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Tibet Tour Cost Advice

As Tibet is a remote area with a harsh environment and high altitude, the cost of a tour to Tibet may be a little higher than a trip at the same level to other places in China.

On one hand, the expense on transportation to and from Tibet (mainly referring to the cost of airfare or train ticket to Tibet) takes up a big part of the total Tibet tour cost.

On the other hand, as most famous tourist sites in Tibet are very far between each other and off main roads, foreign travelers need to hire a car or mini-bus to go to those places, which will add much to the cost on the trip in Tibet. Therefore, we would like to share different ways to save money on a Tibet tour with travelers to help them make a budget Tibet tour.

Is Tibet expensive to visit? And how much does it cost to travel to Tibet?

Due to the harsh nature and high transportation costs, a trip to Tibet is generally about twice as expensive as traveling in other cities in mainland China.

Of course, the cost of a Tibet tour depends on the travel season, the tour length, the accommodation standard, and so on.

Generally speaking, the price of a Tibet small group tour is around 400 USD to 500 USD for 4 days in Lhasa city only, and from 860 USD for an 8 days classic journey from Lhasa to the Everest Base Camp.

If you want to take a customized private tour in Tibet, the price will be more expensive than the group tour price.

Besides the guided tour package in Tibet, you also need to consider the cost of transfer to Tibet.

Recently, you can only fly to Tibet from mainland China or Kathmandu, Nepal. The Kathmandu to Lhasa flight ticket costs from 280USD. And prices for flights to Tibet from mainland China vary depending on the distance.

You can also choose to enter Tibet by train from one of the seven gateway cities in mainland China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Xining, Guangzhou, Chongqing, and Lanzhou. The price of Tibet train tickets is cheaper than the flight tickets and there is not tax needed for the train journey.

For other ways to travel, such as overland to Tibet or biking to Tibet, please feel free to contact us for the detailed travel quote according to your travel plan.

What else do I need to spend in Tibet?

Except for the tour package, there are some personal expenses you need to pay by yourself during your days in Tibet.

The tips for the local guide and driver are not included in the tour package. It is usually done at the end of your Tibet tour. You can tip your guide and driver according to how taxing their work is. Generally, the tip for the excellent service is around 100RMB for each day of the tour.

Also, you may need to prepare some cash for buying souvenirs, paying for your lunches and dinners, laundry services, etc.

How to visit Tibet on a budget?

In fact, there are some ways to cut down the cost of your Tibet tour.

No matter when you travel to Tibet, it is suggested to join a Tibet small group tour rather than taking a private tour in Tibet. It is the best way to cut down your tour cost by sharing the transport costs, the guide fees, and some other expenses with a group of travelers.

If your time is flexible, you can also choose to visit Tibet in winter, which is the low season for Tibet tourism. During the winter months, discounts are available on hotel accommodations, airfare, and transportation in Tibet. Also, if you take the train to Tibet in the off-season, you can also save a lot of money on transportation.

Choosing the lowest standard of accommodation in Tibet is also a way to reduce the cost of your Tibet Tour. In Tibet, you can choose to live in economic 3-star hotels or guesthouses that have the license to accommodate international tourists. When you send the inquiry for a Tibet tour, please feel free to tell us your budget for accommodation.

Last but not the least, we, Tibet Vista, provide a 5% early bird discount on your Tibet tour, if you book more than 3 months before your arrival date.

What is the best currency to take to Tibet? And how much should I bring to Tibet?

The currency used in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China is the Chinese Yuan (CNY), also known as the Ren Min Bi (RMB). Dollars and other foreign currencies are not accepted by local stores and shops.

Please notice that coins are not accepted by Tibetans. Please use paper money instead of coins.

Nowadays, you can also use Alipay and Wechat pay in Lhasa, Shigatse, Nyingch, and some major cities and towns in Tibet.

Is food expensive in Tibet?

Generally, only breakfast is included in a Tibet tour package. So you need to pay for your lunches and dinners during your Tibet tour.

Since most of the supplies have to be distributed from mainland China, food in Tibet is more expensive than in the interior cities.

Generally, it costs around 20 USD on meals for one day in Lhasa city. And the breakfast offered by the hotel is always included in the tour package.

When you travel to Everest Base camp or some remote area, the food price could be much expensive than in the cities.

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