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How to Plan Your Own Tibet Tour--Differences of Private Tour and Group Tour

According to the current policy, all foreigners who travel to Tibet are requested to possess China visa and tibet travel permit, and must be organized by qualified travel agencies. There are usually two kinds of tours: private tour and group tour, and you are free to choose either one or both of the two.

Independent Private Tour

A private tour is run exclusively for you, your own families or friends with no other strangers. You may tell us the tourist sites and places you are interested in and we can customize an itinerary in line with your specific wishes. Along your journey you will enjoy the following advantages and disadvantage.

private trekking tour


1. Start the tour on any date you like and decide the tour length as you wish.
2. You are able to plan and decide the tour details such as hotels and sightseeing spots which you are specifically interested in.
3. Experienced guides and skillful drivers are provided for your exclusive use.
4. Luxury & comfortable private car (usually 4WDs) operates for your party only.
5. Travel at your own pace that flexibly fits your travel style.
6.Ideal for people who need special assistance, such as the elderly, people with disabilities or families with small children.
7. Private tours added prior to or during or after the group tours are also available.


A private tour is generally more expensive, if your private group has less than 5 people.

Organized Group Tour

Group tours with guaranteed departure dates are best for those who are eager to see the most popular and famous sights in Tibet at a comparatively low price. Compare to the private tour, group tour charges a lower price for per person, especially when you travel alone or with few friends or family members. The group tour mainly features the following characters:

 group tour in tibet


1. The group tours have fixed departure dates and itineraries which usually can not be changed.
2. You have to share a clean and safe tourist vehicle, 4WD or Minivan or bus according to group feature with other group companions.
3. Being in a group tour provides you a good chance to meet and make new friends from all over the world.
4. You can enjoy a worry-free vacation with our careful arrangements from the very beginning to the end.
5. The price is pretty appropriate for single or few travelers’ group at only hundreds of US Dollars, appro. 60% fee of private tour.


1.There are more people in a group tour (from 5 to 15), so you may not be so free to decide your travel pace and the tour guides and drivers are not for your exclusive use. However, certain special treatment from the guides and drivers will make you feel like part of a friendly family.
2.Only entrance fee of tourist sites and hotel cost is refunded because the tour will still run for other group members.
3. Group Tour is not suitable for elder people or small children who are more likely to suffer from High altitude sickness and need more flexible itinerary.

The following are the most popular group tour itineraries among our customers:

1. 9-day Beijing-Lhasa-Kathmandu Tour by train

2. 8-day Lhasa and Everest Base Camp Tour

3. 7-day Lhasa to Kathmandu Overland Tour

4. 6-day Lhasa and heavenly Lake Namtso Tour

The four group tours are the most welcomed ones by our customers and if you want to know more about other tibet tours we provide, you may return to tibet tours. As for private tours, you can simply arrange it by giving your specific requests to our professional trip advisors.

Master Kungga Dundruk

About the Author - Master Kungga Dundruk

Kungga Dundruk, often respectfully referred to as “Manager Kunga”, is the most revered and legendary Tibetan guide in our team.

Currently working as a customer service manager in Lhasa, Kunga used to study business overseas and got his Bachelor of Business in Nepal and India before moving back to his homeland. With pure passion for life and unlimited love for Tibet, Kunga started his guide career as early as 1997.

As a legendary Tibetan guide with 22 years of guide experience, Kunga was awarded the Gold Medalist of China’s Best Tour Guide in 2019, marking the pinnacle of his career. Today, Kunga loves sharing his wealth of Tibetan knowledge through travel articles and stands ready to offer prompt support whenever our guests need help in Lhasa.

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