5 Tips You Really Need if Planning to Travel Tibet with Kids

Traveling in Tibet is as safe for kids as it is for their parents. While the high Tibetan plateau may be the highest place on the planet, very often, the kids that visit this region are more adaptable and have fewer problems than their parents. As an experienced Tibet travel operator, we have arranged wonderful…

December 27, 2019 BY Kunga

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Top Seven Tips for a Comfortable Tibet Winter Tour

Visiting Tibet in winter is an enriching activity practiced by a growing number of travelers. The world’s highest plateau is particularly tranquil during this season when it comes to tourist crowds. But, if you are up to some bustle, local religious festival celebrations will give you plenty of opportunities for that. Tibet in winter is…

December 6, 2019 BY Kunga

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Seven Reasons for Travelling Tibet in Winter

You will experience a huge crowd in Tibet during peak seasons. If you want to avoid such hustle and bustle, travel Tibet during winters. You will enjoy the snow covered plateaus over there. Though many of the places in Tibet are chilled, but still Tibet is not that much chilled as you think, especially in…

November 27, 2017 BY Kunga

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The Trendiest Fashion – Visiting Tibet in Winter

It is the trendiest fashion to visit Tibet in winter. Although winter is an off season for Tibet tourism, you can also feel the passion of the snowy plateau. Most people think that it is not great to visit Tibet in winter. Actually, Tibet is also very beautiful in winter. You can see the majestic…

November 25, 2016 BY Kunga

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Top 8 Hot Springs in Tibet Winter Tour

Tibet is not only famous for breathtaking landscape and unique Tibetan culture, but also hot springs with medical treatment. In this post, I recommend eight great places for you to enjoy cozy bath in Tibet, such as Yangpachen Hot Spring, Lhase Hot Spring, Riduo Hot Sping, Dezong Hot Spring, Kangbu Hot Spring and so on.…

October 21, 2016 BY Kunga

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Top Six Places for Bird Watching in Tibet Winter

Tibet offers you different kinds of beauty at different seasons. You can tour Nyingchi in spring for the blooming peaches, take Kailash Kora in summer, trek Everest Base Camp in autumn. When it comes to winter, I strongly suggest you to go to Lhasa for appreciating migratory birds. In this post, I’ll recommend six prefect…

October 19, 2016 BY Kunga

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Top Seven Places to Enjoy Sunshine in Tibet Winter

With more than 3,000 hours of sunshine annually, Lhasa is highly reputed as “the City of Sunshine”. It has become a kind of fashion to tour Tibet in winter. Just bathing in the warm sunlight, I bet you’ll forget all your troubles and gain peace in mind. In this post, I’ll recommend top seven places…

October 13, 2016 BY Kunga

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