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Lhasa and Shigatse Tour

Covering two of the biggest cities of Tibet, Lhasa and Shigatse tours are handcrafted so that you can enjoy all the best local charms between these two most frequently visited cities. Apart from quintessential Tibetan experiences like Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, and Tashilhunpo Monastery, etc., you will follow our expert local leaders to explore holy lakes like turquoise Lake Yamdrok and Lake Namtso and even closely admire Mt. Everest, the world’s highest peak at EBC, etc.

To both first-timers to Tibet and travelers for a rediscovery, our classic small group tours and flexible private tours will take you to capture the essence of Lhasa and Shigatse in a mesmerizing journey with attentive services.

Lhasa and Shigatse Small Group Tours

Worry-free, budget-friendly, plus delightful companionship, Lhasa and Shigatse small group tours take you to make the most of the best highlights of Lhasa and Shigatse in a thrilling journey. You will be traveling with our best local leaders, together with fun-loving global travelers, to discover best-known Buddhist attractions, and gaze at breathtaking alpine lakes, and meet the hospitable locals, etc. The tourist-friendly services and great moments being together will leave you a lasting memory.

Customized Lhasa and Shigatse Tours

To discerning travelers with more personal preferences or for a family visit, no plan works better than a customized tour. You have more options for hotels and can enjoy the maximized flexibility and chances to travel beyond touristy sites, seeing more scenery and having more local encounters. Check the sample itineraries below and blend it with your inspiration and work our travel consults to build an ultimate adventure that works perfectly for you.

Lhasa and Shigatse Tour Moments

Most Asked Questions about Lhasa and Shigatse Tour

What are the top things to do in Lhasa and Shigatse?

Well, almost 50% of the best Tibetan attractions are found in Lhasa and Shigatse, two of the biggest cities in Tibet. In Lhasa, some of the essential tour experiences are Potala Palace - winter palace of Dalai Lamas; Jokhang - the holiest temple in Lhasa; Barkhor Street- watch Barkhor pilgrimage circuit & shopping; local tea house - enjoy Tibetan sweet tea and yak noddle soups; Drepung Monastery - the most important monastery of Gelugpa in Tibetan Buddhism; Sera Monastery - watch monk debate; Norbulingka - the summer palace of Dalai Lamas; visit the off-the-beaten-path like Ganden Monastery and Drak Yerpa Monastery; enjoy a 2-day excursion to serene Lake Namtso from Lhasa, etc.
From Lhasa to Shigatse, stroll turquoise Lake Yamdrok and take a selfie with a Tibetan mastiff; then enjoy massive Karola Glaciers and hang prayer flags at Simila Passes; later explore Nepali-style Gyantse Kumbum stupa in Gyantse.
While in Shitase, do visit Tashilhunpo Monastery, the seat to the Panchen Lama and explore its gigantic future Buddha; Sakya known as "the second Dunhuang" due to its colossal collection of numerous Tibetan Buddhist scriptures, murals, and Thangkas; as you travel to EBC, the panorama of epic Himalayan vista at Gawu La Pass and sunset of Mt. Everest at EBC and Rongbuk Monastery right beside will make your day.

Can you travel by train from Lhasa to Shigatse?

Although Lhasa to Shigatse train is available and saves you lots of time, we do not suggest you do so, because plenty of attractions from Lhasa to Shigatse can only be seen by tour vehicles.

What is the best time for Lhasa and Shigatse tour?

Essentially, both Lhasa and Shigatse are year-round destinations. However, if your main goal is to visit Mt. Everest and Himalayan vista in Tingri, Shigatse, April to mid-June and Sept. to Nov. could be a perfect time for the journey.
If you love the serenity of holy lakes and Tibetan festivals, June to Sept. could be an ideal time for the holy lakes and Tibetan festivities. If you are mindful of budget, off-season from Nov. to early Feb. is a good option for you.

Is there much difference between Lhasa and Shigatse?

Yes, indeed. Firstly, Lhasa, though dotted with many historical sites, is more modern and touristy than Shigatse. Secondly, Lhasa is the home to generations of former Dalai Lamas while Shigatse is the traditional seat of Panchen Lamas.
Thirdly, to tourists, Shigatse is the gateway to Mt.Everest while Lhasa is more like a “tourist center” or “headquarters” for new-arrived tourists to get acclimatized and fan out for an exploration in all corners of Tibet. Fourthly, as to hotel and dining and hotel, Lhasa has more varieties and options than Shigatse. Well, many more differences are waiting for you to discover.

How long does it take to travel from Lhasa to Shigatse?

The classic scenic route from Lhasa to Shigatse via Lake Yamdrok and Gyantse County stretches around 360km. It takes around 7-8hrs’ drive, without the actual amount of sightseeing time included.

How many days should you spend in Lhasa before heading to Shigatse?

Normally, for the new-arrived tourists and first-timers in Lhasa, we suggest you stay for 3 days, both for acclimatization and covering the iconic attractions in Lhasa. Then, it would be safer to venture out.

Any hotels recommended for staying in both Lhasa and Shigatse?

Yes, you have plenty of options. In Lhasa: best mid-range hotel: Gang Gyan Hotel, close to Barkhor Street; House of Shambhala, a featured Tibetan-style hotel; Luxury hotel: St. Regis Lhasa Resort; Shangri-La; Intercontential Lhasa Paradise; Songtsam Choskyi Linka Lodge.
In Shigatse, mostly are 3-4 star hotels. The best choice would be Shigatse Qomo Langzong Hotel with well-decorated, spacious and clean rooms, even with oxygen supply inside the room. Other mid-range hotels involve: Tashi Choeta Hotel and Shigatse Gesar hotel and Wanrun International Resort Hotel.

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