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Find a Hospital in Tibet

You can find hospitals in major towns in Tibet, but the standard of most hospitals in Tibet is not very high, only with basic facilities. The medical and sanitary conditions of most hospitals are not as satisfactory as those in developed areas. However, in an emergency, they can still give basic medical treatments and be of great value in saving a life when necessary. Western pharmaceutical treatment, Tibetan herbal remedies and Chinese herbal remedies are also accessible. If you have mild altitude sickness or need a rabies vaccine, a small clinic in might be also practical.

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TAR People's Hospital

The TAR People's Hospital on the Linkuo Beilu is the biggest and best hospital in Tibet. For emergency treatment for ailments such as mountain sickness, go to the Emergency Treatment Center in the building right next door. There are doctors who speak English here, and if you can't find them, ask at reception for them to be called on their pagers. If necessary, you can be admitted to the hospital here. (24 hours open; Tel 86-891-6322200 (emergency department), 86-891-6322177)

Tibetan Traditional Hospital (Mentsikhang)

Opposite the Barkhor Square, the Tibetan Traditional Hospital (Mentsikhang) is a Tibetan medicine hospital. The staff here is very kind and some doctors can speak English. (Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 10:00-13:00; Tel 86-891-6324211 (emergency department), 86-891-6323244)

Lhasa Emergency Treatment Center

The Lhasa Emergency Treatment Center is on the junction of Lingkhor Bei Lu and Duosinge Bei Lu, next to TAR People's Hospital, has English speaking doctors and their service can be reached by emergency call 120.

People's Hospital Lhasa 

The hospital is located on the eastern side of the junction where the Beijing Donglu meets the Linlang Donglu. (Tel 86-891-6323811)

TAR Hospital of Tibetan Medicine, north end of Niangre Nan Lu

Military Hospital Dental Clinic, on Beijing Xi Lu and near Holiday Inn

Shigatse Hospital is about 500 m (1,650 feet) north of Shigatse Hotel, on Jiefang Dong Lu.

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