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Tsurphu to Yangpachen Trek

June,10 2023 BY Lobsang Tsering 0 COMMENTS

Tsurphu to Yangpachen trek is a rugged walk beginning at Tsurphu Monastery and crossing several high valleys like Leten valley and Bartso valley before emerging into the broad and windswept Yangpachen Valley. This trek is a nicely balanced combination of cultural and wilderness activities, with alpine tundra, mountain panoramas, ancient monasteries and a remote nunnery.

Tsurphu to Yangpachen TrekkingOur clients were camping during Tsurphu to Yangpachen Trekking Tour.

As a well-known mature trekking route in Tibet, Tsurphu to Yangpachen trek is also listed as one of the top 20 Tibet trekking routes in China and deserves your try when you travel to Tibet.

Tsurphu to Yangpachen Trek Tour

Tsurphu to Yangpachen Trekking Route

Tsurphu to Yangpachen Trekking Route

Tsurphu Monastery(4300m) - Leten - Bartso - Dorji Ling Nunnery - Yangpachen Monastery

This Route begins at Tsurphu Monastery and crosses several high valleys before coming into Yanpachen valley, ends at Yanpanche Monastery. There are alpine tundra, hot springs, a lots nomads, monasteries and nunnery.

April to October is the best time to do this trek because of the flourishing grass and wildflower in grassland. This trek perfectly balances cultural and wilderness activities, and tourists can have a close eye to Tibetan nomands lifestyle.

Trekkers Itinerary

Day 1: Trek from Tsurphu Monastery (4300m) to Leten
Day 2: Trek from Leten to Bartso
Day 3: Trek from Bartso to Dorji Ling Nunnery
Day 4: Trek from Dorji Ling Nunnery to Yangpachen Monastery

Highlights along the Route

Tsurphu Monastery

Tsurphu Monastery

Tsurpu Monastery was built in the middle of the valley facing south with high mountains surrounding the complex, which is a gompaserved as the traditional seat of the Karmapa, the head of the Karma Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism.

Tsurphu Monastery has an annual festival around the time of the Saga Dawa festival, on the 9th, 10th and 11th days of the 4th Tibetan month (around May). There is plenty of free-flowing chang (Tibetan barley beer), as well as ritual cham dancing and the unfurling of a great Thangka on the platform across the river from the monastery.

Yangpachen Hot Spring

Yangpachen Hot Spring

Yangpachen is famous with its geothermal scenery. Every year, Yangpachen Hot Spring emits heat every equal to that 4.7 million tons of standard coal. Yangpachen Hot Spring’s geothermal field covers 40 square km.

Throughout the year, hot water at 70℃ boils and bubbles amid a thick fog. The grandest sight appears when the throttle valve is turned on, boiling water and steam will burst straight into the sky.

Tibetan Nomads

Nomads Lifestyle

Black yak wool or white canvas tents are Tibetan nomads’ houses with simple lifestyle and little furniture. There are a stove in the center of the tent. This is the typical lifestyle of Tibetan nomads.

In spite of their permanent winter homes, they spend much of the year camping with their animals. These nomads have vicious dogs and the trekker is much fully depending upon self-sufficient for food, shelter and fuel.

Trekking Tips

1. Before you travel to Tibet, Tibet Entry Permit and other relative permits are necessary for your trip.
2. Due to high altitude, you need to take a physical examination before you go to Tibet.
3. There are large temperature difference between day and night and strong ultraviolet in Tibet, so you'd better take warm clothes and protect skin from sunburn.
4. Camp is a part of a long trekking tour, so you can bring tent and other equipment or just rent necessary gears in Lhasa.

Tsurphu to Yangpachen trek tour is an excellent 4 days trek for those who want to get a close contact with the nomads and get to know about their lifestyle. The end point of this trek, Yangpachen Monastery is perched on top of a small hill on the left side of road to Shigatse, overlooking a broad sweep of trans-Himalaya peaks. From Yangpachen Monastery, it is 15km road journey to Yangpachen, from where there are many minibuses back to Lhasa.

Tsurphu to Yangpachen Trek Tour

Lobsang Tsering

About the Author - Lobsang Tsering

Born in the Kham region and growing up in Lhasa, Lobsang Tsering has been credited by many travelers as a versatile, professional, and charismatic Tibetan guide. He is also one of the most experienced Tibetan guides in our big family.

Nowadays, Lobsang has dedicated himself to creating bite-sized Tibet travel videos and writing insightful travel articles for global travelers planning to visit Tibet.

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