2023 Tibet Winter Tour FAQs: top 8 Tibet winter travel advice

Traveling to Tibet in the winter months does have its advantages, such as cheaper accommodation, discounted flights, lower train ticket commissions (than in summer), and fewer tourists crowding the amazing attractions of Lhasa and Mount Everest. But what can you do in Tibet in the winter months? Where can you go and what can you…

November 30, 2018 BY Kunga

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Nyingchi Mainling Airport: Another Great Alternative to Fly to Tibet

Nyingchi Mainling Airport is the only airport opened for tourists in southeast Tibet. Among all the five airports in Tibet, Nyingchi Mainling Airport is the second busiest airport for tourism other than Lhasa Gonggar Airport. Why start your Tibet tour from Nyingchi? How to get to Nyingchi Mainling Airport and travel around? Here is the…

September 6, 2018 BY Kunga

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