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How to Protect Your Skin in Tibet - 10 Best Skin Care Tips

The scientists believe that the main reason that causes skin damage and skin aging is the sunshine. Because of the special environment of the highest plateau, the climate of Tibet is very dry and with low oxygen content, much dust and strong ultraviolet rays, which may easily hurt your skin. Therefore, when you travel in Tibet, skin care becomes very important and necessary for you, especially if you are a woman.

Tibetan women are experts at skin care. The most popular skin care products in Tibet are fresh cream, yogurt, herbal juice, flower juice, honey, etc. However, many young girls are inclined to put some yogurt, which turns black on the face after a while, looking like a mask. They always have the “masks” on for several days. Once they remove them off, one will be amazed by their soft, white and rosy cheeks. Among all the methods, flower juice is the most effective as well as the most difficult one. You have to collect a bunch of flowers first, which grow above 4,000-meter’s elevation and below the snowline. Boil them with snow water until the white petals turn yellow. These methods are simple but the effect is time-proven. In the meanwhile, travelers, while enjoying the picturesque landscape here, also need to be fully prepared for this challenge.

Care your face in Tibet

1. Hydrating and Moisturizing
How to hydrate the facial skin while traveling in Tibet is a task as well as a must. Visitors are advised to drink, if possible, as much as 2,000ml of water, because of the high evaporation rate in this highland. However, bringing that much water is somehow inconvenient for trekkers or campers. Whenever you come across a restaurant, drink as much as possible. After absorbing enough water, the condition of facial skin will be improved naturally. Vegetables and fruits are also very necessary. Tomatoes and grape tomatoes, consisting of rich vitamin C, are very helpful in moisturizing the skin.

Still, before going out, one needs to use some skin care products in advance. After cleaning face, put on some facial toner and then the moisturizing cream. In spring, there may be frequent sand storms in Tibet. The situation will be smoothened in its rainy seasons - Summer and Autumn. Relatively speaking, at that time, the weather is more humid than ever before. Nevertheless, the skin care should never be neglected.

2. Warming and Wind-proofing
Tibet in winter is freezing. The temperature difference is also huge. In daytime, the weather may be warm, but when it comes to night, the temperature will drop dramatically, which is very troublesome for your skin. Especially in spring and winter, the wind is like a crazy monster, roaring relentlessly all the time. A mask, protecting your face from exposure and cold wind is necessary. Meanwhile, you also need to pay attention to your hands. Wearing a pair of gloves would be helpful. In summer and autumn, sand storms gradually weaken, with relatively warm weather. That’s when you can enjoy the amazing sceneries in Tibet free from care.

3. Sun-blocking
This may be the most important of all! The ultraviolet radiation in Tibet is as strong as the Rome Empire back in the old days. In spring, it becomes mild owning to the rains, clouds and hails. However, still travelers can put some facial tonner on just in case. When summer comes, the sun is scorching. Visitors are not advised to wear short sleeves even if it’s really hot outside. Otherwise one may get sunburn. In addition, a sun hat, a very big one that can relieve the whole face from burning, is a really wise choice. Then a little bit sunscreen would be perfect. In fact, you can see lots of local people wearing hats too. Sunglasses are also extremely important, protecting eyes from the damage of strong sunlights and ultraviolet rays.

4. If sunburn does happen, take it seriously and apply after-sun repair immediately. If necessary, pack some band aids.

5. After washing face, do not dry it with towel. Let it dry naturally.

6. If you feel like having a sunstroke, cease any exercises that you are doing and take a rest in a shadow for a while.

7. It’s always good to protect the skin by keeping a delicate and happy mood, talking to friends, listening to some relaxing music.

8. Sunglasses and a hat is necessary, The hat should be in right size and it is not supposed to be very tight when putting on your head, or it may have your forehead decorated with pimples.

9.It is suggested that washing your face at night while not doing so in the morning shall protect your skin. And if you need to be outside for a long time, let’s say, more than 10days, then, you’d better not wash your face if good sanitary condition is not available. Sometimes, your dirty face may protect itself from the damage of the sun. Some people also advice that butter can be used on your face to protect it and it is pretty helpful. So, if necessary, try some, better dirty than hurt.

10.Last bur not least, maintaining a good mood is also very helpful to protect your skin. So be happy and be strong no matter how harsh the environment may be.

The skin care tips are of great importance when traveling to Tibet. Make sure you are ready for this.

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