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Hotels in Shigatse City


As the second largest city in Tibet, Shigatse city provides tourists a wide range of choice in accommodation, Tibetan-style, hostels, starred hotels from 3 or 4 star ones. Most of them offer reasonably good accommodations and facilities. However, there is no 5 star hotel in Shigatse city at present. Anyway, it is not necessary to worry about the accommodations in Shigatse even if you want to stay there for a few days.

Comfortable 4 Star Hotels in Shigatse City

  •  Hotel Exterior

    Shigatse Manasarovar Hotel

    Location:No. 20, Qingdao East Road, Shigatse

    Shigatse Manasarovar Hotel is a Tibetan style hotel in Shigatse, providing deluxe suites, standard rooms and economy rooms, all of which are well furnished with modern amenities.

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  •  Hotel Exterior

    Jiumu Yamei Hotel in Shigatse

    Location:No.3, Nianhe North Road, Shigatse, Tibet

    Jiumu Yamei Hotel in Shigatse is an international four-star hotel in Shigatse, offering standard rooms, luxury rooms, and luxury suites.

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  •  Hotel Exterior of Shigatse Zanglong Hotel

    Shigatse Zanglong Grand Hotel

    Location:No.1, Zhufeng Road, Shigatse

    Zanglong Grand Hotel in Shigatse is an international 4 star hotel in Shigatse located in downtown of Shigatse, providing 118 Tibetan-style rooms.

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  • Glass Ceilings Suite of Qomo Langzong Hotel

    Shigatse Qomo Langzong Hotel

    Location:Shanghai Middle Road, Shigatse, Tibet

    Qomo Langzong Hotel is a luxury hotel in Shiagtse, Tibet, providing high-quality services and modern luxury amenities.

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Economy 3-star Hotels in Shigatse City

  • Facade of Shigatse Hotel

    Shigatse Hotel

    Location:No.12, Middle Shanghai Road, Shigatse

    With a good location in the center of town and near the Thashilunpo Monastery as well as the bus stations. It is convenient go shopping and enjoying the view. It is a typical Tibetan style hotel.

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  • Facade of Shigatse Yak Hotel

    Shigatse Yak Hotel

    Location:No.20, Qingdao Road, Shigatse

    Shigatse Yak Hotel is a budget hotel in Shigatse for stay a night on the way to Mt. Everest. This hotel is convenient for shopping for numerous shops nearby.

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  • Facade of Shigatse Taixing Hotel

    Shigatse Taixing Hotel

    Location:No.4 East Zhade Road, Shigatse

    Taixing Hotel is a common 3 star hotel in Shigatse, providing clean spacious rooms with modern facilities.

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  • Facade of Shigatse Yangtze Hotel

    Shigatse Yangtze Hotel

    Location:North of Heilongjiang Road, Shigatse

    Yangtze Hotel in Shigatse is a Tibetan style hotel in Shigatse, with wonderful Tibetan decoration and good location.

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  • Facade of Shigatse Wutse Grand Hotel

    Shigatse Wutse Grand Hotel

    Location:No.21 Heilongjiang East Road

    Shigatse Wutse Hotel is quite a comfortable 3 star hotel in Shigatse, within walking distance to the famous Tashilunpo Monastery.

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Budget Hotel in Shigatse City

  •  Hotel Exterior of Tenzin Hotel

    Shigatse Tenzin Hotel

    Location: No. 8, Bangjiazha Bangjialin Road, Shigatse

    Tenzin Hotel is budget hotel in Shigatse, popular with tourists at home and abroad for its good location in the center of town and near the bus station.

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