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How to Keep Healthy While Traveling in Tibet

Traveling in Tibet is like no other! The high altitude (above 4,000m on average), harsh alpine climate, and the vast wilderness make it a visually-pleasing yet physically-challenging place to visit. However, there is no need to worry too much about your travel safety in Tibet. So long as you have an average fitness level and get fully prepared for the Tibet tour, you will definitely enjoy a safe and pleasant adventure in Tibet. Please read on to find more helpful expert tips for health travel in Tibet.

Do you have to worry about altitude sickness issue in Tibet?

Due to the thin air and high altitude, the altitude sickness is the major issue for Tibet travel. Nevertheless, there is no need to get too nervous, for anyone who travels to places above 3000 meters will respond physically to the altitude ascents. The situation varies from person to person. It’ pretty common to experience things like dizziness, shortness of breath, and insomnia and rapid pulse and headache, etc.

Just don’t panic. Drink more water, have a good rest at your hotel, and avoid exerting yourself by running or jumping. The first couple of days in Lhasa will help you get acclimatized to the Tibetan Plateau. Throughout your stay in Tibet, our local leaders will closely monitor your health. Oxygen supply, timely treatment, and great care from your attentive guide are readily available.

Check our expert tips about how to avoid altitude sickness in Tibet

Are local Tibetans friendly to overseas travelers?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, locals are more than friendly to international tourists. Just as how much you find the lives of Tibetans interesting, so are locals extremely curious to learn more of foreign visitors from afar. As you roam around Barkhor Street, esp. with your kids, you are very likely to be invited to take photos with locals. If you visit a locals’ family, the hospitable householder will treat you with tasty sweet tea, yak meat, and barley wine and Tibetan momos, ginseng fruit, Tsampa, etc.

Is there a need to have vaccination before traveling to Tibet?

No vaccination is needed for Tibet visit. All the attractions and regions you will visit Tibet are virus-free.

Who are not recommended to visit Tibet?

Although Tibet is available to travelers of all ages, some are not recommended to visit Tibet. If you happen to have a heart problem, hypertension, and asthma, or other cardiovascular diseases, the visit to Tibetan Plateau, with thin air and high altitude, could be unsafe for you.

Besides, please try to avoid catching a cold shortly before your departure to Tibet, because the thin air on Tibetan Plateau may make it worse.

If you happen to have altitude sickness what should you do?

If your initial symptoms of headache or shortness of breath, etc. get worse and you are in the tour group, then do not hesitate to reach your local guide who will provide the oxygen supply and timely treatment for you. If you feel uncomfortable in the hotel at night, also call your guide or our designed customer service manager who will take you to the nearest hospital for treatment. Just no worries. A 24/7 call service is available to you.

Any other health issues that deserve your attention in Tibet?

Although many of the stray dogs inside the monasteries are harmless, you are not expected to approach barking dogs on the mountain trails, esp. the chained Tibetan mastiffs, an aggressive Tibetan dog traditionally used to protect livestock from wolves.

Besides, no matter how clean the spring or holy lake seems, don’t drink the raw water which may lead to diarrhea.

The up to 8 hours’ strong sunshine on a daily basis, together with powerful UV light in Tibet, makes your skin vulnerable to sunburn. Don’t forget to bring sunblock, and long-sleeve T-shirt and sunglasses and sun hats and eye drops and lip balm, etc.

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