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Nyenchen Tanglha Trek - Damxung to Namtso

June,10 2023 BY Lobsang Tsering 0 COMMENTS

Nyenchen Tanglha trek is a fabulous trek of traversing the Nyenchen Tanglha Mountains to the famous holy Lake Namtso. In this trekking, a number of stream crossings await you.

Nyenchen Tanglha Trek Nyenchen Tanglha Trekking is a precious experience.

A tundra-filled upper valley gradually climbs to the Kyang-la (Onager pass), followed by a steep descent onto the Changtang plains. Fantastic views of sparkling Namtso and Tashi Do are visible from many vantage points on the trail. And colourful drokpa camps dot the way.

Most tourists who travel to Tibet will drive from Lhasa to visit the heaven lake Namtso. But if you want to see the ecological mosaic of northern Tibet in all its splendor, this trek is designed for you to get close encounters with the mysterious drokpa stones, the seminomadic shepherds of the region with their ancient customs and traditions. 

Trekking Map

Nyenchen Tanglha Trek Map

Nyenchen Tanglha Trekking Route

Damxung-Tashi Dorje-Namtso

his Tibet trekking tour starts from Damxung, passes through, beautiful meadows, glaciated valleys and mountains of the Nyenchen Thanguha range to the pebbled shores of the lake. Fantastic views of sparkling Namtso is visible from many vantage points on the trail.

Trekkers Itinerary

Day 1: Damxung(begin trekking)
Day 2: Treking 7-8 hours
Day 3: Treking 6-7 hours 
Day 4: To Tashi Dorje and Namtso

Highlights along the Route

Nyenchen Tanglha Mountains

Nyenchen Tanglha

The Nyenchen Tanglha Mountain is located in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China. It is 1500 km long and 80 km wide with average altitude from 5000 to 6000 meters.The highest peak of Nyenchen Tanglha range is 7,162m.

As one of the four well-known holy mountains in Tibet it is enveloped in clouds and mist, snow-capped all year round. Interestingly, in the Tibetan language, Nyenchen means "big god" and Tanglha means "mountain on the highland". In terms of its name we can see the reverence the Tibetans hold for this mountain.

Therefore, every year,many tourists pay a visit to Nenchen Tnglha mountain, which is an unforgetable lifetime experience.



Namtso is a well-known sacred place of Buddhism as well as one of the three major sacred lakes in Tibet. This lake lies at an elevation of 4,718 m, and it has a surface area of 1,920 km2 . This salt lake is the largest lake in the Tibet Autonomous Region.In Tibetan, Namtso means 'Heavenly Lake.'Its touching beauty has always been attracting tourists all around the world. Additionally,its purity and solemnness are symbols of Qinghai-Tibet Platean.

Summer is the best time to pay a visit here. Wild yaks and hares are leisurely looking for food along the shore. Countless birds are flying around here,enjoying the warmth of the sunshine. sheep and cows herds are are grazing. This time of the year Namtso Lake is full of life and vitality.

Lobsang Tsering

About the Author - Lobsang Tsering

Born in the Kham region and growing up in Lhasa, Lobsang Tsering has been credited by many travelers as a versatile, professional, and charismatic Tibetan guide. He is also one of the most experienced Tibetan guides in our big family.

Nowadays, Lobsang has dedicated himself to creating bite-sized Tibet travel videos and writing insightful travel articles for global travelers planning to visit Tibet.

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