Top 8 Hot Springs in Tibet Winter Tour

Hot Spring in Tibet

It has become a fashion to enjoy a hot spring bath in Tibet winter.

Tibet is not only famous for breathtaking landscape and unique Tibetan culture, but also hot springs with medical treatment. In this post, I recommend eight great places for you to enjoy cozy bath in Tibet, such as Yangpachen Hot Spring, Lhase Hot Spring, Riduo Hot Sping, Dezong Hot Spring, Kangbu Hot Spring and so on.

Yangpajing Geothermal Hot Springs Resort

Located in the 90 kilometers northwest of Lhasa, Yangbachen Hot Spring, the world’s highest hot spring, is famous for its abundant geothermal resources. With a total area of over 7,000 square meters, Yangbajin is home to large-scale fountains, geysers, thermal springs, boiling springs, hot lakes, etc. Every year, Yangbajain Hot Springs emit heat every equal to that 4.7 million tons of standard coal. Throughout the year, hot water boils at 70℃ and bubbles amid a thick fog.

Yangpajing Geothermal Hot Springs Resort

Yangbachen Hot Spring

The grandest sight appears when the throttle valve is turned on, boiling water and steam will burst straight into the sky. On the background of the great Nyenchen Tangula Mountains and the vast green pasture, the white steam dragon is clearly visible several kilometers away. Hot springs here have a high mineral content and are thought to be able to cure diseases. How romantic it is to enjoy hot spring bath in Tibet winter tour!

Lhatse Hot Spring

Lhatse Hot Spring

Lhatse Hot Spring

Seating in the 15 kilometers northeast of Shigatse, Lhatse Hot Spring is 2 kilometers north to Friendship Highway. Lhatse Hot Spring has crystal clear water and contains a variety of minerals. Not only can it clean our skin but also cure stomach trouble, kidney problem, Skin disease, arthritis, etc.

Riduo Hot Spring

Riduo Hot Spring

Riduo Hot Spring

Sitting in Maizhokunggar County, Riduo Hot Spring has its unique water quality conditions and favorable geographical environment. According to the records of Tibetan Buddhism, Guru Padmasambhava once bathed in the Riduo Hot Spring and called it as holy water. It’s believed that bathing in Riduo Hot Spring can wash away the past sin, purify the spirit, arouse people to do good things benefit to others and bring good luck in the next world.

Tibet Dezong Hot Spring Resort / Tidrum Hot Springs

Situated in Maizhokunggar County, Dezong Hot Spring, one of the four holy hot springs in Tibet, is 140 kilometers away from Lhasa city. One special thing here is the snake appearing around Tidrum Hot Spring. However, you don’t need to worry about the safety. Those snakes can increase the treatment function of hot water, but they have never hurt a man for thousands of years. So don’t be panic if coming across them and take things easy.

Dedrom Hot Spring

Dedrom Hot Spring

There are 3 hot spring pools in Dezong, Tibet. 1 pool is for men, another for women, and the 3rd pool is mixed. If planning to stay overnight, you can indulge in a moonlit soak with candles. As long as the sky is clean, you will be lucky enough to appreciate a magnificent canopy of stars overhead. Meanwhile, you can pay a visit to Tidrum Nunnery nearby and drive to Drigung Til Monastery.

Kangbu Hot Spring

Khambu Hot Spring

Local Tibetans are waiting for their turn to have bath in Khambu Hot Spring.

Lying in the narrow valley of Yadong County, Kangbu Hot Spring is about 300 kilometers away from Shigatse. With an area of about 50,000 square meters, Khambu Hot spring has rich mineral substance, lush vegetation and fertile soil. Regarded as the world’s second priory in Tibetan Buddhist sutras, Kangbu Hot Spring with 14 mouths is one of Tibetan famous therapeutic hot springs.  Some mouths can cure orthopedics, some dermatology, some gynecopathy, some headache, some heart disease. Therefor, a great number of visitors travel from Nepal to Tibet for having a soak in Kangbu Hot Spring.

Qianiu Hot Spring

Qianiu Hot Spring in Ngari Prefecture

Qianiu Hot Spring in Ngari Prefecture

There are two spring mouths in Qianiu Hot Spring Resort. One belongs to plateau boiling spring. Due to the frequent magmatic activities around Mount Kailash, hydro-thermal activities are relatively stronger with higher temperature. You can not only see water rolling but also hear it bubbling up. Sometimes, the boiling steam will burst straight into the sky as high as one meter. Another one is a typical kind of geyser. The fountain spurts water into the air every five minutes and then clam down for the next eruption.

Rongma Hot Spring

Rongma Hot Spring

Rongma Hot Spring

Rongma rock paintings and hot spring area located in the Qingshui Valley, Rongma Village, Nyima County, Tibet. Driving towards northern Tibet, you’ll get to the depopulated zone-Mayi National Wildlife Refuge. Due to its remote location, a few people know about it yet. Many ancient rock paintings have survived in the hills, among which Jialinshan rock painting is the most famous one for its unique simple style. As the season changes, many stones present different pictures. Till now, no one can explain this mystery. Rongma Hot Spring covers hundreds of square meters and has a significant curative effect on arthritis and skin diseases. At present, Rongma Hot Spring is still in the natural state without any artificial trace.

Jikar Hot Spring

Jikar Hot Spring

Jikar Hot Spring

At the foot of Mount Namjagbarwa, Jikar Hot Spring in Nyingchi is also well-known for its cure for diseases. With the average temperature of 40-50 ℃, Jikar Hot Spring contains various trace elements and minerals. It’s said that two hot springs along the roadsides can improve our eyesight and the one near the stream can treat rheumatism. You can take an early morning hot spa for sweet birds’ chirping and less tourists.

Tips for Tibetan Hot Springs

1. Enjoying hot springs on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau would consume more energy and the demand for oxygen becomes greater. Please avoid frolicking in the waters, or you’ll be breathless, fatigue, even faint.
2. It is not advisable to soak for a long time. You can soak for 15 to 20 minutes at one time and rest for a while before taking another bath.
3. Remember to take off all your metal jewelry or accessories before bathing, preventing them from being eroded by certain minerals.
4. Remember not to soak in within 1 hour before or after meals. Do not soak when you are hungry or drunk.
5. Hot spring bath is not suitable for those with hypertension, heart disease and wounds.

Actually, Tibet is home to more than two hundred of hot springs in all sizes. I can’t name them all our here. Please feel free to contact us for more about Tibet tour!

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3.) explore mysterious Tibetan Buddhism

4.) appreciate the beauty of holy Tibetan lakes

5.) experience divine kora around holy Mt. Kailash

6.) witness exotic Tibetan culture

7.) taste Tibetan, Nepali, Indian cuisine

8.) look for a paradise of photography

9.) have safari on the roof of the world

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