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Tibet Weather

Table of Tibet weather guide

When is the best time to visit Tibet?

Spring, early summer and late autumn are the best times to visit Tibet. Check the details offered by our experienced Tibet travel expert.

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Monthly Tibet Weather and Travel Plan

Need some Tibet travel experts’ tips for planning a mesmerizing journey in different months in Tibet? You got it. Click your ideal tour month below and follow our Tibet travel gurus’ insider tips to plan your journey.

  • Tibet Weather in January

    Tibet is at its coldest time when in January. The average temperature is -2 °C. Remote areas may even be more freezing because of heavy snows. Some roads and tourist attractions will close due to the severe climate. But for some attractions, it is a good time to visit.

  • Tibet Weather in February

    It is obviously cold in Tibet in February, but not like most people think, since the days are always dry and sunny, with abundant sunshine and little rainfall.

  • Tibet Weather in March

    The weather in March is still freezing. It is sunny, dry, cold and windy, and there are relatively few visitors. Although spring is always considered as a warm season, most places are still very cold.

  • Tibet Weather in April

    The weather begins to warm up In April. The minimum temperature is 1 °C, and the maximum temperature is 16 °C. It is sunny, dry, cold and windy. You can travel to some places that are inaccessible in the winter.

  • Tibet Weather in May

    May is one of Tibet's high travel seasons. Spring in Tibet truly starts in May. The weather is dry, sunny and cool. The minimum temperature is 5 °C, and the maximum temperature is 19 °C. And Mt. Everest is especially clear in May.

  • Tibet Weather in June

    June is warm and pleasant for visitors, and while you may see some light showers, they are normally in the evening or overnight, which leaves your days warm and comfortable for touring around the plateau.

  • Tibet Weather in July

    July is one of the warmer months of the year, and is the beginning of the main part of the monsoon season in Tibet. Temperatures across Tibet rarely get above 30 degrees in the month of July, with a high of around 23 degrees throughout the month.

  • Tibet Weather in August

    August is the best month of the year to visit Tibet for most people, as the warmer weather and milder climate is more comfortable for travel. Click here to know more about August weather in Tibet.

  • Tibet Weather in September

    September is the last of the summer peak season months, and a great time to visit Tibet. As well as being one of the best times to visit the world’s highest mountain, Mount Everest, it is the resumption of the trekking seasons.

  • Tibet Weather in October

    In October, the temperatures are starting to cool down, although most of the region still stays above freezing. Average temperatures across the plateau range from around 1 degree to as high as 17 degrees, with a large temperature difference between day and night.

  • Tibet Weather in November

    November is the perfect time to visit Tibet, as the days are dry and sunny. Average temperatures usually range around 12-15 degrees during the daytime, and drop as low as -5 or below at night.

  • Tibet Weather in December

    It isn't as cold as people usually imagine in Tibet. December is cold, but the high altitude sunny dry weather makes it feel warmer than the temperatures suggest. The minimum temperature is about -6 °C and the maximum temperature is about 9 °C.

Weather and Climate in Popular Travel Destinations

If you plan a long adventure amid Tibet (TAR), the Himalayan countries, and other cities in mainland China, never forget to check the weather and climate of the most-visited tourist destinations in Tibet and the weather of extended regions in Nepal, Bhutan and other parts of mainland China.

Best Time to Tibet for Different Themes

For trekking, biking, photography, birding watching, winter tour, and harvest festivals, etc. Tibet promises an infinite chance of exploration. We help you find out the best travel month and meet the needs of your particular wanderlust.

Most Classic Tibet Small Group Tour Packages

Wanna gain the quintessential experience of massive Tibet? No problem! We handpick the most classic Tibet small group tours for you. For both first-timers to Tibet and the frequenter of Tibet, the massive Tibet still has something surprising for your discovery.

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