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Eastern Tibet Tour - Nyingtri

Blessed with “Swiss-Alps” landscapes, mild climate, varied flora and fauna, eastern Tibet, esp. Nyingtri Prefecture offers you an otherworldly destination for discovery. Our expertly-crafted eastern Tibet tours combine the best local Tibetan experiences with a romantic journey to explore snow-capped peaks, pristine forests, and turquoise lakes and picture-postcard Tibetan villages, etc. around Nyingtri.

No matter what your interests are or at all ages, you may customize a tour based on your needs. Surrounded by blooming peach blossoms and majestic peaks and canyons, you will follow our expert local leaders and enjoy the attentive services to reveal the unique charm of eastern Tibet, with great relish.

Most Popular Tibet Nyingchi Tours

A tailor-made journey to Nyingtri brings you the greatest flexibility for sightseeing and photography. You can time your visit in its best travel seasons and freely decide your entry city, either Lhasa or Chengdu and later enjoy the photography and exploration amid the majestic landscapes to your heart’s content. Our multi-lingual local leaders, helpful local services, like hotel booking, transfer, travel kits rental, etc. will help you make the most of your adventure in Nyingchi and beyond. Check the following tour samples and work with our travel consultants to build yours.

Nyingtri Tour Moments

Most Asked Questions about Nyingchi Tour

What is the best time to visit eastern Tibet, let’s say Nyingtri?

Though Nyingtri is available all year round, the best travel season, if you mainly go for photography, esp. peach blossoms, would be late March to early April when the annual peach blossom festivities are held. While May and June are also the best time for rhododendrons with pleasing temperature and crystal-clear mountain views, vibrant primeval forests and shimmering Niyang River. Besides, Oct. to Nov is also a great time for seeing Mt. Namche Barwa. - Check When is the Best Time to Visit Nyingchi

How can you get to Nyingchi?

There are 3 ways to reach Nyingchi: one is that firstly fly to Lhasa and then travel by tour vehicle to Nyingchi, which is the most classic way. The second way is to fly directly from Chengdu, Chongqing or Kunming to Nyingchi. Due to the slow altitude gain, it is fairly popular for the elderly and younger travelers. The final way is to travel by overland from Chengdu via G318 Hwy, an ultimate road trip adventure for in-depth travel.

What are the top things to do in Nyingtri?

Some of the top experiences involve: enjoy the blooming peach blossoms in Spring; view the mighty Mt. Namche Barwa; explore the Lake Basomtso and its mid-lake temple and go yachting there; visit the pristine forests and varied flora and fauna in Lulang Forest; enjoy the Midui Glaciers; stroll enchanting Niyang River; visit the giant cypress nature reserve and Lamalin Temple, a famous Nyingma monastery in Nyingtri, etc.

Any good hotels recommended for staying in Nyingtri?

Like Lhasa, there is a wide variety of accommodations in Nyingtri. For mid-range 4-star hotels: Tibet Linzi Hotel, Zhonghai Garden Hotel, and Minshan Grand hotel are highly recommended. For luxury resorts, you may consider Hilton LinZhi Resort; Tingyard Hotel and V-Continent Nyingchi Hotel. Our travel consultants will offer you the best options based on your needs and help you secure the hotel booking.

What about the local food available in Nyingtri?

Traveling in Nyingtri offers a feast both to your eyes and taste buds. The most famous food here is called Lulang Shi Guo Ji or stone pot chicken, somewhat like hot pot yet with great nutrition and finger-licking taste. Besides, the Zangxiang Pig or Tibetan pork is also a local delicacy enjoyed by Tibetans. The various mushrooms, esp. Matsutake and yummy muttons and Tibetan sausages etc. will make you fight for the last gulp.

Do you have to worry about the altitude sickness in Nyingtri?

Nope. With an average altitude of 3,000m and massive pristine forests, Nyingtri is the last place for you to worry about the altitude sickness. And our seasoned local leaders will offer you all the help throughout your journey. - Check the experts’ tip to avoid acute altitude sickness in Tibet.

What are the best places to enjoy peach blossoms?

Every year, from mid-March to early April is believed to be the best timing for viewing enormous rosy peach blossoms that blankets the valley and along the Niyang River. In Nyingtri, Gala Village, Kasimu village; Daze Village are the best places to view blooming peach blossoms. While in Bomi Country, Runa village and Qingduo village are the best vantage point for photography.

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