Stargazing at Everest Base Camp & Enjoying the Starry Sky on the Roof of the Word

Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world, is always a dream for tourists at home and abroad. Thanks to the high altitude, pure air and no light pollution, Everest Base Camp has become one of the ideal places in Tibet to appreciate the brilliant galaxy and sparkling stars. In this post, you’ll find the most practical tips about stargazing on the roof of the world.

Starry sky over Everest Base Camp

Starry sky over Everest Base Camp

Determinant Factors of Stargazing at Everest Base Camp

Can I really see the starry sky at Everest Base Camp? The answer is YES. But whether you can catch the best views of Everest night sky or not is completely determined by the following factors.

1. Weather condition
Clouds and rains will definitely ruin your night at Everest. And if the moonlight is too brilliant, it would also affect your appreciation of stars. Although Tibet weather is always out of our control, you can still contact our travel expert for choosing a good day to go.

2. Seasonal factor
Clear weather often falls in spring, autumn and winter. But winter in Mt.Everest is too cold. Thus, I suggest you to capture the starry night at spring (April to June) and autumn (September to November). Since the chilly winter has gone by and rainy season doesn’t come yet, you’ll be able to catch the most spectacular views of the starry sky from April to June. And after the monsoon, the strong wind would blow clouds away and you are likelier to view the best state of Mount Everest in fall. See more about Best Time to Travel to Everest Base Camp

3. Geographic location
To see the bright stars, we must avoid the bustling crowds and harsh lights. The wide-open area is the best option. In addition to Mt. Qomolangma Base Camp, Namtso Lake, Mount Namjagbarwa, Mount Kailash and Manasarovar Lake are also considered as the ideal places for stargazing on the roof of the world. See more about Top 8 Destinations for Photography in Tibet

4. Body state
Tibetan temperature varies greatly from day to night. In the evening, you’ll often encounter strong winds. Thus, please do remember to keep yourself warm while enjoying the night sky from Everest Base Camp.

Gears for Mount Everest Photography

Gears for Mount Everest Photography

A digital camera has already been set up for the Milky Way over Mount Everest.

1. Digital camera
A digital single lens reflex (DSLR) with manual mode is enough for most amateurs. But if you are eager for high resolution images with superb quality, I strongly suggest you to bring a full-frame DSLR.

2. Camera lens
There is no strict standard in choosing the camera lens. But I still advise you to take a wide-angle lens rather than a telephoto lens. Therefore, you can capture a wider sky and the final pictures must be more splendid.

3. Sturdy tripod
This three-legged rack is really helpful to support your camera, especially on a windy night.

4. Cable release
Most people know that a tripod is an absolute must for long exposures, but the value of a good cable release is often underestimated. It can help you to operate the shutter of the camera without shaking it.

5. Camera battery
You’d better prepare at least two backup batteries. If possible, the genuine battery is highly recommended. Generally speaking, the battery would run out faster in cold condition.

Of course, the above five items are very basic for your Everest photography. You can bring some other gears like flashlights, polarizer filter as you like. Hope you can take the best shots of this stunning night.

Recommended Apps for Shooting Stars at Everest Base Camp

With the help of modern technology, our photography tour of world’s summit must be more smoothly. Here I’ll introduce two classic apps for you, namely, Star Walk2 and 7timer!

Star Walk 2, an excellent stargazing guide, allows you to quickly find out the location of the stars as well as the time of sunset. It’s absolutely necessary to download one before starting your Everest Base Camp tour. By the way, Star Walk 2 can be purchased at both Apple and Android stores.

7timer! has a special function in detecting your movement. It’ll help you get the first-hand weather info while traveling Tibet. The accuracy reaches up to 80%.

Clothes for stargazing on the roof of the world

Down jacket, waterproof breathable jacket & pants, fleece sweater, running shoes/hiking boots, woolen socks, thermal gloves, hats, etc.

In Tibet, the sky is unusually bright and beautiful. Due to the clean air and stable weather, the stars would present a fantastic night for you. Particularly, during spring and autumn, the Milky Way would make you feel that you have already fallen into the universe. As the old saying goes, seeing is believing. Tibet Vista is always here for your coming!

So if you’re ready to an Adventure Tour to Tibet

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3.) explore mysterious Tibetan Buddhism

4.) appreciate the beauty of holy Tibetan lakes

5.) experience divine kora around holy Mt. Kailash

6.) witness exotic Tibetan culture

7.) taste Tibetan, Nepali, Indian cuisine

8.) look for a paradise of photography

9.) have safari on the roof of the world

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