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Tibetan Festival Tour

Festival is a kind of comprehensive culture, serving as a bridge into the soul of an ethnic group. General festivals are held in certain seasons, but the contents are all-embracing. Especially some grand festivals thoroughly reflect regional politics and economy, production and living, religion and belief, culture and arts, social interaction, national psychology and so forth. Tibetan, one of Chinese ethnic minorities, have great talent in singing and dancing and enjoy various kinds of social activities. As an important platform for social events, Tibetan festivals almost take place every month. Some last for one or two days, while some would be celebrated for more then ten days. In addition to national festivals, different regions have their own unique regional festivals.

With various manifestations, Tibetan festivals have rich contents, including worship, farming, commemoration, celebration, social recreation, etc. According to different nature and purpose, festivals in Tibet can be roughly classified into four groups, the religious festival, the productive festival, the entertaining festival and the seasonal festival.

2017 & 2018 Tibetan Festivals & Calendar

Tibetan Festivals2018 Solar Calendar2017 Solar CalendarActive RegionRelated Tour Itinerary
Tibetan New Year
(The most important)
Feb.16 Feb.27 TAR 7 Days Tibet New Year Festival Tour
(Celebrate the festival with local Tibetans)
Samye Cham Dance Festival Feb.25 N/A Samye Monastery Contact us to tailor your own trip
Butter Lantern Festival Mar.2 Mar.12 Jokhang Monastery Contact us to tailor your own trip
Tsurphu Cham Dance Festival May.24 Jun.5 Tsurphu Monastery Contact us to tailor your own trip
Saga Dawa Festival
(The holiest one)
May.29 Jun.9 TAR 15 Days Tour Kailash in Saga Dawa Festival
(Circle around Mt. Kailash for worship)
Drigung Til Cham Dance Festival Jun.10 Jun.18 Drigung Til Monastery Contact us to tailor your own trip
Tashilhunpo Thangka Festival Jun.26 Jul.8 Tashilhunpo Monastery 8 Days Tashilhunpo Festival Tour
(Participate various religious events)
Universal Prayer Day Jun.28 Jul.9 TAR Contact us to tailor your own trip
Yangpachen Monastrey Cham Dance Festival Jul.12 N/A Yangpachen Monastrey Contact us to tailor your own trip
Chokor Duchen Festival Jul.16 Jul.27 TAR Contact us to tailor your own trip
Gyangtse Horse Racing Festival Jul.20 N/A Gyangtse 7 Days Gyantse Damar Festival Tour
Ganden Thangka Festival Jul.27 Aug.1 Gandan Monastery Contact us to tailor your own trip
Nagqu Horse Racing Festival Aug.10 N/A Nagqu 8 Days Tibet Nagqu Horce Racing Festival Budget Travel by Train
Shoton Festival
(The most popular)
Aug.11 Aug.21 TAR 6 Days Shoton Festival Experience Tour
(Experience the grandest festival to Tibetans)
Drepung Monastrey Lhoobhum Festival Aug.18 N/A Drepung Monastrey Contact us to tailor your own trip
Drak Yerpa Monastrey Cham Dance Festival Aug.20 N/A Drak Yerpa Monastrey Contact us to tailor your own trip
Damxung Horse Racing Festival Aug.20 N/A Damxung Contact us to tailor your own trip
Bathing Festival Sept.16 Sept.6 TAR Contact us to tailor your own trip
Ongkor Festival End of Sept N/A TAR Contact us to tailor your own trip
Buddha's Descent Day Oct.31 Nov.10 TAR Contact us to tailor your own trip
Kongpo and Ngari Area's New Year Festival Nov.8 Nov.19 Kongpo & Ngari Contact us to tailor your own trip
Palden Lhamo Festival Nov.23 Dec.3 Lhasa Contact us to tailor your own trip
Tsongkhapa Butter Lamp Festival Dec.2 Dec.12 Lhasa 5 Days Gaden Ngachen Chenmo Festival Tour
(Join the commemoration of Tsongkapa)

The Most Important Festivals and Celebrations of Tibet

  • Tibetan New Year

    Tibetan New Year / Losar

    The Tibetan New year, also known as Losar Festival, is the most important festival on the Tibetan calendar. Based on the Tibetan Calendar, annual New Year celebration begins on December 29 and lasts 2 weeks.Tibetan New Year offers the travelers a great opportunity to enjoy the annual festive occasion with local Tibetans.

  • Saga Dawa Festival

    Saga Dawa Festival

    Saga Dawa Festival is the most significant religious festival in Tibet. It is celebrated on April 15th in Tibetan calendar and continues for the whole month. Monks chanting in monasteries, cham dancing and other religious activities dominate the occasion. The most attractive event for tourists is to watch devoted pilgrims circling around religious sites like Jokhang Temple, Mount Kailash, etc.

  • Shoton Festival

    Shoton Festival

    Shoton Festival, also named as Tibetan Opera Festival or Buddha Exhibition Festival, is the most important and attractive for the Tibetans with full of ethnic songs and dances along with famous Tibetan opera performing at Norbulingka Palace. Hundreds of thousands of Tibetans gather at Drepung Monetary, Sera monastery to see the famous Buddha Thangka. It falls on July 1st of Tibetan calendar, lasting for a few days.

All Tibetan Festivals that the Locals will Celebrate

Most Recommended Tibetan Festival Tour Packages

Tibetan Festival Tour

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