly the weather is soothing in the Gyirong valley throughout the year except of the winter season. It may feel too cold early in the morning but during the daytime sun’s heat takes its toll. Winter here is short and rainy. Winter months are recorded as coldest as -10 degree Celsius and can reach up to 18 degree Celsius as the high range. During the rainy season precipitations are high. April and October are considered to be the best months to visit Gyirong as the greenery of the valley is at its peak. Mostly the weather is humid and wet.

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Gama Valley

Gama valley is believed to be the most beautiful valley in the world, this is not only famous for its green scenic beauty only but also icy cliffs, snow clad mountains and glaciers around it add to attraction around it. Gama valley is 55 kilometres in length from east to west whereas spreading about only 8 kilometres from north to south. This valley falls in the downstream of Pumquin Tingri County and also in Dinggye County. This valley is not easily approachable if you want to conquer it and explore you, you need yak and horses as the mode of transportation. The ecological richness is the main factor of Gama valleys attraction. It comprises of the primeval forest both perennial and non- perennial green forests. There are wide variety of wild flora and fauna including the lovely mountainous flowers which adds to its beauty and charm.

Gama valley is believed to be the most beautiful valley in the world.

The other superior attractions near the Gama valley are the Rongbuk Monastery, Milarepa meditation cave, Everest Base Camp and also Mount Cho Oyu. Generally, the climate of the valley is soothing except of winter season as strong winds and excessive snowfall makes it really harsh. The recommended best time to visit the valley is from April to June and the other period is from September to October. During the recommended timing the climate is excellent and also remains clear offering the correct amount of visibility and enables you to visualise the excellent view of the Mount Everest and other present mountains peaks. Also from May to June the orchids carpets the valley with the flowers in full blossom.

Rongbuk Monastery

Rongbuk Monastery

Rest, for visiting the valley you need to be fully prepared with the good porters and a cook to prepare food while camping the valley. Also yaks and horses are required as a mode of transportation. Make sure to keep enough collection of dry foods and water also bring good sunscreens minimum with the SPF35 along with good UV protection sunglasses and necessary medicines for everything. One must have the Tibet travel permit and Alien’s permit with him in order to wander in the valley. Must keep enough amounts of warm clothes. Individuals with heart problems must avoid going to the Gama valley as it takes a lot of strength and stamina to reach there.

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Yadong Valley

Yadong valley resides in Himalayan range located in the southern part of Tibet. This valley is situated between an Indian state namely Sikkim and Bhutan. This valley gains the popularity mainly due to its tea cultivation and also tea production, holding the largest granary of Tibet. The moist air coming from the Indian Ocean and the associated air currents from the south makes this valley full of warm air that in turn enhances and supports the growth of agriculture in the region. The journey to the valley offers to view the monasteries, lakes and fortresses etc. It is said that though this valley only the English people had invaded the Tibet long back.

Yadong Valley

Yadong Valley

The main attractions to witness in this valley are Dong Ga monastery, Garju monastery, Kangbu hot springs and natural stone Buddha, etc. April to September are the suggested best months to visit this valley as during these months the weather is comfortable due to the soothing winds and avoid winters as heavy snowfall obstructs the pathways. Do essential documents with you along with the warm comfortable clothes and some dry foods.

Chentang Valley

Chentang valley is located in the Dinggye County of beautiful Shigatse prefecture in Tibet. It is considered the imaginary utopia for the local sherpas or shepherds. The climate of this valley is unique, its regulated by the humid and warm air flowing from the Indian Ocean which creates a perfect climate extremely suitable for cultivation, this area grows a specific type of millet as the commercial crop as well as their cereal. The main attraction of this valley is the ecosystem, under the sparkling sunshine the valley manages to be veiled inside the mists and clouds.

Chentang Valley

Chentang Valley

Here you can avail the authentic glimpse of local life of the Sherpa, you can avail the local handicrafts and food prepared by the Tibetan Sherpa. You can observe the nine hot springs here, each one at the depth of about half metre. Local alcoholic drink specifically prepared by sherpas of this valley is quite a thing to enjoy, this alcoholic preparation is called Tongba, its prepared using the seed of chicken foot millet. The scenic beauty in its natural form, local life without any pinch of artificial or western influence, local domestic life of sherpas provides a the different experience and treat to the eyes. May and September are considered to be the best months to visit here as heavy snowfall in winters spoils the wander spirit. One must carefully keep all the permits with him and also all the essentials required during the journey.

Hopefully, you will enjoy to the fullest these exotic valleys embellished with mesmeric natural beauty and exuberant charm in your Tibet tour.

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