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Etiquette and Taboos in Tibet

Etiquette and Taboos in Tibet

Tibetan is a nationality with unique culture and strong religious belief, do watch your behavior when you are travelling in Tibet. Though Tibetan people are friendly and easy to get along with, Tibetans have different ways of behavior in many aspects due to their unique culture and religion. Be sure to respect local customs and be polite. Learn these etiquettes and taboos in Tibet before travelling to Tibet, so that you will know the Do's and Don'ts in Tibet and how to behave well during Tibet tour.

Etiquette and Taboos When Travelling in Tibet

Etiquette and Taboos When Travelling in Tibet

To ensure that you do not offend anyone by mistake while on your Tibet tour, you should get to know the etiquettes and taboos before you leave for the land of snows.


How to Have Good Manners When Travelling in Tibet

How to Have Good Manners When Travelling in Tibet

Most Tibetan people have strong religious beliefs and restrict etiquettes and taboos. Before you go to Tibet, it is quite necessary to learn how to have good manners in Tibet so as to avoid offending local people in Tibet.


The Sixteen Taboos of Travelling to Tibet

The Sixteen Taboos of Travelling to Tibet

When youtravel to Tibet, you should pay attention to the taboos in Tibet. The followings are sixteen taboos of travelling to Tibet.


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