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Towering in the eastern part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Chamdo (also known as Qamdo and Changdu), the third largest city in Tibet, covers an area of 110,154 square kilometers with one district and 10 counties. With Jinsha Rvier, Minjiang River and Nujiang River passing through the Hengduan Mountains, Chamdo offers you a great chance to explore the sacred mountains and holy lakes in eastern Tibet as well as the rare fauna and flora hidden in the deep valley. Besides, you can also time your travel with the exotic festivals held in the Galden Jampaling Monastery!

Highly reputed as the major hub of the Ancient Tea Horse Road, Chamdo connects Nagchu on the west, Qinghai on the north, Sichuan and Yunnan on the east and Shannan on the south. Tourists can easily enter Chamdo via Sichuan Tibet Highway(G317&G318) and Yunnan Tibet Highway (G214) then head westwards to Lhasa, Mt.Everest, and Mt.Kailash.

To make your Chamdo tour more pleasant and wonderful, we, Tibet Vista team, have nailed down loads of useful travel advice for your Tibet Qamdo tour. From Qamdo weather and map to restaurants and hotels in Chamdo, here you’ll find what you need exactly!

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Here we have handpicked the most frequently asked questions on Chamdo travel and tours, like how to plan an eastern Tibet Kham tour, best time to visit Chamdo, how to travel from Chamdo to Lhasa, what and where to eat in Chamdo, etc. By the way, you are warmly welcomed to send your inquiry to our Tibet travel gurus and we’re already here to help you out.

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Either enter Chamdo from the east province like Sichuan and Yunnan or travelling west to Chamdo from Lhasa, Tibet capital city, you can always enjoy the stunning scenery en route, including Bangda Grasssland, Ranwu Lake, Lulang Forest, Galden Jampaling Monastery, etc. Check the top 4 highly recommended eastern Tibet Kham Chamdo tours that start from Lhasa, Chengdu and Lijiang.

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