Tibetan Prostration: A Way to Feel the Inner Buddha Nature in you

Traveling through Tibet, you can always see the snow-capped mountains and the stunning lakes, the grand monasteries, and the breathtaking beauty of the Tibetan plateau. However, one of the most impressive scenes you will come across in Tibet is the devout Tibetan pilgrims prostrating at the side of the road as they make their way…

November 19, 2019 BY Kunga

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Tibetan Butter Sculpture – An Ancient form of Tibetan Art

There are many things in Tibet that most parts of the world find strange and intriguing. Probably one of the strangest, yet most beautiful, things to come out of this remote region of China is the Tibetan Butter Sculptures. What are Butter Sculptures Made from Tibetan Dri butter – the dri is the female yak…

June 1, 2017 BY Kunga

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Sakya Monastery, A Treasure House of Tibetan Buddhism

Sakya Monastery, in Tibet Autonomous Region, is the principal monastery of the Sakyapa sect of Tibetan Buddhism, and is located in Sakya County, in Shigatse Prefecture, south-west Tibet. Around 160km southwest of Shigatse, the monastery lies on the hillside on the road to Tingri. History of Sakya Monastery Several decades before the rise of the…

May 22, 2017 BY Kunga

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Tsha Tsha – A Miniature of Tibetan Buddhism

One of the many unique arts of the Tibetan people is the Tsha Tsha, handcrafted figurines made of clay, and painted in vibrant colors. Tsha Tsha is made exclusively in Tibet, and is a small piece of Buddhist artwork that was introduced into Tibet from ancient India. The Tsha Tsha is used to express a…

May 17, 2017 BY Kunga

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Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries in Tibet Tour

Although Tibet has been open to the world for dozens of years, many Tibet mysteries still remain unsolved. Is a abominable snowman of the Himalayas real? Why does the red snow only happen in Himalaya? In this post, we’ll introduce the top 10 Tibet’s unsolved mysteries for you, including Tibetan yeti stories, red snow in Himalaya,…

September 28, 2016 BY Kunga

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