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Kangbu Hot Spring

One of famous hot springs in Tibet

About Kangbu Hot Spring

Kangbu Hot Spring, Yangpachen Hot Spring, Tidrum Hot Spring, Riduo Hot Spring and Woka Hot Spring are regarded as the most famous hot springs in Tibet by local people. 

Like other remedial hot springs, Kangbu has very special treatment effect. It is located in Kangbu Village, Yadong County, with 14 mouths. Some mouths can cure orthopedics, some dermatology, some gynecopathy, some headache, some heart disease. Every year, many visitors from home and abroad come to Kangbu Hot Spring to have baths both physically and mentally. Sometimes you can not set your feet in the pool because there are too many people there.

Kangbu Hot Spring, even very famous in Bhutan, has rich mineral substance, plenty trees and fertile earth. 12 of its 14 mouths has been developed into well equipped bathhouses, in which men and women could soak together.

It is said that if you really want to get significant curative effect, you should have 2 course of treatment respectively in Spring and Autumn, and every course will last 21 days. 

As a consequence of numerous visitors, local people even opened some bars and karaoke nearby.

Tips of Kangbu Hot Spring

1. Remember not to soak in within 1 hour before or after meals. Do not soak when you are hungry or drunk.

2. Remember to take off all your metal jewelry or accessories before bathing, preventing them from being eroded by certain minerals.

3. It is not advisable to soak for a long time. You can soak for 15 to 20 minutes at one time and rest for a while before take another bath.

4. Avoid doing active exercises when bathing, especially in highland. 

Attractions nearby Kangbu Hot Spring

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